Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thanks for all the well wishes friends. I had to cut my attempt at the record short. I made it to mile 81 on the JMT in two days. I ended up with 131 miles in 3 days 5 hours.
I started at 4:30 on Friday morning. the weather was warm and I knew it would get hot. I was moving well out to Sunrise camp. My legs felt great for having just run a 100 mile race 5 days before. I made it to Tuolumne in 10 hours which was a little slower then I had planned but I was fine. I decided my goal to make it 40 miles the first day which I did.
The second day I headed out at 5ish I saw some hikers on the other side of Rush creek and crossed over. I continued on for 30 min. before I realized I took the wrong trail. I actually did the same thing in 04 on my way to the finish of my Yo Yo record. I was a little mad but no big deal. I wasn't drinking enough and was feeling like I may be getting a bladder issue. I pushed hard through Thousand island lakes. I headed up the big climb after Shadow lakes and was becoming dehydrated. I was moving along when in front of me I hear hey "DIRT DIVA"! I looked surprised and I said who is that. It's me tuff Guy. It was one of my fellow 07 PCT hikers. I was happy to see him. He was with his bro. We chatted and then I pushed on.
I was getting really thirsty and there was no good water sources ,it was all lakes with bugs near the shore. I didn't bring a filter so didn't chance the water there.
knew my least favorite section was coming up all the pumice sand on the trail going to Reds Meadow. That section goes on forever.
I was out of water for at least an hour. I felt the bladder getting worse but ignored it. Hoping it would go away. I was drinking 3 bottles at each source hoping to correct the infection coming on.
It took forever to get to Reds I continued on wanting to get to Silver pass. I pushed on feeling worse. I actually started getting delirious. I only ate a goodonya bar and a package of shot blocks not enough food in 16 hours.
The pain was getting bad as I was going up the pass.
I started thinking what am I going to do. Going forward with a bladder infection was not smart. I knew it would get worse. I would have another pass and huge climb up a ridge then down to Muir trail ranch mile 105. If I got there I had no easy way out. I would be stuck in Fresno or I could climb a third pass Paiute and try to get to Bishop. Still to far away.
I was so out of it and exhausted my camera battery was dead and I couldn't figure out where the other batteries were. I made it to the top around 10pm and decided to turn around at mile 81 knowing I had to make it back to Reds take a bus to Mammoth hitch to Tuolumne and hike back to Yosemite.
I was so out of it I went down a little ways and decided to sleep on the trail pull my sleeping bag out and collapsed. I woke up at 5am and headed down in pain. I was really bummed but knew it wasn't going to get better. I have lived with these infections before. I knew taking Cipro and drinking tons and resting, it would go away.
I was sad but knew at that moment I could do it and I will. Next year will be my year and I won't do it the week after a hundred and I will train with my pack.
I made it to Reds and hitched out of Mammoth to Tuolume got a ride from a really nice woman named Chris. She was heading back home to SF with her dogs. You meet the coolest people when hitching.
I believe everything happens for a reason. Not sure what the reason is now but will find out one day.
I did 131 miles I did get some pretty bad blisters but the bladder infection is more painful then even the worse blister.

Thank you all for the positive vibes. I made it back safely to Yosemite on Monday and back home that night.
I decided to head to Sierra Madre early and arrived yesterday. My infection is better been taking Cipro and drinking cranberry juice. Took yesterday off. I went to crossfit today and the bladder pain is gone.
I will now focus on Headlands 100 which is in less then two weeks.

I will be back next year and will be smarter. Thanks again.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dream As If You Will Live Forever

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.
James Dean

I am packed..This is my house on my back. I will live out of this pack for 6 days. I have done this many times. Last year was the first time since 2001 that I didn't take off on an adventure with my pack.
I guess after living on the trail 94 days in 07 I needed a break.

My pack willweigh 15 lbs when I start. It weighs 17 right now gotta tweak a few things. I will head to Yosemite Thursday at 2am to be at the permit office before 7:30 when they open so I can make sure I get a permit to start Friday. If all goes well I will start around 5am
Should be to the top of Whitney Thursday before 5am. I hope the weather is good. If it is and my body is recovered from TRT 100 I believe I can do it in under 6 days.

Please send me positive vibes. I will be going for the woman's unsupported record. So I have to be solo no friends along. I will have a friend meet me on top of Whitney since that is the actually finish point.
Keep me in your thoughts.

Monday, July 20, 2009

33:31..... That was our finishing time this past weekend at Tahoe rim trail 100

We were and hour slower than last year. Andy had some altitude issues that got bad during the night and really bad the last 25 miles. He sucked it up and we finished together.
We had Chris Hosmer pace us mile 50-75 and Kathy D'Onofrio the last 25 we all had a blast even though Andy felt bad.
I forgot to bring a new camera battery so I will put pictures up when Andy sends me his.
TRT 100 was the National championship 100 mile event for USTF, I placed 6th woman overall and 3rd in my age.
Sorry this is all so short. I will write a report later ;-)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Be Thankful

Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough.
Julia & Jurek

Yesterday I did trail maintenance on the Laurel canyon loop which was damaged by a big tree that fell in the Spring. We rerouted a section of trail and built a new trail.
The work was Headed by Trail Dogs with 83 year old Harry in charge. He had some medical issues going on so we carried a chair and fold out table so he could relax while we worked.
Neil of EBRP was helping with the project too. I got to decide where the new trail would go since I know the trails. I ran back of forth thinking what would be best for running or hiking. we went up above the old trail and crossed the old one and went down to the creek where I build a rock bridge and switch backed up on the other side.
There was one section that was sloping that really needed to be flattened out. Crazy Chris was there and he gets credit for that section he really worked hard to make it flat he did an awesome job.

Crazy Chris

Actually everyone did a great job. it was warm out but we were cooled down by the shade of the trees. I was very happy to see my friend Jurek there. He is an amazing volunteer for not just working on the trails but coming out the past 4 years and working the Ohlone 50k. He brings a smile to my face during my hundred knowing that he will be there to cheer me on and help along.

The wonderful volunteers ;-)

Julia also showed up. Chris Julia and I were there getting trail hours in for upcoming hundred mile races.

After we were finished I ended up running back home over Mission Peak about 5 miles in the heat. I go dehydrated so when I go home I drank a ton and took a cold shower.
Me, 1 mile to go before I'm home. I'm baked

Tomorrow after work I leave for my next race Tahoe rim trail 100 miler I ask that you all send me and Andy positive vibes during the race. I am looking forward to this race. Andy and I will be running the whole race together so it will be fun ;-)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Your Dreams

Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they've got a second. Give your dreams all you've got and you'll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you. William James

I am always amazed at this little guy. He wasn't born with long legs, or a lean body to run long and fast. And either was I, but we both know we love to run and give our best.Rocky and I ran 4 miles together today through the neighborhood. We have lots of hills to climb when we run, and it's not easy for him but he goes for it. Sure sometimes he lets me know he wants to take a break for a minute, and I let him sit down. I know by keeping fit he will live longer. Sure people laugh at us running down the road or say you shouldn't make him run. I laugh and say he's a dog they like to run and it makes him happy.
Exercise is important to humans and animals, we all need to do it to stay fit and healthy.
I am happy to report Rocky has lost a few pounds living at his new home. We don't feed him treats all the time or give him extra food. There was alot of that going on at my old house where my sister and nephew over fed him. I had no control when I was at work or out of town.
At Jerry's we don't give him extra crap.

Rocky makes me smile each day, if I have a bad day I look at him and think about the abuse and torture he suffered, and came out a happy loving dog.
I rescued him over 5 years ago. I know he is grateful and I am grateful he came into my life.
Give your pets a hug and kiss and take them out for a walk or run today.

5 rounds for time
30-abmat sit-ups
25- abmat back extensions.
my time: 3:49
ran 6 miles total today it's taper time for TRT 100

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Life is an Adventure

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.

Helen Keller

Fun Times out on the Ohlone trail with Jerry, Lesley, Chris, me and Mike. We all headed out for a 20+ mile run. Lesley stayed with us for 2:35 and then turned around. She is strong and I think shes ready to run a 50k in the next couple months. I will take her out on a 20 miler and 25 miler so she can feel confident for her race.
Chris is training for his first trail 100 miler, AC 100 he has a lot to learn in a short time but he will be ready with me and Mike in September.
The weather was a little odd by the time we finished it looked like it might have been raining in the south bay.
As you can see in this picture there is a reason I call Chris; Crazy Chris. He is so much fun never a dull moment. He is planning on going the last day with me on the JMT in a couple weeks. He will do Forester and Whitney passes with me. Fun times ;-)
What can I say I love my favorite tree.
The bridge in Sunol.
I meet my new East Bay regional parks police officer Janet, she is super cool. I went up to her and introduced myself as the girl who runs 100 miles out on the Ohlone trails. She said yes I know all about you, and I saw your picture in the office. Hmm...It might me be a picture of the Most wanted! No , it's of the girl who runs the most on the Ohlone trail ;-)

We all had a fun run. Now it's time for me to taper for TRT 100 which is next weekend.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Divine Order

There is nothing that happens by chance in our universe. Everything unfolds according to higher laws - everything is regulated by divine order.

I decided to sleep in this morning, I woke up at 7:15 and went back to sleep. I woke up again at 8:45am. I jumped up and got ready and headed to Mission Peak for a short 1.5 hr run. I was happy to find out they have graded the fireroads.
I did an out and back with a loop. Just took it easy. I am sore from the last 3 crossfit workouts. My legs are sore from lots of squats and lunges.

Tomorrow my Room-mate Jerry and my friend Chris are starting from Mission Peak at 7:15am for a 20-30 mile run. You can go shorter if you want.
If anyone wants to join us let me know.

I want to wish all the Hardrock 100 mile runners good luck this weekend also Good luck Badwater runners. Also good luck to all the Crossfitters who will be competing in the crossfit games this weekend. And one last good luck, to the UFC fighters at the UFC 100. There is a lot going on this weekend so have fun doing whatever you decided to do.

Change, disruption or obstacles could be the order of the day! There is a reason for each of these occurrences but in general it can be said that the way in which you are doing things, or viewing things, has to change. Very often the universe takes a hand and helps you by clearing away the debris of the old, but be assured that what is right, essential or just plain needed, will remain in place. In all cases be calm in the face of these unexpected events and just know that everything is going to be all right.
© Stephen Haynes

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Single Step

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Lao Tsu

More fun pixs from the AC course/PCT trail fun times.
This is my last big week and then it's taper time for the Tahoe rim trail 100 which is next week. The following week I will head out on the JMT to try and get the woman's unsupported record. I have to do it in under 6 days 6 hours. If I feel good it shouldn't be a problem. It's not the smartest think to do the week after a hundred but it's the only time I have to do between hundred mile races.
Even if I don't get the record I will still stay out and finish fast packing it. I just love that trail it will be the 7th time I have done the JMT.

Williamson climbing area. Williamson rock.

Just want to wish all my crossfit friends good luck at the Crossfit games this weekend. I hope it's not to hot for you there.

8 mile run today.
3 rounds for time of:
25-kettlebell swings
25-abmat sit-ups
25- squats
my time:6:15

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

On the Inside

I cannot always control what goes on outside. But I can always control what goes on inside. Wayne Dyer
Yesterday I decided to run up Baden Powell again. We did it Friday but I had issues and was tired during our run.
I didn't realize it's a 62 mile drive to get there, but it was worth it. I ended up running only 10 miles because I ran out of time and started late.
I ran to the top and down and then run 1 mile up the PCT.
I had a blast. There were lots of cool people on the trail.
I made it up in 1:16 and to the bottom in 41 min. I will never run it that fast during AC 100. It usually takes almost 2 hours in the race.

This is me on the Waldon tree at the PCT junction.
Mount Wilson trail at sunset.
We did a 27 mile night run on the AC course on the 4th and these are a couple pictures from the run,

All is evolution, all is cyclical, therefore endings lead to new beginnings. You cannot begin without an end. If you cannot let go of the past then the past constantly recreates itself. Look now to the future and the paths to your goals will again become clear. Obstacles or limitations will be surmounted and lost or forgotten opportunities will again be presented. Success is now within your grasp but realize that to maximize that success new ways, or new methods, could make life so much easier.
© Stephen Haynes

Monday, July 06, 2009


When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person realize his dream. Paulo Coelho
Fun Times on the AC 100 course. Friday there was 17 runners who showed up to run 23 miles on the AC course.
I felt a little off when I woke up in the morning. I was tired going into the run.
We headed up Baden Powell and I knew right away I didn't feel 100%. I was tired I was sleepy, I woke up early Thursday worked then drove 5 1/2 hours to Sierra Madre and woke up early for the run. So I knew it was going to be a long day. Andy didn't calculate the time right..the drive and time we had to be done early. We had a date that night and needed to be home by 4pm to get ready for our date.
We all ran with different groups since everyone was running at different speeds.
Andy ran ahead and would wait for me. We decided we would run to islip saddle to regroup. We met the rest of the group. We decided we would run the road then pick the trail up again and run to Eagles roost
There we decided we would hitch to go back to get the car at Vincent gap. Others also hitched to their cars or ran the road back. A few of our friends got lost and added miles but made it back safe some four hours later.
We made it home around 4:30 just in time to get ready for my surprise date. Andy took me to see Cirque Berzerk we had a blast I love all the performers they were awesome. It's a very Gothic type cirques. If you live in LA I suggest you see it. I believe it is running until July 18th.
4th of July we went to the Sierra madre parade and we did a night run of 27 miles on the AC 100 course. I felt great during that run what a difference a day makes.
Not all opportunity is good opportunity, so pick and choose wisely out of the opportunities that will soon be presented. This is a time to be considering the future and putting down strong foundations that will lead to success. If you build the foundations correctly success will follow easily. If you don’t take time to lay the foundation correctly then your plans are likely to fall down. Don’t delay or prevaricate at this time. Propitious happenings are afoott.
© Stephen Haynes

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Pause to Reflect

The simple act of reflecting, the simple act of pausing to consider, to reason, can have an impact. Dalai Lama

Positive Talk

Affirm continuously to yourself: I am in the right place, at the right time, for the right purpose. Ursula Roberts

Champions, Skill and Will

Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.
Muhammad Ali

I have been so busy since this past weekend. Trying to get back on track. I ran today and did this bootcamp video we sell at Whole Foods. I figure I could do a couple of the workouts with my class. I like doing the crossfit workouts way better so i will stick with that I think.
Rocky and I will be driving to SoCal tomorrow around 3pm after I get off work. I will be busy training on the AC 100 course.
This will be my last long training weekend before TRT 100 in a couple weeks.

I will be visiting Andy from the 2-8. I actually leave the morning of the 8th to drive back and go to work.
It will be nice to have a long visit.