Saturday, November 26, 2011

First place winner and course record holder Leor, me and second place Gerry

Who would of of thought 14 years later I would have a steak going with my beloved Quad. Dipsea 28 mile race.

I will never forget the first time I ran it. I was not as adventurous as I am now, so I had my brother Jay drive me to the start with me and my friend Kevin would come to the finish and give me a ride home.
I had run 2 50ks and 1 50 miler at this point. I didn't know anyone that ran so I stood there not knowing anyone and very intimated by this ultrarunning crowd. Sure I was an ultrarunner at this point but was a newbie and only ran alone. I was amazed at all these famous ultrarunners I had seen and read about in ultrarunning magazine I had recognized them from photos.
I was afraid of this race because of the climbing and all the stairs. I never saw the course so was nervous.
The gun went off and off I went not knowing how tough this sucker would be. Right from the get go we climbed. The race was hard but I was loving it, my ears were wide open listing to all the runners talk about this hundred and that hundred. I wanted to be one of them a true ultrarunner and run a hundred. I was already thinking about running one.
I met so many runners that day that made me feel comfortable out there. I had a blast that first QD run.
And I am 14 year later with old friends and new ones. I met so many first time runners out there and it was fun talking to them remembering one time long ago I was one of them.

I went into Quad having done a long run the day before which I usually do. I ran 18 miles and had run a few other 15 milers during the week. This race always kick starts my HURT 100 training. I decided I would run relaxed and enjoy the day. I made sure to try and keep my eyes on Jerry my roommate since he always runs a good pace at the Dipsea. I pretty much ran with him or followed him the whole day. I pushed hard on the down hills and power walked the uphills. I decided the race felt easier this year. Not sure why since I just ran Javelina Jundred two weeks ago. Maybe I am in good shape from it.
II had a good run and finished in 6:26 my 4th fastest time there.
I decided next year I want to go into the race rested and try to beat my 6:10 PR there. I ran that in 2002 which was a year of PR's for me.

I want to thank all volunteers and the RD's John & Lisa for putting on such an awesome race. Next year the race is on for me ;-))))

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What an awesome race so well organized the Coury brothers know how to put on one hell of a party.
I was shooting for sub 24 but you know how that goes in a hundred. The planets all have to line up and well they did for a while but after 46 miles they decided to separate. I got the starting of a bladder infection at 46 miles I was peeing blood so decide in order to stay in the game I would have to walk a lot to clear in up and drink,, drink, drink. I did have cranberry juice at headquarters so knew I would be good once I made it back there.
The weather was a little warm on laps 2 & 3 and against my better judgement I only ran with one bottle, stupid girl ;-( I should know better since I get dehydrated very easy and of course get bladder infections because of it. I was able to clear it up and I knew it was going to cool down at night.

It started raining like they said at 12am and luckily I had a rain poncho that I put on. I never needed my gortex I was fine with a long sleeve light shell and rain poncho. I knew going into lap 5 that I would get my pacer Clifton when I returned.
I met up with him just after midnight I was a couple hours slower than I wanted to be but knew we would have fun.
We took off after a shoe change and food. Of course we headed out in a down pour but laughed and chatted the whole way. A good friend is important to have out in the late hours of a hundred.
I was a wibble wobble trying to stay awake. I saw George toilet man who gave some caffeine gum and that helped. Clifton gave me a 5 hour energy and I was good. Non stop talking.
I really had a blast watching all my friends through out the day and night. You do washing machine loops so you get to keep seeing people to cheer on.
I was most impressed with my boyfriend Andy Kumeda who of course killed it in a time of 19:16 if only my little legs could move that fast.
I will be back going for #5 next year. I finished my 79 th hundred to date at JJ ;-)
Looking forward to running # 80 during my birthday run next month. Congrats to everyone.
I would like to also thank Hoka one one for making a shoe that my feet love ;-)))

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Party rock is in the house tonight
Everybody just have a good time
And we gonna make you lose your mind
Everybody just have a good time
We just wanna see yaa!
Shake That !

I am so ready to rock Javelina Jundred this weekend ;-) it is going to be FUN!!! This is preview of my costume I hope to God it doesn't rain until after I finish my had my fall apart. I hope I can keep the hat on for the hundred. I am going as Lady Luck so I should get Lucky right??
Please send me all those wonderful vibes out on the course.
You can follow me on their web-site I am # 333.

Looking forward to my buddy and amazing tattoo artist Clifton Carter who will pace me 30 miles ;-)) yay see you on the trail peeps ;-)))

Monday, November 07, 2011

"Not all those who wander are lost"
- Tolkien-
I believe we all should get out of our usual routine and try something exciting and new once in awhile. That's exactly what I did this weekend. Instead of doing a running event I did a Rogaine Orienteering 24 hour event. Yes, we did get to run some to get to our check points faster. We covered around 45 miles.
I must saying it's way harder than running a hundred mile race.
You must find as many check points as you can in 24 hours. You want to try and get as many as the high point ones as you can since since the race is scored by how many points you have.
I was on a team made up of all adventure racers who were amazing(that will be my next sport ) Donato was the one who got our team together. It was Donato, me, Andrew, Jon & Cindi.
The course was challenging either straight up a hill or straight down. The weather got cold and it rained a lot but no one complained. We all just worked together.
I thought I did pretty good . I only had one melt down in the middle of the night climbing up a very steep mountain with drop offs. One sleep and you would be hurt or could die. I just freaked myself out but made it through with the help of my teammate Andrew who just made sure I didn't slip to my death.
We only had one aid station out there.We went to once at dark to get our warm gear and food, and a second time in the morning to change and eat. We had two places we got water from out on the course and of course the aid station. It's not like an ultra where you have aid and support. You are self supported out in an orienteering event. Everyone shares their food and clothing with each other. I really like the whole team atmosphere, everyone helping each other get to the end ;-))))
We won the U.S Rogaine 24 national championship title for first place mixed team. We came in 5th overall. How cool is that for my first big event ;-)))

I am so happy I was part of such an amazing group of racers and hope to do more events like this in my future.
You only live once so you need to get out and live ;-)))

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”
Dr. Seuss,
Ran the Zombierunner marathon Sunday and was happy with my time 4:24 and 7th female. Andy of course kicked ass ran 3:20 and 3rd overall. I want some of what he is taking to make me faster.
I am super excited about my upcoming 24 hour race in Henry Coe this weekend with 4 other teammates it's gonna be FUN!!!! woo hoo.
Been training cross country on Mission peak to get ready I should do great!!! Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!!!