Thursday, July 26, 2012

John Muir trail adventure

 Getting super excited about stating my adventure Sunday. I will be fastpacking the JMT from South to North and hopefully all the way back. I have Yo Yo'd the trail once before in 04 and established a speed record.  I was hoping to break the woman's unsupported one way  record but going this direction will be a lot harder I think, since I will have to deal with the altitude going up Whitney and heading right out on the trail after my summit. I will try though ;-)
 I know it won't be easy all alone out there but that is why I am doing it. If everything goes as planned I will head back from Yosemite. I hope to finish around 14 days. Like I said this direction will be much harder than my first Yo Yo which was north to south. I have to summit Whitney twice ;-) so that will make it harder.
11 passes each direction = 22 passes total. I pray that the weather will be on my side. Anyone who has done the JMT knows that weather is a factor on how fast you can go. I have been blessed by weather most of the 9 times I have fastpacked the JMT so hopefully it will be nice out there ;-)
You can follow my facebook page or if you are not a friend follow my fan page. I will try to be in touch with Andy a few times while I am out there so I will have him post.

 Please send me positive vibes on my adventure ;-)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The First step towards getting somewhere is to decided that you are not going to stay where you are.

. I need to move past all that and on to my next adventure right??
Ok so I am going to crew/pace Andy at AC 100 in a couple weeks and I will take off for my fastpack adventures on the 29 of July first up is the John Muir trail 212 miles going to attempt the woman's unsupported speed record and try to finish in under 6 1/2 days. I will also most likely continue on with the Tahoe Yosemite trail or I might Yo Yo the JMT again. We will see. I just need to be off trail to run a hundred mile race in the middle of August.I
I will also do a run of the High Sierra trail starting from Whitney.
My real main goal is at the end of August to be strong and in great shape to establish a pretty good time for a woman's unsupported record on the Tahoe rim trail 165. Stay tuned.
I have been training with a 15 pound pack so I am getting stronger. I will be training in Yosemite again this weekend. I have been there a few times this month.
Ok that's all for now.