Thursday, March 29, 2007

Saturday will mark the 5 year Anniversary of her death...Whenever I see Lupines I think of her. I noticed Lupines for the first time the day after she died.

Mom I know it's been almost 5 years that you left me. You were not only my Mom, you were my best friend. My heart broke into a thousand little pieces when I found you dead, on the floor in your room. It was like a bad dream I didn't feel like it was real. Only when I looked at you, and saw your arms in a raised position, and a smile on your face. I knew you were really happy. You where reaching out for God to take you, and so you could be with Dad again.
There has not been one day in my life, that has gone by where I don't think of you.
I often wonder if I am making you proud, or if you still think I'm crazy for running :)
I will never forget what you did for me before my race's.
You always left me little greeting cards on the table at night. So when I woke up early in the morning to run a race it let me know you cared and were happy for me. I still have all those cards, and from time to time I read them.
I wish you were still here so I can tell you in person my stories.
There are times like today it hurts so bad that you're not here.
This weekend I will celebrate and remember all the fun times we had together. I am doing this crazy training run in your memory.
I love you and miss you. I know you are the one who watches over me, and has kept me safe on the trails.
Even when I am alone running. I am not really alone because I have you with me in my hear,t and in my mind.
I love you my Momma Mia 1931-2002

My 75 mile training run goes by this spot twice. This was taken in Sunol 1 mile up from the trailhead. I use to take my Mom to fun places like Sunol. I'm happy I took her here a few times. If I didn't I wouldn't have such wonderful memories.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Me inside my Green Girl in 2004 after the JMT speed records.

PIMP'N MY RIDE....The green girl has to go :(
If any of you know anyone who is interested in this beauty she's going for $6,900
She has taken me to so many cool place's Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and every State park and National park in Cali.
She has been my hotel my diner and basically home on 4 wheels. She has taken me through so many seasons in Yosemite. She has waited so patiently for my safe return at many trailheads. She has paced me and met me at many aid stations during 100's never complaining with all my supplies.
She has been my shelter during a few of my 100+ mile b-day runs. When there where storms I would crawl in and wait. If I was to exhaused after running a 100 mile race, and driving home she knew that I should rest.
I would pull over and sleep so comfy in the back of her.
I always said sleeping in her was more comfortable then my bed.
She has been through it all a marriage a divorce. She was even there to take me to the clinic when I took my 40ft fall on El Cap.
She waiting for me in El Cap Meadow when I broke the speed records on the John Muir trail. She was there through it all. She even protected me during the night in Tahoe when a Bear sunk his teeth into her bumper.
I am sad that I have to let her go.
We were quite the team. I am actually sitting here crying as I type this.
She is going to help me in another way now. The money I get from her will fund my PCT journey. Even though she will be gone I will think of her always.
If anyone knows of someone looking for a great Vehicle here she is. She has 135,000 miles and is a 2001 she's in great condition. Please have them contact me at
Have a great day.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Me and Rocky hanging out after another double crossfit day. I went twice yesterday too. I ran today after crossfit 3 miles. Tapering for my 75 mile run Friday should be fun. If anyone wants to come out and run with us let me know. I have 1 person running 100k(Julia it's her b-day run) and 1 running 42 miles and 3 running 50k. It should be fun we're all training for Upcoming race's so if you wanna join the fun let me know.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Extreme..What is considered extreme to one person is not to another.
Is jumping out of a plane, Base jumping , Climbing El Cap, Running ultramarathons, attempting a speed record on the 2,700 mile Pacific Crest trail or Climbing Mt. Everest? There is always going to be something more extreme to do.
Thinking that because I did 4 workouts, in a day was extreme. I hardly think so.
Extreme is in the eye of the beholder. When you have been around and married once to one of best Speed Climbers, and extreme athletes then you know what it means.
I have met so many amazing athletes..base jumpers, slackliners, Big wall speed climbers and yes even a few people who have summited Mt. Everest. Unless your training for a 150 mile race I guess some of you couldn't understand why I would do 2 or 4 workouts a day. I hope this helps those few people that don't understand extreme.
Most of you do :)

In just 29 days the Mt Everset climbers will start their bids for the summit. They will face all their demons. Some will make it to the top. Some will be to exhuasted to try to push and turn away with maybe only 100ft to go. They must all know their own limits, in a place you can't breath or think very clearly. Some will not even make it down alive.
These are my heros the men & women who will attempt their dream.
I will pray everyday and be glued to the internet watching the teams attempting the summit.

Next year at this time I will be in Nepal heading to my first base camp. I hope to be trained enough to be on the team with Mountain Madness and make it through the Kumba ice falls. They have an expadition that goes through the Kumba ice falls.

I want to meet the men and woman of Everest and be part of their journey. My dream is to make my attempt of Mt. Everest in 2010.

I hope you all now know why I do what I do. It's all training to get me to the top of Mt. Everest.

Everst is calling me and I will go.

Good luck & prayers to all the climbers.

crossfit work out of the day posted here.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yesterday I went to Great America with my friend "Fast Jerry". He got free tickets from his work and asked me if I wanted to go. It had been a couple years so I was due to ride some Rollercoasters. I love Rollorcoasters! I don't care for most other rides especially the ones that just go in circles. They give me a headache.
The lines really were not that bad. We saw a few other Ultrarunner friends there. It's nice to see other runners outside of a race.
I think my favorite ride was really not a ride, but it was a 3D Sponge Bob square pants movie where you actually had to put a seat belt on because your seat moved around. I haven't laughed so much in a long time. It was so funny. I remembered back ,as I looked around at all the kids with their parents especially the ones with their Dads. I thought how my Dad loved doing stuff with me like that when I was little. I had flash backs of us having fun like that.
I thought of him a lot yesterday because it was the 25 anniversary of his death. I remembered all the fun we had when I was little ,and was a bit sad of all the fun we have missed out on for the past 25 years. I know in my heart he is with me watching and laughing at me going she's 42 and sure knows how to have fun. My Dad taught me that it's ok to let your inner child live on the outside, and not keep it in.
He was like a big kid himself always joking around with me.
I sure do miss him, but I make sure everyday that I celebrate the short time I had with him.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I don't think Rocky found this funny, since he's two dogs long and a half a dog high.......I love my little Doxie mix. He may not look fast but he can sure bust out some 10 min. miles.
I ran after crossfit this morning. I got worked we did what's called "Fight gone bad". Check out for the details of this workout.
I met up with my friend Jerry who was running 20 miles. Ran with him for a bit. Went home came back out to run with Rocky & Jerry another 3.5 miles. Rocky did an awesome job pacing me..LOL...

Friday, March 23, 2007

I am so lucky I live in the Bay Area. I have so many cool places to run. Each day I thank God that I am healthy & happy. I also give thanks for all the wonderful people that are in my life.
I don't ever think I will stop being a monkey. Just like a little kid I love to climb.
You have more to give than you realize. The only expectation you should have in others is what you expect of yourself. That's how you stay replenished.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

FIT AS F**K........
That's what Freddy, my crossfit trainers sweat shirt said on the back. I thought yeah, I need to be fit as f**k! So I decided to do 4 workouts today. It started with a 6:30am crossfit class then a 4 mile run. Back to crossfit at 10am for a workout. Then a 5 mile run.(We did a 1 mile run at crossfit,well 4 400m)
I ended up running 10 miles total. It was very challenging doing the Quad. workout. That's what I named it since I did 4 work outs. I will do this once a week to challenge myself.

Me taking a quick break to enjoy the view along

Quarry lakes.
Stretching out is very important after doing a quad. workout, that's for sure. Ouch! I'm sore.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I finally made it back to crossfit. So happy that I did. I also ran 12 miles after class. It's been two months since i was at crossfit. I'm happy to be back. Look at todays weather nice again ;)
Running like the wind at Quarry Lakes.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Can you believe this was the same spot where me and
Alikona took a picture yesterday. Today it was cold and drizzely.
I added two more pounds to my pack. Now it weighs 14 pounds. I will keep it at that weight for a couple weeks to get my body use to it.
Happy to be on the top! Happy to be alive.
Hey what happend to my Mt. Diablo??? Looks like the clouds
ate it ;(

Illness can be a teacher, companion, or challenge-but not a punishment. Still, sometimes its message isn't clear. Ignore the illness. Look for stimulation in the knowledge that you can heal in an instant.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Me & Alikona on top of Mission Peak. She drove all the way from Sacramento to run with me. Well she had to work in the Bay Area today too ;) Thanks Alikona I had a blast!!!
You want some of us??? Well try and catch us!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Me & my running buddy "Fast Jerry" coming off the peak. We started our run in cold & foggy conditions. But ended it in warm and sunny weather.
Here's a weekly Rocky shot. I just love this little guy!
Today, view every experience as a blessing and the remedy that serves your well-being. Your healing path already exists within you.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Coming off the peak ;)
These legs where made for running....................
You create harmony by making choices that feel right to both mind and heart. Consider one choice you need to make today- no matter how insignificant- and make it harmoniously.
RUNNING SKIRTS....................
People often ask me where I get my skirts? I actually make them I take apart my running shorts and sew them. Well that was then, this is now. I actually fond a local company that makes running skirts.
It's called Atalanta here is the web site
I wore this one yesterday during my 40 mile run. It has build in little shorts underneath so you can even wear it to the gym and work out, like I did today. It has two huge pockets. I carried 3 clif shots on each side and a vegan food bar and lip balm and still had room to put stuff.
I like that they are made in the USA and it's a small local company.
Girls check them out I'm sure you will like them.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Me & Julia at creek crossing along the Ohlone wilderness trail
It was HOT during our 40 mile training run.
Johnnys pond, heading down to Del Valle.
Practice the healing power of compassiante mind. Open your heart to other people without judgment, and radiate the message of delight at having them in your life.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mission peak on the left. Just a quick 4 mile run today. Tomorrow will be a 40 miler. Sunol to Del Valle & back. It's going to be HOT!!
Poser ;)
Running the Peak Meadow trail.
All you want to do today is love being alive-even if it's the hardest thing you've ever done. Appreciate the sounds, sights and the sensations of your life: friends, books, ideas, sleep...just enjoy.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Practice the healing power of compassionate mind. Open your heart to other people without judgment, and radiate the message of delight at having them in your life.

Me and my 12 pound pack training for the PCT

Me tearing it up on the Horse heaven trail.
The best water along the Ohlone Wilderness trail, horse heaven trail.
This is heaven.. 10 miles with a pack isn't easy. But it's fun!!

March is a very tough month for me. March 24th marks the 25th anniversary of my Dads death. He left me to soon, he was only 48. He died of a masive heart attack. I know I have made him proud but wish he was there to pace & crew me during my races. I know he would totally be in to it.

He is always with me during my races. I call on him when I need his help. He always comes through.

March 31st marks the 5th anniversary of my Moms death. I found her dead of a bacteria infection that got into her blood. She was a young 70 year old. I miss her each & everyday. I always shared my adventures with her. I took pictures and would show her. She thought I was crazy because I was so into running. But she knew it helped me get through the darkest days of my life.

This month I will run for them and celebrate my Mom & Dad for giving me the best gift ever. Life.... They are always with me and I know they are always watching me and making sure I'm safe.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Forgive one person
today. Open your heart to
that person, and release
unnecessary suffering from
the past. Feel the peace that follows
from this simple act.

Many of you have said you would like to help donate money or gift cards for my PCT trip. It is for sure not going to be cheap. Just to do the whole thing it's going to cost me at least 5,000. I have to pay my house payment & car payment for three months. I also need to pay a few other bills. Plus I won't be making money while I'm out there.

Just to have my friend Jerry ship my drops is going to cost around $800. Yikes!!!

I will set up something so people can donate gift cards or checks. Doesn't have to be much. Anything will help. I will keep you all posted and have an address up soon.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Way to cool fun runners. 5 of us ran the 40 mile fun run. I had a few issues but I cranked out 111 miles for my first week back to running after being off 21 days. I didn't drink enough during the 40 miler. I didn't eat enough either. Other then that I felt great!

Me and Alikona in front of a waterfall on the Western States trail

Me along the American river Canyon trail

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The root cause of all disease is a negative attitude about
taking care of yourself.

How do you define "taking care of yourself"?
Create a new self-care practice today.
Observe your comfort level when it
comes to being good to yourself.
Discomfort is a wise teacher.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Me & Christine on Mission peak. Christine is a fellow blogger. It was the first time we ran together. I'm going to get her running 20 milers in no time ;)

Have a great day friends.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Me loving life on the top of Mt. Diablo. Life is good :)

Me practising my circus stunt on top of North Peak.
Me and Julia at Juniper Campground overlook on Mt. Diablo. It was a perfect day for a 20 mile run.