Thursday, October 30, 2008

The individual epitomizes the Universe.
Where exactly does your influence on life end? You'll never know the full power or consequences of your actions and choices.
Enhance the whole of life today through your actions.

WOD 10/30/2008

Complete 5 rounds for time of:
  • 7 push jerk (M:135#/W:95#)
  • 15 pull-ups
  • 25 Abmat sit-ups
  • My time 11:41 #40 and then 2k row 11:41
A great link and video to see the movement of the Push Jerk.


  • Start with the barbell in the rack position.
  • Dip down with your legs, keeping your chest up.
  • Drive with your legs.
  • Push your body under the bar with your arms and catch it in a partial squat.
  • Stand up, keeping the bar overhead.


  • Catch the bar with strong arms and a tight stomach.


  • Falling forward when you dip.
  • Catching the bar too far forward or back.
  • Letting your hips go forward.
I'm heading to SoCal alte today I will be hanging out with Carl this weekend at the Crossfit endurance cert. CrossFit Running And Endurance Certification-November 1 and 2, 2008
at Crossfit Laguna beach should be fun.
But of course we will be having doing some WODs together and some climbing at the climbing gym and running.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All roads lead to Rome! Or in other words all paths lead to the same place. But before those paths lead us to anywhere we have to stop thinking about it and get on with it. This is a time of action and movement. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, we’re not perfect. If you realise you’ve made a mistake then make another choice and get back to the right path. Revamp objectives and approach life from another perspective.
© Stephen Haynes

Today I went out for a 3 mile run felt ok except for the hamstrings still tight. I think doing the crossfit wod yesterday didn't help so today. I just did 300 ab mat sit ups. My body told me rest so I did.

What is Crossfit?

CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Combat, survival, many sports, and life reward this kind of fitness and, on average, punish the specialist.

The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We’ve used our same routines for elderly individuals with heart disease and cage fighters one month out from televised bouts. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change programs.

The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree not kind. Our terrorist hunters, skiers, mountain bike riders and housewives have found their best fitness from the same regimen.

Thousands of athletes worldwide have followed our workouts posted daily on this site and distinguished themselves in combat, the streets, the ring, stadiums, gyms and homes.

We also publish the CrossFit Journal, designed to support the CrossFit community detailing the theory, techniques, and practice d by our coaches in our gym, in essence bringing your garage or gym into ours, making you a part of the CrossFit family.

We offer seminars, trainer certifications, and training and regularly provide consultation services to athletic teams, coaches, and police and military agencies throughout the free world.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

GOOD SPORTSWOMANSHIP Photo: (Carl Borg) Catra Corbett & Jenny Ray finishing the SF 1 day tied for 3rd.

If you're into sports, you've seen it happen. You've probably even experienced it: Football players shaking hands after four quarters of knocking each other around. Tennis players leaping over the net to shake hands with their opponents after a hard-fought match. Soccer players exchanging jerseys after an intense 90 minutes. Even boxers touching gloves at the beginning of each round, then hugging each other after beating each other into a pulp for 12 rounds.

It seems like competitors in every event, from spelling bees to hockey, behave this way. What's going on?

It's all part of sportsmanship, a great tradition in sports and competition that means playing clean and handling both victory and defeat with grace, style, and dignity.

What Is Sportsmanship?

Sportsmanship is defined as:

  • playing fair
  • following the rules of the game
  • respecting the judgment of referees and officials
  • treating opponents with respect

Some people define good sportsmanship as the "golden rule" of sports — in other words, treating the people you play with and against as you'd like to be treated yourself. You demonstrate good sportsmanship when you show respect for yourself, your teammates, and your opponents, for the coaches on both sides, and for the referees, judges, and other officials.

Finishing my 60th 100 mile race and happy and blessed to have made it. It was 9 of the year.

WOD 10/28/2008

Complete the following for time:
  • Run 800m
  • 100 squats
  • Run 800m
  • 100 overhead squats with a dowel or pvc pipe
  • Run 800m
  • My Time: 21:13, I was hurting for sure my hamstrings are shot from the SF 1 Day
Let balance be your watchword, for every win there is a loss and so it follows that every loss begets a win. Unforeseen changes and unexpected occurrences will ultimately be favourable. It is easy to say, and yet powerfully true, that when faced with a problem the best way through is to deal with it. Running away or avoiding problems only brings them back later on. The law of balance is an immutable universal law, so understand that the ebb and flow of life is an intrinsic part of our strength and character building.
© Stephen Haynes

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I did it. I ran 100.3 miles at the 24 hour run. It was not easy and I had to work my ass off to finish. I will post a full report tomorrow. I was 11th out of 67 starters in the 24 hour run. I tied for 3rd place with my friend Jennifer Ray. We helped each other that last mile.

As a drowning man wants air, as the lover seeks their beloved. This is the way you must focus on that which you want. This intensity of concentration will remove all obstacles.

Happiness comes from within. If you choose to be happy, no one and no thing can ever take that happiness from you.
Carl and I hanging the before SF 1 day.
Me in front of our Crossfit aid station.
Carl and I before the start
Melissa and I before the start. Congrats to Mel for running 50.3 miles.
Me leading the way into the aid station early on.

Ok so SF 1 day didn't come easy. It was hot and I had some huge issues. My hamstring and gluts. acted up from around the 50 mile mark to the end. I stopped a lot. If it wasn't for his skill in knowing about trigger point therapy I would of had to walk. He would work on me for 5 min. and I was able to run strong after each massage session.
My goal was to run 103 miles or more. I ran 100.3 in 23:51.

I enjoyed being out there with all my friends. And all the crossfitters who came out to support their friends. Molly from Crossfit SF was running her first ultra and had the guys from SF crossfit supporting her. She did awesome never having run farther then a 10k she ran 79 miles. I hope to see her at a trail ultra in the future.
Melissa and Bob from Newport beach crossfit both ran too. Mel had her wonderful boyfriend Mark helping her and Bob had his wife Jenn and her sister helping him.

I was happy to see crazy Chris Hosmer who I met on the PCT last year. We all made use of his large table and shared it for our own aid station. I call him crazy because he drove all the way from Santa Cruz to Crater lake Oregon Just to hike with me a week. I inspired him to do the 12 hour as his first Ultra last year and this year he was going big , he was doing the 24 hour. Which he finished 100.3 congrats.
Melissa ran 50.3 awesome job girl and Bob ran 101.3 great job.
We all had to fight demons out there some big some small.

I did the best I could even as the demons who were getting the best of me late into the night. I cried I laughed I yelled and screamed yet he still kept me focused. Not sure how. I had so many issues couldn't eat for many hours was on my period had cramps.
The inspiration came from the many emails I got during the race. all of you made me come alive when I would read an email.
Thanks all of you for keeping me going and believing in me.

Early in the morning as the miles added up I came to realize It was not coming easy and I could not make 100 miles. I was anger at myself. I didn't want to let my friends down and most all didn't want to let myself down. I knew with 9 laps to go I had no room for error I must run as if my life depended on it which I did.
With two laps to go I realized me and Jenny Ray were in the same boat we didn't think we would make it. We figure lets get into the aid and see how much time we have.. We decided we would push each other come hell or high water we would finish together and we would run 100 miles.
We worked as a team that last mile knowing we would complete our goal we dug deep and it paid off.

I was very humbled this weekend. It didn't come easy and it was very close but I proved that I do have the desire and I am strong. And when the body and mind work as one, you can accomplish any goal you set out to do.

Thanks Sarah and Wendell for another awesome event. They are number 1.

Friday, October 24, 2008


All beings want to be loved and accepted. That is something you can give to them. Love completely, unselfishly, and unconditionally.

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Pacific Coast Trail Runs and send me emails if you want to keep me going.
I'm just getting ready to go super excited to being running in Circles this weekend. The weather looks great so it should be fun.
Today I did an easy WOD Tabata abs and push ups. Well the push ups were hard I'm not going to lie. 20 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds rest 8 rounds rest 3 min. In between before going to the next Tabata workout.
Heres a little beta about Tabata

The Tabata interval training method is simple:

  • Train at a high intensity for 20 seconds

  • Rest for 10 seconds.

  • Repeat as many times as desired.

How Tabata method was developed

Everyone has heard about interval training; it has been around for many decades. In an interval training session, intervals of high-intensity exercise are interspersed with intervals of rest. Since the training is intense, it is a great method for improving both aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

The training session intervals may be varied in three ways: the intensity (speed), the work period, and the rest period may each or all be varied. With so many possible variations and without an accurate analysis of the aerobic and anaerobic energy demands of each variation, one cannot say which variation is more effective, or which variations place the same demands on the body’s energy systems.

In the late 1990’s, Izumi Tabata and his colleagues at the Japanese Institute of Fitness and Sport measured how two different types of interval training sessions affected the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. One type had longer active and rest periods than the other. Aerobic energy demands were measured directly by measuring the amount of oxygen used during exercise in milliliters of oxygen used per kilogram of body weight per minute, presented as a percentage of the VO2max, which is the maximum amount of oxygen per kilogram per minute that the body may use. Anaerobic demands cannot be measured directly since the energy is fuelled from the breakdown of phosphates and glycogen stored in the muscles, thus making it is impossible to measure directly exactly how much energy has been released. However, anaerobic demands may be measured indirectly by measuring the accumulated oxygen deficit.

As exercise intensity increases, more and more oxygen is used until VO2max is reached. As VO2max is neared, some energy is fueled by the anaerobic process, but after VO2max is reached, any further increase in exercise intensity will be only be fuelled by the anaerobic process. Up until VO2max, there is a linear relationship between the energy output and the amount of oxygen used. One may predict the theoretical amount of oxygen required to at intensifies higher than VO2max by extrapolating from the linear relationship between intensity and oxygen to intensity levels above VO2max. The difference between the theoretical level and the actual maximum represents the anaerobic energy demands, expressed as an oxygen equivalent. The difference between actual and theoretical oxygen usage is called the accumulated oxygen deficit. The Tabata team used this method to measure the anaerobic demands of interval exercise.

Their research showed that an interval of 20 second of intense activity followed by 10 second of rest puts both the aerobic and anaerobic systems at peak stress and improves both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Longer rest periods do not put either of the systems at peak stress; however, they do allow more high-intensity work to be done in total, which help improve recovery mechanisms.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Please send me positive vibes this weekend and please shoot me an email during the run to keep me motivated. You can send the emails to
Or go to the website pacific coast trail runs. They will have the life web-cast. They will be handing out the emails as we go by.
Thanks friends.

Last training session for the SF 1 Day. 4 x 400m with 2 min. rest in
between rounds. I am no speed demon that's for sure. After the run I did Tabata abs 20 seconds on 10 seconds off 8 rounds. Here is the break down for my run 1:58,1:50, 1:45,1:41

Good luck to all the runners and a big thanks in advance for all our friends and families who will help us and cheer us on.

Don’t overload yourself with any more thinking. This is more a time of resting before action takes place. Intellectual reasoning only leads to frustration or leads you away from the direction you should be taking. As this is a re-orientation period take time to evaluate your goals, they may not be the same goals that you started with. Trust your feelings more, future success is at hand.
© Stephen Haynes

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My body and mind grow stronger each day. Thinking positive helps me grow. I feel like there are times I'm being tested and I'm not sure why. I do know with each test I become stronger.
I am happy for all the positive people in my life. My friends are wonderful.

All roads lead to Rome! Or in other words all paths lead to the same place. But before those paths lead us to anywhere we have to stop thinking about it and get on with it. This is a time of action and movement. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, we’re not perfect. If you realise you’ve made a mistake then make another choice and get back to the right path. Revamp objectives and approach life from another perspective.
© Stephen Haynes

Monday, October 20, 2008

I am thankful for all my friends, and wonderful people who touch my soul everyday.
Crossfit was tough today I have done a WOD almost everyday for 19 days only taking one day off. I think my body needs a little break. Tomorrow will be my last WOD before SF 1 day. I will just do short runs. Need to go into this race rested.
Dumb bell squat clean & jerk
Pull ups.
For time
Jumping pull-ups for me and 15 pound weights
Sunrise after my Yosemite run.
Sunrise. Did I tell you how lucky I am to see such beauty!
Me on the way home from Yosemite picking out a pumpkin to use as wall ball at crossfit ;)
Alameda creek yesterday

I’m sure you have heard the expression, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. How true that is right now so do not judge conditions by their appearance. New opportunities, new possibilities, or possibly a second chance, are just around the corner. All things are cyclical and evolutionary, just like the caterpillar turns to a chrysalis, so the chrysalis becomes the butterfly - each serving its purpose, each part of the other, so understand our own lives also operate in this evolutionary or metamorphic way. Keep an open mind and the truth will be clear, you will be shown the way.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Alameda creek trail, training for the SF 1 Day.I was super busy today. First I woke up with what I think was kidney pain. I went pee and it was dark so I quickly drank a ton of water. Was going to run 20 miles but after talking to Carl decided to just go 10 miles which I ended up running 15 miles.
I got my hair colored and headed out to run the Alameda creek trail. I decided to drive through Niles canyon which I love and wasn't paying attention to speed. I saw a CHP car and drove by, he pulled out with lights flashing. I thought crap, I can't afford a ticket. I pull over he walk up asked for my DL, and said do you know why I stopped you? I said I was driving a little to fast he said 65 in a 45. I really didn't know I was going that fast. I thought dang that ticket is going to cost a lot.
He then asked, so I noticed your frame, have you run Western states 100? I said yes several times. He then said his uncle and nephew have run it. He said he admired anyone who can run 100 miles. We then started talking about crossfit and how much I love it. He said he just didn't have time to workout and I said you have to make time. He handed back my DL and said to drive slower. Told him thanks.
It's nice knowing being an Ultrarunner got me out of a ticket.

Working on my speed for the SF 1 Day

I did drive the speed limit the rest of the day.
I decided to run the Alameda creek trail to test out some road shoes I have. Never ran more then a few miles in them, but wanted to make sure they would do the trick for SF 24 next week. I felt great the shoes felt great and the day was filled with much beauty. Lots of birds and just me, loving life. I was happy that I got to run in Yosemite just the day and night before and now was running on flats ,which I always say I hate but have been learning to love them.
You must do things you don't like to get good.
Practicing my balance on the train tracks.

My plan was to only run 10 but got to mile 5 the turn around I just kept going. I turned around at 7 miles and headed back. I got back to the car and decided to keep going 1/2 mile more then turned around. I ended up running 15 miles. Felt great in the road shoes. Looking forward to running loops this weekend at Chrissy field for the 24 hour run.

Working on my hand stand push-ups.

Of course I still wasn't done so when I got home I called Carl and asked what should I do for my WOD? He answered rest. I said that wasn't an option so I asked should I do 300 sit-ups for time. He said that would be fine. He wants me going into the 24 hour run rested. So my plan this week is go to crossfit Mon, Tues. Then no more Wods the rest of the week. Mon-Thursday short runs just to stretch my legs.

For time 300 sit ups

Now is a time of commitment. Decide upon your direction or goal and begin the journey towards it. Take time to recognise the patterns that have sabotaged you in the past and eliminate them from your future. Change must take place in the inner you before change can take place in the real world. Let balance be your watchword and if you need help then it will appear.
© Stephen Haynes

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fun times in Yosemite. So our plan was to run from Mathers camp just outside of Hetch Hetchy into Yosemite but I always leave room for a change of plans. The weather was looking a little iffy. Also Jerry didn't bring a rain Jacket and well I didn't want it to get to risky. I was heading back from the restroom in Curry when I ran into Fred Ecks he was just coming back from a run up Clouds rest. He was there just hanging out having fun.
I also saw two other friends who live in the Valley Dave and Mike. I swear I see Dave every time I go. He was one of the first climbers I met when hanging out in the Valley in 2002.
So we decided that we would circle the high trails above the valley and go from there. I wanted to start from Foresta area and hit El Cap loop around North Dome Basket Dome and head down Snow creek trail and climb up the Panorama to Glacier point and maybe the Pohona and down back to the valley.

Heading over there El Cap.
It was a beautiful Sunset we took off and I would say 3 miles into it Jerry twisted his ankle. Just a side note he never complained really about it. It was very swollen by the time we got home.
So he rolled it and just kinda walked it off. We all just enjoyed being with each other out there. I made an announcement that it was my Dads b-day so we were running for him. He died way to young 48 years old. I only spent 17 years of my life with him. If he were alive he would be 75.
A lot of the run I did feel him with me.

Me on the trail
I was kinda bummed on our run that it was mostly in the dark. Another reason we didn't want to do the run through the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne we wouldn't of seen anything.
We all carried packs weighing at least 10 pounds. Carl I bet you're proud of us for doing a trailrunning WOD.
On El Cap
I was excited to take my friends on top of El Cap so they too could say they climbed El Cap, but not like the big wall climbers. That big stone posses some magical energy that's for sure. I fell in a climbing accident back in 2003 and thought I was going to die but the rope caught my fall and I only broke my ulna.
On the top we met some hikers from Ohio who offered us water which me and Linda said yes to. We were running low.
As we were running Linda decided she was going to stop when we got down she wanted to run the Nike womans marathon Sunday.
The last down hill was painful for Jerry's ankle and my ball of my foot was hurting I had removed some dead skin the day before but pealed away new skin to.

Happy campers at the finish waiting for the bus at Happy isles..LOL!! JK
We had a blast on our little adventure through the night in Yosemite. We ended up being out for only 13 hours in stead of 20 ;) yeah we're wimps. No seriously I was bummed my friends could not see the beauty because of the darkness. I know those trails and Snow creek has amazing veiw's. Next time I we won't do it at night.

Todays WOD
Tabata 3 exercise
20 seconds on 10 seconds off 7 rounds. Rest 3 min. between each different exercise

All roads lead to Rome! Or in other words all paths lead to the same place. But before those paths lead us to anywhere we have to stop thinking about it and get on with it. This is a time of action and movement. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, we’re not perfect. If you realise you’ve made a mistake then make another choice and get back to the right path. Revamp objectives and approach life from another perspective.
© Stephen Haynes

Friday, October 17, 2008

Now is a time of commitment. Decide upon your direction or goal and begin the journey towards it. Take time to recognise the patterns that have sabotaged you in the past and eliminate them from your future. Change must take place in the inner you before change can take place in the real world. Let balance be your watchword and if you need help then it will appear.
© Stephen Haynes

Heading to my favorite place, Yosemite. I hope you all have an awesome weekend.
I put links down below to the upcoming Crossfit running & Endurance certs.
I went back in Feb. and it really helped my running a lot. It's amazing stuff, Pose running. It's worth every penny.
To learn more about go to:

Running/Endurance Certifications

November 1st - 2d
CrossFit Running & Endurance Sports Training Certification CrossFit Laguna Beach
Laguna Beach, CA

November 8th - 9th
CrossFit Running & Endurance Sports Training Certification
North Shore CrossFit
Topsfield, MA

November 15th - 16th
CrossFit Running & Endurance Sports Training Certification
CrossFit Wilmington
Wilmington NC

November 22d - 23d
CrossFit Running & Endurance Sports Training Certification
CrossFit Norcal
Chico, CA

November 29th - 30th
CrossFit Running & Endurance Sports Training Certification
CrossFit Plano
Plano, TX

December 6th - 7th
CrossFit Running & Endurance Sports Training Certification
CrossFit OKC
Edmond, OK

For more info about the certs. or crossfit check out link on tool bar to the right on my blog.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tomorrow I will be heading out to Yosemite. Going to do a run that will take from Mathers Camp area near Hetch hetchy along the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne river, into Tuolumne by Tenya Lake up Clouds rest , up Half Dome and finish in Yosemite Valley. It will a 60+ mile epic journey. Going with a few dedicated friends. We are starting late in the day so we will be running through the night.Crossfit WOD "ANNIE"
50 double unders and sit-ups
40 DU and SU
30 DU and SU
20 DU and SU
10 DU and SU
time: 14:03
Getting aggressive with the double unders..LOL....

Through kindness, the world softens. Be kind to all beings and things, in this way, creation returns to it's natural state of beauty.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"The Journey" Understand that the journey is as important as the destination. Enjoy every moment, and live life fully. This is zen.
Today was rest day at crossfit. You can either rest or make up a workout or pick a WOD. Carl told me to do The SF Crippler. 1 round for time 30 squats with body weight-1000m row. I only did 85 pounds. time 13:52

Practicing my Pose in SoCal

Beautiful sunset in Newport Beach

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hope is nature's way of enabling us to survive so that we can discover nature itself.
For this day, acknowledge the restoring power of hope. Direct that power to bless all the needs healing in your life, including your negative attitudes and disappointments.
Me in the middle of "The Bear" wod
Don't I look beautiful when I workout? LOL
Trying to get my kipping pullup back. I did a couple singles today. With each new day I will become strong again.
"The Bear"

One cycle of "The Bear" is a power clean to a front squat to overhead to a back squat to overhead. Complete seven cycles to finish one round. Once the weight is picked up off the floor, it can only tap the floor between cycles. (Touch and go.) Rest with the bar on your shoulders, overhead, or tucked into your hip.

Complete five rounds for max weight in the last round.

Here's my effort

Friday, October 10, 2008

I love this picture. It's beautiful. I took it last Saturday during my run.

Persevere and direct your energy towards your goals. If you do this and truly believe in what you’re trying to achieve you will be given the power to succeed. Sometimes obstacles should be seen as a test - pass the test and overcome the obstacles and success will be in your grasp. If you are feeling challenged right now examine whether it is due to misunderstandings or perhaps a mistrust. Opportunities will arise to resolve your situations.
© Stephen Haynes

Time to play off to Disneyland.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'm going to Disneyland. I get to feel like a kid again.I'm heading down south tomorrow, and Carl Borg thinks Disneyland would be a fun place to go when I get there. I guess that's how he will be training me this weekend a little fun, and lots of torture. I have a busy weekend of crossfit/running. Wish me good luck.
For some reason I think it ain't going to be all fun at Disneyland, I'm sure it will involve a wod. Maybe sprints to each ride. I think he might be evil like that.

Crossfit wod;
Run 4 x 400 meters rest 2 min. between rounds.
Totoal 6:30
25-back extensions
25-abmat sit-ups
25 knees to elbows

Get ready, I repeat, get ready, as the wheel is about to turn and an old cycle end and a new cycle begin. A new way of doing things is about to commence. The struggle will now be over as life rapidly turns into something much better. Sometimes there has to be havoc and chaos while a new order is established. Don’t get stuck on how it ought to be, let things go the way they will - this will bring you much good fortune. Don’t forget to say thank you for this chance to begin again.
© Stephen Haynes

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

They say with every end there comes a new beginning.Me after Rocking "Barbra"(scaled)
5 rounds rest 3 min. between rounds. total: 21:52
It really felt so good to be back to my crossfit box after stepping away for a few months. I feel like part of me was lost but I found it by working out with my group again.
I am determined more then ever to push myself harder and become stronger. I really want to get my whole Pose running form down.
With all the negative issues this week one positive thing has come out. I was invited by Carl Borg to come train out in Newport Beach this weekend. He is going to kick my ass which is fine by me I need a good ass kicking right now.
He is one of the coaches for the crossfit running and endurance certs. I went to it in March and learned tons. I need to go back and re train to make sure I'm getting it. I have a link to the running and endurance site on my links page. You should check it out.
Looking forward to training in a new place. Looking forward to pushing myself harder then ever.
Bring it on!

To heal illness, begin by restoring balance.
Today, find ways to create balance in your life. Cast all negativity in a positive light, and let go of any fears that block the flow
of vital energy within your body, mind, and spirit.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

WHY FUCKING ME????That was the question this morning when I rear ended this woman on the freeway. My face after a good cry
I was just trying to get to crossfit but there was another plan for me a lesson to be learned. Not sure what yet. It was stop and go and we we were going and she slammed on her breaks out of no where. I hit her, my fault. I just need to stay strong already got the ball rolling went to the auto body shop and dealt with insurance. Still gotta come up with $500 bucks I don't have.
You know it could of been worse. I need to take the lesson and figure out what it means.
There are many wonderful people emailing me during my issues I'm going through. I want to thank all of you you are all loved by me.
There are a couple annon. ones I had to delete. It's not nice to be mean so please don't email me anymore.
I will continue to train hard. I have great friend who is willing to be my new teacher , I want to be the strongest runner and crossfitter I can be.
I thought do a run or crossfit today? The plan was both before, but with little time on my hands now. I decided to do a run with a wod ,my own thing.
Here's the WOD
Run 1 mile-50 squats
Run 1 mile-40 walking lunges
Run 1 mile- 30 burpees
Run 1 mile- 20 abs
Run 1 mile 10 push-ups

Life is a circle from childhood to childhood.
"Childhood to Childhood"
means a spiral of new beginnings. Relationships begin anew every day.
Give your attention today to renewing a relationship , initiating another spiral of
life into a life that you share with someone.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

In life we search to find answers to questions we have, Sometimes there is no answer to why. Relationships can be so complicated. We seek out people and sometimes we lose our own identity . We must find our own answers within our soul. There's no one to blame and we must come to accept our own blame.

Yes it's hard and yes at times we feel like a horrible person,
you must trust the higher powers and your heart, and do what you feel is right. There will always be someone who gets hurt. But because of that we still need to do what's right.So many people in my life are ending relationships and having new beginnings , It's hard for all parties involved but you must do the right thing even if someone gets hurt.
Doesn't mean you don't love someone because there's a break up or shift in plans.
I know it's hard to understand but in time we think back and we see the light.
. I learned lots from him and happy to say he was a part of my life good and bad. I'm a better person today for having been in that relationship.
Julia getting help with her handstand after our run.
Trying to inch my way down into a push-up.
The healthy person lives in harmony with nature.
You create harmony by making choices that feel right to both mind and heart. Consider one choice you need to make today-no matter how insignificant- and make it harmoniously