Monday, January 23, 2012

"Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the
world needs is people who have come alive.
Well it's been awhile ;-) I had a great 42 mile run this past weekend at the 7th annual Fremont Fat ass 50k. It's a race Mike Palmer and I co race direct each year. I finished the 42 miles in 8:47 not bad.
We had close to 30 runners.
Ok HURT 100 did not go as planned and hey that's why I love running 100 miles. I had a perfect 60 miles that it all fell apart. I got stomach issues and couldn't recover and had no energy. Little did I know Andy was having problems too. He dropped at mile 80. We both got 100k buckles and were listed as 100k finisher. We will be back next year. Now it's time to get ready for Rocky Road 100 miler next month.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

2011 WAS AWESOME But I have a feeling 2012 will be way better and filled with many more exciting adventures all over the place ;-)
My body logged 4,154 running miles last year and my year to date stats is; drum roll please.............ta da...65,914.
It's crazy to me coming from a girl who hated running when I was younger. I hated sweat and dirt. Two of my most favorite things to do now is to push myself so I sweat, and love when I am all dusty after a nice long 40 mile training run in the mountains.
Rocky had a good year he ended up with 520 miles. Not bad for a little 9 year old weenie dog ;-) and Andy ran a million miles I'm sure ;-)
The weather has been amazing more like Spring instead of Winter. I am enjoying it while I can. We all should. So stop reading my blog and lace up your trail running shoes and get your ass out the door..NOW!!!
I had an awesome x-mas got a new ipod nano 16g. It stays charged for 24 hours and I have 7 days worth of music. So along with 1 shuffle I should be able to get through HURT 100 next week.
I also got a Tiffany necklace and a bunch of other cool gifts from Andy and all my friends.
Ok back to HURT 100 I will be running that crazy race again next week for my 12th time. I have 6- 100 mile finishes there , 4- 100k finishes and 1 DNF. Ok this is it I just want to finish the 100 miler 1 more time so please send me all your positive energy while I am in Hawaii running HURT 100 I will need it.
Happy New year Love you all!!!