Wednesday, August 22, 2012

“Most people do not know themselves. The real you is not that person you are when times are great, the real you shows when everything goes wrong. Can you hold on, can you keep pushing or do you quit?” – Ian Warner

Run de Vous 100 I finished in a time of 24:27 13th overall 4th female. I am back after two hundred mile DNF's in a row I got my mojo back.
I wasn't sure how I would do on no flat training all my training was at altitude in the mountains for the John Muir trail. I virtually  had no training on anything flat other then a few days of roads. I went into the race knowing at some point I would fall apart so I just went for it.
I knew I would have to start some walk breaks after running 30 miles since in mountain hundreds you get your breaks on the up hills. I would start my walk breaks at the aid station and walk .25 each loop. The race was a 2 mile looped course which was in San Martin near Morgan hill. It was scenic and pretty. I never got bored and loved seeing and passing and encouraging the other runners on the course.
Rajeev the RD is awesome he is the best RD out there so positive and motivating. The volunteers were very attentive to each runner and so helpful. They had a great aid station with everything. The potato leek soup at night was the bomb.
So I waited to fall apart I thought 50 miles nope made it through feeling strong, maybe 60 miles nope still strong, ok 70 nope feeling good! Ok 75 miles I started to slow. I was still moving though. I really fell apart around 12am I got so sleepy, I had to take three naps on the course so it slowed me down. My fault I did not quit caffeine for a week like I normally do, note to self always quit a week before no matter what!
My roommate Jerry came out to help me at mile 75 until the finish he kept me moving and was a Hugh help. He walked a lot with me and we ran some too. He brought Truman the dog we have been fostering, which by the way I haven't made public but I am going to adopt him ;-)
I was going to have Truman pace me the last two miles so I had to make it to 98 miles.
Little Truman did awesome paced me in those last two miles. YAY!!!
I feel great 3 days later went up on Mt. Baldy yesterday and ran my legs were just a little sore.
Thanks to all of you for sending me positive vibes.
I decided not to do the High Sierra trail need a little time to recover but will head out on the Tahoe rim trail next week.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

John muir trail

7 days 2 hours5 min. Totally unsupported. No Yo Yo this year found out on day 4 my uncle Frankie died. I could not miss the memorial. The trail will always be there. Next up Run De Vous 100 this weekend.
I will write a report soon but here are photos for now.
Thanks to Linda and Barb for coming out to cheer at the finish ;-)