Monday, May 31, 2010


Having a great long weekend of running, helping at races and just hanging out with friends.

Been here in Sierra Madre with Andy and Rocky enjoying the hot weather.

Heading back tomorrow ;-) one more week of long training for San Diego 100 which is in 2 weeks. Next weekend I will be jumping out of an airplane been wanting to skydive forever.

Going with my roommate FJ and my friend Faye and few others it's gonna be a blast.

Enjoy these pictures of Rocky ;-)

Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Me at the start of the Ohlone 131. It was cool , windy and overcast. I thought it was going to rain on Friday but it didn't.
I felt strong on my first 35 miles.
I had weighed my pack before I left and with food, water and supplies it weighed 6.5 pounds ;-( never realized how much stuff I carry when mostly self supported. I carried food for the first 25 miles I had 3 places to get water the first 25.

I think I got home around 9:30 and met up with my pacer Faye who was pacing me through the night back to Sunol where I would pick up Linda who was running the last 64 and Mike who was doing some course marking for 20 with us.
We had a blast it was cold but it wasn't that bad. It did get really cold heading up to Rose peak at 4;30 in the morning.
Faye did an awesome job we had fun ;-)

I met up with Linda and Mike around 9:30 am and we headed out around 10am.
Julia was meeting us and going to run 10 miles back to Fremont with us.
I felt pretty good heading back.
We got back to my house which was mile 99 for me around 10pm. We regrouped and changed. Linda was getting blisters so had to fix them.
I ate, had some awesome miso soup, thanks Jerry.
I visited with Rocky and piled on warm clothes. It was suppose to be a lot colder Saturday night.
We finally headed out the 1 mile back to the start of the Ohlone 50k race mile 100 for me.
We got harassed by a security guard who works for security company for the houses in the area. He has harassed me before. I told him off because he was questioning what I was doing there.

I told him i clearnce to be out after hours ,and he said I wasn't allowed out there I told him to call EBRP or EBRP police. He was on a power trip Linda and I just continued on through the gate. Later I talked to my buddies, Kelly who is the supervisor for Mission peak/Sunol area and Neil who is in charge of Mission peak.
They gave me clearance to be out there along with the parks police who knew I was out there. I always tell them when I am doing my Ohlone 100 or b-day 100+

They said he has no business telling me anything or trying to harass me. The dude messed with the wrong person.

He always follows me when I'm coming down from a run at night in his car. I think he doesn't like woman because he never gives Jerry a hard time.

Once we got going again I got excited to be heading back for the last 50k.

I got really sleepy in Sunol we stopped for a break in the restroom before our big push on to Rose.

I got really sleepy for a couple hours but took a caffeine pill and within an hour I was fine. It was a slow climb to Rose.
Was happy to be standing on the top ,at this point we would have the aid station volunteers cheering us on.

We ran pretty good from the last aid station with 2 miles to go. I knew I could break 48 hours so we ran what we could. Made it to the finish in 47:58 for 131 mile.
It was an awesome journey and I felt no different then I do running 100 miles.

Thanks for all the positive vibes friends. And thanks to my angel Donna Lee who I ran this run for. RIP

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I will and I will also have to HTFU this weekend to be successful at running 131 miles in 48 hours along the Ohlone 50k course going back and froth from Del Valle to Sunol to Fremont several times it's gonna be fun!!!

please check out the HTFU web-site for cool gear .

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's true I love the wilderness and pulled to it every Summer. I love running, sleeping and traveling along the trails. I loved when I was able to live on the Pacific crest trail for 94 days. It changed who I am. Each April I start feeling it in my my mind and body it tells me I must go and live out along the trails.
This year I will live outdoors at least for 10 days. And I can't wait.

I spent time in Bishop over the weekend and so badly just wanted to strap on my pack and disappear into the wild for a month or more. But I know it's not possible right now so it will have to wait. I will do several 4 day trips to the mountains and at least two longer ones this Summer. But for now I have many races to run.

My friend Faye's sister was planning on running her first 50 miler at Bishop but it wasn't her day. The altitude got the best of her but she still ran farther than she had before. 37 miles, Miki you did awesome and you will finish your next 50 miler.

I'm getting ready to run 131 miles along the Ohlone wilderness starting Friday at 2pm so please send me positive vibes over the weekend. I plan on finishing under 48 hours hopefully 46 hours ;-)

I should do well since I saw my lucky number in Bishop #3 but when you see three 3's it's way luckier. ;-)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Love is stronger than death even though it can't stop death from happening, but no matter how hard death tries it can't separate people from love. It can't take away our memories either. In the end, life is stronger than death.
This week has been hard. I received horrible news on Tuesdays that one of my favorite students Donna (wearing black and sunglasses next to me in pic) died in a car accident on Friday she was heading to LA to visit her mother for mothers day. The accident was caused by a young girl making an unsafe lane change traveling North, Donna was heading south. In doing this the car next to the girl tried to swerve out of the way but the girls car hit the other persons car and it spun out on to the South side of I 5, and Donna hit that car and was thrown from her vehicle and died at the scene. No one else was hurt. It was such a tragic death that didn't need to happen.
I don't know the full details ,like if the girl was texting or doing something else while driving. It's being investigated.
I have known Donna for a year and I will miss her bubbly personality and warm smile. She was so giving always giving me cards and gifts.
She will be missed by all.

I will be running my Ohlone 131 mile run in her memory next week and will push myself just like she pushed hard in class. She would always tell me this is hard I can't do this but I would push her and make her dig deep. I taught her to never quit. She was tough and she was so very kind. I will remember all the good times we shared. I still find myself crying when I think of her. But I know she wants me to be happy.

Last week in class there were 3 ducks that came and sat down next to me at the park where we workout out. Donna was lying on the ground, in the middle of her push ups. I told her to stop lying there like the ducks. She said just call me Donna duck and I laughed. Yesterday during my run on Mission peak I saw two ducks. Then I came home to take Rocky out ,and we passed by a creek and I just happened to look down, and there was a duck. I know this was Donna's way of telling me she is ok. As you all know ,I have rubber duckie tattoos and collect rubber duckies. Now seeing ducks will mean so much more to me. It will mean Donna is with me. RIP Donna Lee aka Donna Duck

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mothers day to my Mom....
Mom even though you are no longer with me, I think of you every day. I tell you with my mind everything I do and how I wish you were here with me to see me and tell me what to do in life.
Every time I run I know you are there with me watching over and protecting me. I feel you often when I am running the trails. I can smell you and sometimes feel you touch me or call my name when I am alone on a trail.
I am never afraid because you are protecting me from up above.
I love the life you gave me. I love how I take after you I have courage and I am stubborn, and most of all I'm not afraid of being alone.
I was always afraid as a little girl to be left alone. I would lock all the doors and hide in my room.
Now I run wild in the wilderness afraid of nothing. You taught me to love what I do and live life.
I carry you with me everyday in my heart and I will always love you. And I want you to know you were the best Mom in the whole wide world.
Happy Mothers day! I love you!
Todays run on Mission peak 16 miles!
Yesterdays run with Aaron Jerry, Roger, me , Kathy and Mike. 40 mile day!

It's best not to ask ;-)

Mount Diablo run. 32 miles Friday

Hanging out on North Peak!!!
I put in 124 miles this week.
It's now time to taper for the Ohlone 131 ;-) I have 12 days until I run it.
This weekend I will be in Bishop crewing and pacing my friend Faye and her sisiter Miki who will be running her first 50 miler. It's gonna be fun!!!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
Had a fun 20 mile run before work. Tomorrows run will be 30-35 on Mt. Diablo. Looking forward to kicking my own butt tomorrow. It's always a challenge out on Mt. Diablo since there is not a ton of places to get water out there. Well I better get some sleep so I can be rested for my run ;-) Have a happy Friday everyone!!!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

PUT ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER....................
Awesome run today on the Mission Peak 9 miles total. The weather was perfect.

This morning I happened to turn on the T.V and was flipping channels, I got to the 700 club a religious show and there was Chris McDougell talking about his book Born to run. He was showing the woman how to run barefoot.

Crazy how that book has taken off. I still haven't read it. Chris owes me a copy which he sent but I never got. I am mentioned in the book ;-)

One day I will write my book we all know how many stories I have.
Each time pound the trail there is a story out there waiting in the wilderness.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

We must find time to stop and thank the people who have made a difference in our lives. -Dan Zadra-
Miwok 100k what can I say except WOW!!! It is beautiful, I forgot after running in last years storm, just how beautiful the course is.
I didn't run a PR but ran close 5 min. off. Yeah, I could make up reasons why and how I could of been 5 min. faster but who cares ;-) I had fun sharing the trails with awesome friends.

I want to thank all my friends , FB and bloggers who follow me and support me and motivate me to keep pushing beyond what I think I can do.
I enjoy writing and having you all follow along my journeys in life.

I had an awesome pacer who I enjoyed the last 20 miles, my boyfriend Andy Kumeda was there by my side. I only had one melt down and he was fine with it. Thanks sweetie. Also he took all these pictures ;-)

I saw two weenie dogs the last 6 miles had to stop and say hi. It's always a good sign when I see a weenie dog.

I forget how hard this course can be so runnable but your legs get tired from all the up and down.

I finished in 13:27 and I'm happy with that. I was super happy to meet Udo of Udo's oil at the finish. I use the product and am one of their athletes. So it was cool meeting him since I have been using the product and selling it at Whole Foods for years.
I have been faithfully using the product since March and notice a huge difference in my recovery and how I feel.
It's great stuff.
Congrats. to everyone who ran at Miwok 100k ;-)