Saturday, August 16, 2008

Master Cleanse day #2. My energy was low yesterday and I took a nap after crossfit. I was tired because I only slept 4.5 hours the day before because I was driving to So Cal. Rocky and I stopped along the way to sleep in my SUV and didn't get much sleep.

Worked out with my friends at Monrovia crossfit yesterday. It was Happy not that kind of happy hour with drinks. We got to choose what crossfit bench wod we wanted to do. I choose Angie since the number 100 was in the wod and I just ran a hundred mile race last weekend.
100 pull-ups
100 push-ups
100 sit-ups
100 squats
I finished in 13:37
I can safely say my arms are trashed today. I will go for a run later get some heat training in.
Rocky and I dropped Andy off for the AC 100 trail work. Saw fellow crossfitter Carl there he will be running his first hundred at AC he is a trainer at crossfit Newport beach. Looking forward to watching him kick butt at AC 100
The sexy 11am Happy hour group at crossfit Monrovia we all kicked ass.


Judi said...

Looks so fun Catra! Love the pink trail shoes. Do you go thru like a pair a month?

Carl B. said...

Thanks for the Props Catra. Had a good time working with Andy and a ton of the other AC vets yesterday. Look forward to seeing you at the race but in the mean time.. Come down to Newport this week. you're always welcome.