Friday, August 29, 2008

TEAM 80 PROOF SWEAT Team crossfit elite fitness academy. Monrovia.
I just want to thank Eric and Vanessa for allowing me to workout at the academy the past few weeks. Coach Eric is the best crossfit coach I have ever worked out with. I have learned so much from you in just the few weeks I was around you.
I am more motivated than ever to train and try harder at ever WOD that comes my way. You have taught me something new each time I worked out or talked to you. Can't wait to be down her permanently.

Looking forward to running AC 100 with a great team. Eric & Johnnie b pacing me and Kellie & Vanessa crewing me. Thank you for wanting to help me. With a team like this how could I go wrong.
It was great meeting and working out with all of you. I will be back in a few weeks. Until than keep kicking ass all of you.

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Kellie said...

Safe travels Catra and we'll see you again very soon!