Saturday, April 28, 2007

Me & My Rocky Chill'n!
It's going to be a hot one tomorrow. I'm running Mt. Diablo 50m. Looking forward to some fun in the sun. I will be running in memory of fellow ultrarunner Jennie Bettles. We must remember life is very short so get out and live.

Hope is nature's way of enabling us to survive so that we can discover nature itself.

For this day, acknowledge the restoring power of hope. Direct that power to bless all that needs healing in your life, including your negative attitudes and disappointments.


willgotthardt said...

Now you got Rocky doing that sort of 3/4 angled face pose too. ;-)

Ran 18m+ out in Windy Hill (Portola Valley) today with Ryan. Beautiful open space preserve...ever been there?

See you @ mile 31.

Cheers, Will G.

Catra said...

Hey Will-
It's all about looking Badass and cute at the same time. Gotta admit Rocky is pretty damn cute.

I think I ran out there once a long time ago. I guess you were trying to beat the heat.
I was actually out on that side of the Bay visiting my parents grave site.
They along with Jennie will be helping me along tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you and Ryan.

Paul Milander said...

Good luck tomorrow and stay hydrated. I have been very interested in your Crossfit program and I found a local chapter. Now I just have to see if I am capable of doing it.

dirticesand said...

great pic, love your tats, may have inspired me to get one, trying to justify it to myself,come up w/ a design that means something to me, run your heart out at diablo today, Man I miss Mt. Diablo!

Anonymous said...

Rocky is a stud.Good Luck at Diablo.

Anonymous said...

i love all the pix of you and rocky but this one will really be hard to top in terms of cuteness. the camera loves you guys.