Friday, April 26, 2013

sometimes the things we cant change, end up changing us instead.

Awesome run at mt. Diablo 50k last weekend. I ran 6:53
2nd in age 9th female and 55th overall.
Training hard for Miwok 100k which is next weekend. Woo hoo

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

This quote goes out to those who are always trying to tell me what they think is best for me! criticize me when you reach my level, meanwhile, ADMIRE me ;)

Runner: hey you are flying
Me: I know!!
Runner: took us 5 loops to catch you, you are killing it this year. You're on a 19 hour pace.
Me: WTF, yikes
I finished Umstead 100 in 23:11, 12th female, 66th overall 4th in age.
Yes I went out fast and did great the first 5 loops slowed on 6 and survived the death march on 6&7.
I want to thank my awesome crew/pacer Donato for helping me out and going above and beyond to get me through the race. Also a huge shout out to Courtney Leeham for helping me too. She was crewing her hubby Nate who ran a strong 2nd place.
This race is awesome from all the volunteers I think 300 help out in one way or another. All the runners crews for encouraging all of us runners and all the runners who I love being able to see so many times along the course we all kicked ass.
This was #3 , 100 miler of the year and my 90th 100 mile finish. Thanks to all my friends who support me and encourage me to keep pushing love you all.
Can't wait to run Umstead 100 again next year.