Sunday, August 31, 2008

Friday night fun run from Chantry mile 75 to the finish along the AC 100 mile course. from left to right Calvin, drew, Dave, Catra & Andy
We had a blast on our night run. It was humid and warm again. Andy hurt his finger during the run. He smashed it on a rock when he was getting water from the stash. We all started out together and planned to stay together but that didn't happen.

Calvin was ahead of Dave and Drew he missed the turn and . The two guys thought he kept going so just kept going. Andy and I were surprised they all kept going. That is why you always wait at junctions to make sure everyone is ok.

That is how me and my friends run when were in a group. Just in case something happens.

Andy and I were running together, a few hours into it, I finally saw lights up on the switch backs in idlehour canyon. so we knew at least one person was ahead.

A little while later, I saw a light behind us it was Calvin who had went off course. That's why you always wait at junctions when running together.

Us three stayed together and ran to the finish.
We found the other two guys at the cars and they thought Calvin was ahead.

I told them when running together you should always wait at junctions. I told them it's all about safety at night.

We finished around 5 am. Even though we got separated we all were safe and had a good time.

Along the run Calvin saw a bear ,and I heard one crashing down a mountain.

Rocky and I will be heading home today from a fun visit with Andy in Sierra Madre. Not looking forward to the 5.5 hour drive :(

Friday, August 29, 2008

TEAM 80 PROOF SWEAT Team crossfit elite fitness academy. Monrovia.
I just want to thank Eric and Vanessa for allowing me to workout at the academy the past few weeks. Coach Eric is the best crossfit coach I have ever worked out with. I have learned so much from you in just the few weeks I was around you.
I am more motivated than ever to train and try harder at ever WOD that comes my way. You have taught me something new each time I worked out or talked to you. Can't wait to be down her permanently.

Looking forward to running AC 100 with a great team. Eric & Johnnie b pacing me and Kellie & Vanessa crewing me. Thank you for wanting to help me. With a team like this how could I go wrong.
It was great meeting and working out with all of you. I will be back in a few weeks. Until than keep kicking ass all of you.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

AC 100 training run out of Chantry, night run.
Jay, Andy, Catra & coach E. We set out to run from Chantry to the finish last night. Jay and Andy were just running up to Manzanita ridge and would cut out and go down the Mt. Wilson trail. Coach and I would run to Johnsons field.
I was doing this run with Eric so we could have a chance to run together at night, since he will be pacing me from this section to the finish during AC in a few weeks.

I was so sore when we started from that darn wod we did on Monday. I felt strong and solid on the climb. Once I got going my legs felt much better.
We left Andy & Jay, and continued on. I had no idea how to get to the finish on the trail because I'm use to following ribbons. Eric decided we could run to Eaton Canyon and take the road for 4 miles to the finish area where we had a car. That was fine with me since I will be running the last 25 miles on Friday.
So we cut out 5 miles and ended up doing close to 20 miles.
Along the way we saw a few tarantulas, and we even saw a little toad. The city lights were shining brightly down below, on this hot and humid night. We were both soaking wet the entire run.
I loved that Eric was leading me on a journey through unfamiliar trails. I love exploring new trails.
We had such a fun time talking about life, and enjoying the peacefulness of this beautiful area. I really love Angels crest national forest.
We ended up catching the road and ran the streets to the finish. along the way I saw this sign and thought I want to cross out Jesus and put Crossfit, the way, the truth, the life. That sounds better.
I kept thinking we were going to get stopped by the police as we ran the the city. Two crazy tattooed freaks running on the streets at night.
As we got closer and we saw the car, coach had me pick up the pace so we could finish in under 5 hours, which we did by a hair.

We laid down to stretch out in the parking lot when who drives up but the police asking if we were ok. We told them we ran from Chantry 20 miles ,they were impressed of course. We also told them that I was going to be running 100 miles out there in a few weeks. We told them about the race which they never heard of. Super nice officers, we said goodbye and we got in the car and drove back to Sierra Madre.
I am super excited to have Coach Eric LeClair pace me the last 25 miles of AC we will make a great team. Also on board Johnnie b has decided to pace me 16 miles.
And Kellie C will be crewing me. With this great team I'm sure I will tear it up come race day.
Well time to rest since I'm sure coach will have a kick ass wod for us today. I have until 5pm to rest ;)
Thanks again Eric, for coming out, and hanging on the trail at night with me.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I went down to Newport Beach yesterday with Andy. He had to work and I drove over to crossfit Newport beach for a WOD.
I had a great time. Got to chat with my buddy Car Borg who is a trainer there. He will be running AC 100 as his first 100 miler. Carl you will do awesome ;)
I'm just resting up today for tonights night run. Running with Coach E from team crossfit elite fitness academy and Andy. Coach and I will go from Chantry to the finish the last 25 and Andy will go from Chantry home. I think 15 miles.

We are doing a training run Friday night from Chantry to the finish again. If anyone wants to join get a hold of me. Here is the info.
Friday August 29, 2008
Start Time: 9pm
Start Location/Trailhead: Chantry Flats (
Finish: Loma Alta Park
Meeting Location: Palm St, just east of Lincoln (
Distance: 25 miles

We are planning on meeting at Round Table Pizza ( for dinner around 6:30pm, then will head over to the parking lot ( at Loma Alta Park around 8pm to carpool to the start at Chantry Flats (

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Monday, August 25, 2008

I finished day 10 of the Master cleanse. I am now coming off the cleanse it's day 11 and I'm drinking grapefruit juice or OJ. I do that for 2 days and then finally I will add a salad as my first meal.

I did do crossfit or run each day. I would not recommend you workout hard like I do the first time. My body is use to. I do recommend you listen to your body and rest if you need to.
Rocky and Catra yesterday at music in the park in Sierra Madre.
Catra, Rocky & Andy.

My toe is better today after rest it over the weekend. I swear by Saturday afternoon I thought it was broken. I couldn't even walk. I iced it right after I hurt it and I applied Traumeel homeopathic gel every couple hours. I do believe it would still hurt and not be healed if I didn't do what I did to keep it from getting worse.

I did crossfit and ran during the WOD and did lunges with no pain. I was so worried it was broke. It's fine now.



25 Medball Cleans
25 Trunk rotations (in a seated position, feet out front. Twist Left then right counts as One. More challenging: keep feet off of the ground.)
25 Walking Lunges (each leg) with Medball overhead
Small Block Loop
My time 27:23

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bulldog 50k trail marking crew.Left to right Dave, Catra,Drew, Andy and Willem. We set out around 9:30 to mark the Bulldog 50k course. The course is two 25k loops so we only had to mark 15.5 miles of the course. It was a beautiful night and we all were having fun. The plan was to mark and go back out and run it and check and remark where we needed to again. I was on day 8 of my master cleanse. My energy was ok and I didn't have sleep issues which was good because I was on the cleanse I didn't want to take a no-doz.
Mash site. This is where they you use to film the hit T.V show in the 70's Mash at.
We marked the first loop in 5.5 hours. I decided since I had not been eating and didn't bring enough of my Master Cleanse lemonade not to go back out. I also didn't bring enough extra clothes and the ones I had on were wet, and I was cold. And Rocky was in the SUV so I thought I would sleep with him a few hours and head backwards on the trail in the morning and meet the guys. They really didn't need me. They left a little after 3am. I woke up at 5am to fog and it was cold so I thought forget it, I will sleep longer since I had to drive back to Andy's in the morning. I watched the start of the 50k and shortly after the guys rolled up. Andy had hurt his ankle once again. He is always rolling it. They all looked tired.
We hung out at the half way point to watch the front runners come through.
We came back to the finish area only to find out some asshole was sabotaging the course. He was pulling all the yellow ribbions we had hung. The first aid station saw him with yellow ribbons in his hand and asked what the heck are you doing?? He said you are littering the trail. The aid station people explained it was a race and we had permits. They tried to stop him and he took of running up the trail. He must of been a fast running because someone ran after him and couldn't catch him on the trail. As we were leaving the parks police were heading to try and find him, and ticket him or arrest him if they caught him.
I guess we will find out later today what happened. I really hope no runners got to lost out there.
Poor Andy's ankle is swollen and when I got home I stubbed my little toe. It is swollen and it hurt I'm icing it now.
Chances are no long run on the East side of the Sierras tomorrow. Unless Andy's ankle heals over night.
Check this cool HUGE spider we saw on the trail. It was the biggest one I had ever seen in a web.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Day #8 of the Master Cleanse and I'm feeling great !
This time on the cleanse the beginning was the hardest I would say day 1-3. I have run or did crossfit or both every day while on the cleanse.
My last day on the cleanse is Sunday Andy and I will be doing a run out of Onion valley on the East side of the Sierras that day. We will head up to Keasarge pass to Forester ,down Forester back up ,and over and down and back the way we came it will be a long day. But I'm sure we will have fun.

Tonight we will be marking the Bulldog 50k course we will start at 9pm. We will sleep for few hours and go back out to check the markings before the race Saturday morning.

Today at Crossfit it was "Happy hour" we got to pick a workout. I did
3 rounds for time
800 meter run
50 back extensions
50 abmat sit ups
I did it in 20:23 I think it might be a PR for me on that workout. I won't know until I get home to check my log book.
I hope you all get out this weekend and move your body. Maybe try something new or run or hike somewhere you have never been before.
Get ready, I repeat, get ready, as the wheel is about to turn and an old cycle end and a new cycle begin. A new way of doing things is about to commence. The struggle will now be over as life rapidly turns into something much better. Sometimes there has to be havoc and chaos while a new order is established. Don’t get stuck on how it ought to be, let things go the way they will - this will bring you much good fortune. Don’t forget to say thank you for this chance to begin again.
© Stephen Haynes

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Coach E busting out "NOT FRAN" today it was a tough workout . But that's ok it's not suppose to be easy. Coach E has really cool tattoos but he's sweating so much you can't see them.

He will be pacing me the last 25 miles of Angeles crest 100 so I'm sure I will do well. I'm sure he will be pushing be to go hard and, if I don't I bet he'll threaten me with 100 burpees at the finish line ;)


( Thanks CFSCC)

Men 95lbs, Women 65lbs
1000m Run
21 Squat Thrusters
9 Shoulder Presses
800m Run
15 Squat Thrusters
15 Push Presses
400m Run
9 Squat Thrusters
21 Push Jerks
My Time 20:26 # 35
Rocky resting after doing sprints around Sierra Madre.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day #6 of the Master cleanse. It's going well only 4 more days to go. I went to the 11am and the 5pm class at Team crossfit elite fitness academy(crossfit Monrovia). My row times were slow but I have had a sore arm. The good news is on the 2k row I did 10:11 at 11am and beat my time and rowed 10:08 at 5pm. We also did waiter walks with barbell and weights. We used half our body weight. I used less because of my arm. We had to walk 1/2 mile. It wasn't easy.
Take all opportunities to break old habits and old patterns as this is a time of rebirth and re-invention. Sometimes patterns are hard to change so perhaps the easier way to is to discard them altogether. Certainly there will be mini-endings and beginnings around this time, so don’t hold onto the past, allow new situations to be drawn to you and to flourish. Evolution, like the passage of time, is not within our control. So go with the flow and allow yourself to be guided.
© Stephen Haynes

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fun times out on my run today. Mt. Wilson trail. Mt. Harvard ? in the background.
Striking a pose on the heli pad.
It's hard to hold a handstand for 10 sec.
Heading down, down, down.
Change, disruption or obstacles could be the order of the day! There is a reason for each of these occurrences but in general it can be said that the way in which you are doing things, or viewing things, has to change. Very often the universe takes a hand and helps you by clearing away the debris of the old, but be assured that what is right, essential or just plain needed, will remain in place. In all cases be calm in the face of these unexpected events and just know that everything is going to be all right.
© Stephen Haynes
Day #5 of the Master cleanse. I'm half way there and feeling great.

Last night Andy and I went to the book signing of DKs new book. I haven't even read the first one. But I did see the movie which was awesome. Andy bought the book. We wanted to be there to support him. He was happy to see us . I have known Dean for 8 years since we have run many of the same ultras through the years. There was a good turn out. It's nice to see how many people he has inspired to run a marathon.

Fellow my space friend and blogger Kista and me. It was great meeting her. She ran her first ultra this year and plans on running more in the future.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Rocky hanging out at Lucky Baldwins yesterday in Sierra Madre for the Belgium Beer fest.
He had a good time and met many new friends
Tabata this tabata that........Tabata something else.
row-B-t-b squats-wallball-Bottom of OHS- seated DB shoulder press-Deadhangs.
This was a tough workout but the 11am group kicked butt. I love Team crossfit elite fitness academy. Eric is an amazing coach I learn so much from him each day.
Happy to have finished the Tabata workout in one piece. Thanks Vanessa for coming up with this one ;)

Not all opportunity is good opportunity, so pick and choose wisely out of the opportunities that will soon be presented. This is a time to be considering the future and putting down strong foundations that will lead to success. If you build the foundations correctly success will follow easily. If you don’t take time to lay the foundation correctly then your plans are likely to fall down. Don’t delay or prevaricate at this time. Propitious happenings are afoot.
© Stephen Haynes

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Master Cleanse day #3. My energy level is still a bit low but I do feel better than yesterday. I did a short run yesterday and will do a short run hopefully today. Tomorrow I will do crossfit and also plan to get out and run for 3 hours. I took Rocky out for 1 hour. We are having a blast her in Sierra Madre with Andy.Be grateful for a new lease of life. Long-standing situations, stalemates or dead ends now come to an end. The universe has taken note of your situation and is prepared to repair or correct it. You for your part must be prepared to let go and to co-operate with the universal energy. The past is now beginning to fade and regeneration is beginning. Accept all that is going to be offered, you will be delighted with how it will change your life.
© Stephen Haynes

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Master Cleanse day #2. My energy was low yesterday and I took a nap after crossfit. I was tired because I only slept 4.5 hours the day before because I was driving to So Cal. Rocky and I stopped along the way to sleep in my SUV and didn't get much sleep.

Worked out with my friends at Monrovia crossfit yesterday. It was Happy not that kind of happy hour with drinks. We got to choose what crossfit bench wod we wanted to do. I choose Angie since the number 100 was in the wod and I just ran a hundred mile race last weekend.
100 pull-ups
100 push-ups
100 sit-ups
100 squats
I finished in 13:37
I can safely say my arms are trashed today. I will go for a run later get some heat training in.
Rocky and I dropped Andy off for the AC 100 trail work. Saw fellow crossfitter Carl there he will be running his first hundred at AC he is a trainer at crossfit Newport beach. Looking forward to watching him kick butt at AC 100
The sexy 11am Happy hour group at crossfit Monrovia we all kicked ass.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Take all opportunities to break old habits and old patterns as this is a time of rebirth and re-invention. Sometimes patterns are hard to change so perhaps the easier way to is to discard them altogether. Certainly there will be mini-endings and beginnings around this time, so don’t hold onto the past, allow new situations to be drawn to you and to flourish. Evolution, like the passage of time, is not within our control. So go with the flow and allow yourself to be guided.
© Stephen Haynes

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ok my body is feeling way to trashed to be ready for a speed record on the JMT.Ok so my plan has changed and that's ok. I decided to start the master cleanse on Friday for 10 days. My body hasn't felt this trashed for a long time after a hundred. It's time to get my ass back in fighting shape for Angeles crest 100 too!!! I decided I'd like to PR there. I think this will be my 6th AC 100.
I am heading down to So Cal to train in Monrovia at with Coach Eric LeClair and his bad ass trainers. He is going to pacing me at AC 100 and I wanna make my crossfit friends proud.

I have only been doing WODs off the site lately it's time to get back with the group. I took a couple months of down time, thinking I was doing to much. I still was doing crossfit solo 4 times a week. It's just not the same.
I will start back up with my Oneworld family when I get back on the 1st.
Sometime it's good to take a break so you know what you really want. I feel with my running that I need crossfit to make my body stronger. I'm already strong headed..LOL ask anyone.
So no JMT speed record this year but it's all good. Why go out there if it isn't going to happen. Right?
Oh, but don't worry I already have a plans to take Andy on a run out on the Eastside. I'm thinking Piute Pass to Muir Pass and back. I think it's 50 miles. So yes I will be on the JMT going very light and fast. Just not for a record.
I will also get to stop by and say hi to my friends at Muir trail ranch, I wasn't going to see them this year if I did the speed record' no time to stop or go off trail. I have been by to say hi to them, every year since 2001. I love them.

Oh last but not least this means I get to bring Rocky with me on my 15 day visit to So Cal.

Looking forward to playing with all the crossfit Monrovia peeps.

Monday, August 11, 2008

HEADLANDS HUNDRED..............finish time 29:51 at the start. Photo by Becky Sabin Johnson
Dirty girl Xy Weiss and Dirt Diva Catra
Me at mile 33
Photo by Rick Gaston mile 53
Mile 96 with Heather.

I finished Headland Hundred in 29:51. It was a tough course. I had 4 great pacers who got me through it. I just want to thank each of them. Rick Gaston Paced me to Tennessee valley only because his runner DNFed. Thanks Rick. Heather from atalanta athletic wear paced me 10 milesand helped me even when I was falling asleep on my feet. Her BF Randy paced me 15 miles through the long cold night. Thanks for your help you were awesome. I must of stopped at least 20 times to take my jacket on and off through the night. Ryan 10 long slow miles. Thanks for listening to me and keeping me company you were great. Without your help it would of been much harder.

Mile 0-25 It started out foggy and nice. It got cold only on the ridges. It was great seeing so many friends and meeting lots of new ones. Met Rick Cheevers running his first trail 100. He has run 24 hour- 6 day multi day runs. Congrats. on your finish. Barbra Asher at 58 running her first 100 you rocked the course in just under 28 hours.
The first 25 I went out a little fast I think. You get caught up with the 50 mile runners.

Mile 25-50 I was alone a lot just enjoying the day. I met up with Andy a blooger friend at mile 40 something we chatted and helped each other out to until his 50 mile finish and my half way point. Awesome finish Andy.

Mile 50-75 Rick Gastons runner dropped so I asked if he wanted to pace me to Tennessee valley he agreed we had a good time talking and getting to know more about each other. I picked up Heather at mile 62. She would pace to mile 72. We had a great time through the night talking about all kinds of stuff. I got really sleepy and was falling asleep on my feet for like 5 miles. I really needed food. We arrived at mile 72 where her BF Randy would take over. The volunteers were awesome they had vegan miso soup for me out at two aid stations. I took every time I came through. I took a no doze and perked up. Randy paced me from 72-86.5. It was a long slow time he was awesome we had a fun time he was a very helpful pacer and took awesome care of me during the long cold night.
Mile 75-100 It was great getting to mile 75 and having some miso soup. It was tough knowing that I had to do that hellish 25 mile loop again but happy to know it was once more and once I got back to Rodeo beach again I would be done.
The 8 mile section to the aid seems so long. We arrived there around 7am Happy it was new day. I was feeling really trashed 24 hours into it but knew if I just put one foot in front of the other I would finish. My goal time of under 29 fizzled away but new I could go for plan B under 29 it gave me a goal. I picked up Ryan at mile 75 he would go 10.5 with me. I was really slow but he was great. Just a side note my 3 pacers were first time 100 mile pacers. They all are adventure racers so knew about being delirious and tired. Ryan did great it was nice just having a person to talk to.

I decided to run the last 4 to the finish alone. I needed alone time. I called Andy during this stretch I needed him to pace me that last climb up Wolf ridge. I was sad not having him out there he has run with me the last 4 hundreds and paced me at one. This was number 6 of the year for me. It was great having the option to call him. He helped get me up that climb.
I really couldn't believe how trashed I felt at the end of this. I just focused on getting up the ridge and not letting any hikers catch me. I got to the top and a lady who was just out on run was trying to catch me. Well that's what I thought in my head so of course I really pushed hard those last couple miles. I arrived at the finish in 29:51 I was in lots of pain felt like a steam roller ran over me ;)

Just want to thank Wendell & Sarah for putting on a wonderful race. The volunteers were all awesome and it was perfect weather. I will run it again next year I know I can do better.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Getting ready to run Headlands Hundred tomorrow, send me positive thoughts my friends. Have a great weekend.
Get ready, I repeat, get ready, as the wheel is about to turn and an old cycle end and a new cycle begin. A new way of doing things is about to commence. The struggle will now be over as life rapidly turns into something much better. Sometimes there has to be havoc and chaos while a new order is established. Don’t get stuck on how it ought to be, let things go the way they will - this will bring you much good fortune. Don’t forget to say thank you for this chance to begin again.
© Stephen Haynes

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Never forget who you are and how far you have come in life.I never thought when I was a little girl growing up, I would become a runner. I hated getting dirty I was always in a dress. I loved to take dance lessons.
My parents signed me up for soccer and soft ball which by the way I hated.
My Dad use to take my brother Jay, and I to the track on Sundays to run. I use to cry because it just wasn't fun for me. I wanted to be home reading and playing with dolls. My father always encouraged me even though I was no good. My brother was the athlete not me.
I know by those experiences in my life it has helped me in my life today. Sure I had to become a drug addict & alcoholic first to find Ultrarunning. But that was part of Gods plan. It has shaped me into who I am today.
I may not be fast but I can run forever and even love it.
Yes, I still wear dresses and skirts everyday because I like being a girl.
And even on the trail I wear skirts to feel pretty and cute. That's just who I am and that will never change.

I think we should all post pictures of ourselves as kids. It's fun to look back and remember who we were and who we have become.
The first one is of when I was 4 and my Cousin Dee Dee did my hair.
The second one is from my first day of school I was 5.
And here I am today and 43. Loving who I am.

Don’t try to weigh things up or make a hasty judgement, the time is not right. Things haven’t yet had time to establish themselves so judging them too soon would be a waste of time and energy. Let things and situations have space and time to evolve. Let tomorrow take care of itself. Problems or obstacles that have been in your way will either resolve or dissolve as time goes by. This would be a great time to do a kindness or a charitable deed for someone less fortunate than you. This will be energetically replaced with a valuable piece of information.
© Stephen Haynes

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Let yourself see what is not apparent, in other words, take a look under the table! It is sometimes highly enlightening when you turn things upside down or look at them from another perspective. All experience, good, bad or indifferent, is strangely good experience as it is only with time that you begin to understand why you had to have that particular experience and what the ultimate purpose was. We’re not in control of everything so, now and then, take a hands-off approach and let the universe have a go.
© Stephen Haynes

Rocky and I have a fun run around Lake Elizabeth in Fremont.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Skyline 5ok course checkers. Andy and I got to check and remark the course in a few sections. We had a blast we did a 10 mile loop.
The weather was perfect. Congrats. to Mikey Palmer and Jenny Ray RD's they did an awesome job. It was fun to help out this was my first ultra in 98 wow. It feels like yesterday. I still am so surprised at what I have done through the years. Never thought I would of become the Ultrarunner that I have become.
It really is because of all the wonderful people in the sport. My friends have really encouraged me to go for it. They are the best.

I am looking forward to seeing some of you Saturday at Headland Hundred. This will be my 6th 100 of the year and my 58th 100 mile run.
I will take off for the Woman's unsupported speed record on the JMT on August 15th, will try to finish in under 6 days.
Life is to short to sit around ;)