Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thanks for all the well wishes friends. I had to cut my attempt at the record short. I made it to mile 81 on the JMT in two days. I ended up with 131 miles in 3 days 5 hours.
I started at 4:30 on Friday morning. the weather was warm and I knew it would get hot. I was moving well out to Sunrise camp. My legs felt great for having just run a 100 mile race 5 days before. I made it to Tuolumne in 10 hours which was a little slower then I had planned but I was fine. I decided my goal to make it 40 miles the first day which I did.
The second day I headed out at 5ish I saw some hikers on the other side of Rush creek and crossed over. I continued on for 30 min. before I realized I took the wrong trail. I actually did the same thing in 04 on my way to the finish of my Yo Yo record. I was a little mad but no big deal. I wasn't drinking enough and was feeling like I may be getting a bladder issue. I pushed hard through Thousand island lakes. I headed up the big climb after Shadow lakes and was becoming dehydrated. I was moving along when in front of me I hear hey "DIRT DIVA"! I looked surprised and I said who is that. It's me tuff Guy. It was one of my fellow 07 PCT hikers. I was happy to see him. He was with his bro. We chatted and then I pushed on.
I was getting really thirsty and there was no good water sources ,it was all lakes with bugs near the shore. I didn't bring a filter so didn't chance the water there.
knew my least favorite section was coming up all the pumice sand on the trail going to Reds Meadow. That section goes on forever.
I was out of water for at least an hour. I felt the bladder getting worse but ignored it. Hoping it would go away. I was drinking 3 bottles at each source hoping to correct the infection coming on.
It took forever to get to Reds I continued on wanting to get to Silver pass. I pushed on feeling worse. I actually started getting delirious. I only ate a goodonya bar and a package of shot blocks not enough food in 16 hours.
The pain was getting bad as I was going up the pass.
I started thinking what am I going to do. Going forward with a bladder infection was not smart. I knew it would get worse. I would have another pass and huge climb up a ridge then down to Muir trail ranch mile 105. If I got there I had no easy way out. I would be stuck in Fresno or I could climb a third pass Paiute and try to get to Bishop. Still to far away.
I was so out of it and exhausted my camera battery was dead and I couldn't figure out where the other batteries were. I made it to the top around 10pm and decided to turn around at mile 81 knowing I had to make it back to Reds take a bus to Mammoth hitch to Tuolumne and hike back to Yosemite.
I was so out of it I went down a little ways and decided to sleep on the trail pull my sleeping bag out and collapsed. I woke up at 5am and headed down in pain. I was really bummed but knew it wasn't going to get better. I have lived with these infections before. I knew taking Cipro and drinking tons and resting, it would go away.
I was sad but knew at that moment I could do it and I will. Next year will be my year and I won't do it the week after a hundred and I will train with my pack.
I made it to Reds and hitched out of Mammoth to Tuolume got a ride from a really nice woman named Chris. She was heading back home to SF with her dogs. You meet the coolest people when hitching.
I believe everything happens for a reason. Not sure what the reason is now but will find out one day.
I did 131 miles I did get some pretty bad blisters but the bladder infection is more painful then even the worse blister.

Thank you all for the positive vibes. I made it back safely to Yosemite on Monday and back home that night.
I decided to head to Sierra Madre early and arrived yesterday. My infection is better been taking Cipro and drinking cranberry juice. Took yesterday off. I went to crossfit today and the bladder pain is gone.
I will now focus on Headlands 100 which is in less then two weeks.

I will be back next year and will be smarter. Thanks again.


Ian said...

Hey Catra

Hells teeth girl you've really been through the mill with this one haven't you?!! Glad to hear you've recovered and are back to your old chipper self.

I've been loving reading your posts and looking at the wonderful pictures. Can you tell me what camera you are using, the colours are so vibrant and clear if it's a bog standard cheapo camera I'm going to be so bummed.



Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

Wow! Glad you are safe and the pain is gone. You should feel happy for what you were able to accomplish under the stress of pain and dehydration. Keep leading the way! You are amazing!

Susi said...

you are a truly amazing woman and i'm very proud of you for all that you accomplished! it doesn't matter that you didn't finish it this time - the fact is you were out there! very cool. take care of yourself and i look forward to the next adventure! peace.

CoyoteGirl said...

131 miles is pretty incredible. Bladder infections are awful. Good luck at Headlands! I'm amazed with all you do - you just did a 100, you did this amazing 131 mile hike and in two weeks you'll do Headlands. You are amazing Catra, and such an inspiration!

KRB said...

Sorry to hear about the infection, but sounds like you learned a lot along the way. Do you carry a bear can (does not seem possible given size and weight of your pack)? Was wondering how you deal with rangers since cans are required most of the way and I've seen them fine and turn people around. Maybe you look too studly for them to stop?

Anonymous said...

Glad you're safe.
Trying to squeeze in a JMT record attempt between to 100 mile races is a bit insane even for someone as tough as you. I'm sure you could set the record but you would probably need to make it a top priority in your schedule.
Best of luck next time.

Anonymous said...

sorry you didn't accomplish your goal. so many things can go wrong on that kind of adventure, yet we're successful so much the possibility of being alone and in trouble is so easy to take for granted. sooner or later it'll bite you in the ass, and when it does, that's the kind of experience where you truly become wiser.. and you'll apply that wisdom to next year's adventure..

Smithposts... said...

Great effort Catra! Very impressive mileage with a pack. Sounds like a little tweaking with food and water and you will beat your goal in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Hi Catra, I'm so glad you're OK. I was worried about you. We've had weird weather the last 2 days,humid with thunder storms. I felt something wasn't right since you left. I'm so glad you made the right decisions. I'm sure you'll do great at Headlands. Always trust your intuition. Kathy D.

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss dirty diva,

glad too hear you made it back alive.Sorry about the problems you had.Better luck next time Go girl go.Your still awsome !!!!!!

Love all your little sayings. Good luck with the next adventure Hope everything is right for the headlands. Hows MR. Rocky and MR. Andy? go girl

Mister Firecracker and cat friends

mindful mule said...

Super job out there! Very cool. Next time that record is going down! I just got back this afternoon from the Tuolumne area, too. So amazing up there…

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Glad you made it back safely. And congrats on making it as far as you did under tough conditions. Sorry to hear about the bladder infection- they can be miserable, and dangerous. Do you have any of that pyridinium stuff for reducing the pain at least? That and Imodium seem like good first aid items to include for long trips like this (not to mention the Cipro that you needed).


Jen B said...

Hey Catra girl...sorry to hear that you didn't reach your goal. Way to go tho, 131 miles is incredible. Hey I was wondering if you'd be willing to share your pack list? And maybe share why you made the pack choices you made? I'm in the Middle East right now with the Army but I'm going on leave to do some fast packing in late Aug. Thanks. Jen

Anonymous said...

Great effort!! Have you heard of 'Mannose D'. Its a natural sugar that adheres to bacterial lectins, preventing them from sticking to the lining of the bladder. Anyway it might help prevent the problem.

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck with the infection! You are CRAZY!! Congrats on 131!!!

Anonymous said...

Smart !!!! Go get 'em at Headlands.

Leslie said...

Hey, maybe you should do Cross-Fit wearing your pack!! :)

Sorry to hear your adventure went South, but the JMT will be there to tease you and lure you back soon.

Anonymous said...

My wife always tells me I need to think more before I speak. I hope the comments I sent a couple days ago did not sound harsh or mean. I did not intend them that way. I have only respect for your trail efforts and always wish you the best.


Moogy said...

Great job toughing it out Catra. You'll be back stronger than ever.

Catra said...

Hey Art no you didn't say anything wrong ;-) Yeah 5 days after a hundred wasn't the best move but to be honest if I didn't get the bladder infection I would of been fine. My legs and body weren't tired ;-) Yeah next year it will be at the top of the list since I want it to be a fast time. I will wait at least two weeks after running a hundred next time.
Gonna try and do Whitney in a couple weeks should be fun ;-)