Monday, August 03, 2009

Believe in Yourself

People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success. Norman Vincent Peale

I've been training and having fun in Sierra Madre. Ran from Chantry to Wilson and back Saturday that was my last long run. I'm running Headlands Hundred this Saturday. I love the fact that I get to sleep in my own bed before this hundred.

I've been training at Team crossfit elite fitness academy aka the academy. I love training there such positive energy and amazing athletes pushing hard. I will try to get in my last crossfit wod in there today. I will just do tabatas Tues. and Wed. then rest up for the hundred.
I will also head up the Mt. Wilson trail for a mellow run today.
Andy and I went to a play Friday night it was fun, wasn't great though. Last night we went to the music in the park in Sierra Madre it was a Beetles cover band they were pretty good.
Two guys I met during my run up from Chantry this is mile 80 of AC 100

We took Rocky to the Sierra Madre pet wash and he got pampared by Tony. He is so handsome now ;-)

I cant wait to move here hopefully by the first of the year. For now I enjoy visiting.

I Hope to head up Whitney in a couple weeks since I didn't do the whole JMT. I love going up there so I will see if my room-mate wants to do it.


Bipolar Boy said...

Best of luck in your 100 hope you get the result your after.Great quote but if only it was that easy.It is more difficult to acheive when i spend most of my life looking into the dark nothingness that is my soul and only sometimes get the light breaking thru when i'm running.

deiss said...

Catra - I was wondering what type of pack you are using on your runs - the small grey one in your pictures?

Hone said...

See you this weekend. Love the pics!