Friday, February 06, 2015

Mini Dachshund runs a marathon 26.2 miles

Yes you read that right! My dachshund TruMan all 9 pounds of him ,ran a marathon on a gravel trail in 6:17.
He ran and raised money for a Doxie named Sunshine that was abandoned in the cold and snow near a dumpster she is being helped by KARF a senior dog rescue Kentucky. She is in the hospital and has fought for her life. TruMan raised $807.00 to help with her medical bills. She is doing much better and seems to be getting better everyday.

He could of run it faster but his pacer me ,was slow from running the 50k the day before and Coldwater rumble 100, 5 days before .

He was so strong and never slowed down I was the one who was slow.
Just because a Doxie is small does not mean they can't do epic shit. 
TruMan has come a long way in two years since i fostered him and adopted him. He could not walk around the block because he was afraid of the world .
Now he's running wilderness trails with me.
He is my inspiration , he has taught me that having short legs means nothing overcoming all obstacles is in our mind.
I hope he can motivate you to get out and run. The DirtDoxie is amazing!!