Saturday, May 31, 2008

Do not put yourself in a situation that will compromise you or your values. It is frankly better to do without than accept compromise. Examine what it is that you want - perhaps what you want is not necessarily what you need. This is a time for improvement and betterment but you must clear away the old to make room for the new. Where there is a will there is a way, learn to operate in new ways and develop your strength of will.

I'm here in Sierra Madre visiting Andy. This was yhe first time I was able to run the Mt. Wilson trail since before the fires. I thought it was going to be all gone, but happy to report it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Those fire fighters really did an awesome job. Only about the first mile of trail we run on is burned.
Here we are at first water. We had a fun late afternoon run on Friday.
Here is looking across the canyon the fire damaged mountains.
Andy and I on our favorite rock along the trail. This section was badly damaged.
This was after our run. I saw this sun and thought how cute would that be if I had a picture of me in it. Andy calls me Sunshine so this was perfect ;)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.
Anthony J. D'Angelo

I hope everyone gets a chance to go out and have fun in the great outdoors this weekend. I'm sitting at San Jose airport waiting for my flight. Heading to Sierra Madre to do my last long training runs for San Diego 100, which is next weekend.

Looks like the weather will be awesome, so get off your butts and go play!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I want to be like these guys when I grow up. As most of you know it is a dream of mine to summit Everest some day. I have a long way to go. In 2009 or 2010 I would like to go through the Kumba icefalls to camp 1. I just want to feel the energy of these amazing people getting ready to do the most amazing thing.

There is hope for me if these amazing seniors can do it. Enjoy.

ExWeb Memorial weekend Everest update: Sherchan, 76, on top; Miura, 75, too; and the latest stats

image story Everest summiteers: Yuichiro Miura, 75, on the right, Mr. Min Bahadur Sherchan, 76, on the left (May 16th )

image story Yuichiro Miura and Gota Miura at Camp 2 (May 21st).

image story Yuichiro Miura on ascent to Camp 3 on Lhotse (May 23rd).

image story Yuichiro Miura at Camp 4 on dispatch to base camp (May 24th ) with Everest in the back. All images courtesy of Emili Miura/ (click to enlarge).

09:24 pm EDT May 25, 2008
( updated 10.22 pm) 76-year-old Min Bahadur Sherchan from Nepal has become the oldest person to summit Mount Everest. The senior summited today according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Next up was Yuichiro Miura (75) and his team who departed Everest Base Camp (5360m) on May 20th and arrived to their last camp C5 (8300m) today at 13:50 Nepal Time (17:05 Japan Time).

In the latest update, Rodrigo Granzotto Peron reports that Miura also summited, today 26th May, at 7:33 am. With him were Kazuya Igarashi, and Noriyuki Muraguchi (on his 5th summit).

Retired soldier Min Bahadur Sherchan was aided by 12 Nepali Sherpa and after summit he plans to open a senior home. Before Everest, he had only climbed smaller peaks, according to NepalNews.

Yuichiro Miura has climbed Everest before. He skied down the Lhotse face in the 80s and became record holder as the oldest Everest summiteer in 2003 at the age of 70. Also back then, he camped at the rarely used "emergency camp 5" above the Balcony. Camping here provides a shorter distance to the summit but a prolonged stay on this altitude is a serious challenge on the human body.

In 2003 at age 70, Miura actually stayed several nights in this camp, summitted and skied down a smaller part of the Lhotse wall.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Invoke divine light to shine within you and reach into your shadow areas. Allow the healing power of this light to dissolve all that wounds your spirit, and so restore your health.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Forgive one person today. Open your heart to that one person, and release unnecessary suffering from the past. Feel the peace that follows from this simple act.
What has happen to all the warm weather :0 seems like Winter again. Went to Sierra Madre fro the weekend the weather was gloomy there too.
Hopefully it will heat up again for the weekend I will fly down Friday and would really love to train in warm weather again.
I hope the weather didn't dampen anyones plans for the 3 day weekend.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Well my plans have changed was going to go to Yosemite but my friend bailed on me. And I thought to myself do I really want to deal with the crowds , they are doing road work going into the valley and it's already a pain in the butt, but this holiday weekend it will be 100 x's worse. So plan is now to drive to Sierra Madre to visit Andy. I will take Rocky with me. It will be a long haul. I get of work today at 9:30pm and hope to be on the road at 10:pm.Do you ever feel like no one understands you when you're trying to make a point??? I wish sometimes people could read my mind. I find myself going back to bad habits and I get short with people because they don't understand. I think I need to meditate more. Maybe that would help.
Today I went out for a 3 mile run which turned into a 6 mile run then into an 8 mile run. In the end it turned out to be 10 miles. I needed to clear my head and think about some things. So before I knew it I just kept going. I do feel great after running my 100 5 days ago. I'm ready for San Diego 100. I'm hoping to get some night running with the SoCal runners tomorrow night.
There is a lot of smoke from the fires in the Santa Cruz mountains. I hope they get it under control. Also looks like the Mount Wilson trail race has been postponed because the recent rains caused slides in the area.
Can't believe how quickly our weather changes.
How much of your precious day do you invent in the past?Everything from your past except wisdom and love has long since served its purpose. Witness what calls to you from yesterday and why.

Tomorrow will be the 1 year anniversary of my PCT journey how fast time has gone by. I miss those times and have taken so much I learned out there into my present life. Sending my thoughts to all the through hikers who are moving down the trail. Have a safe journey.
a link to my blog from my trip.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

You never stop repairing and renewing yourself. You must absorb the light and shadow of each day you live. Don't keep your spirit stuck in yesterday as a new day begins. Prayer is process.

How fitting is that card for me today. I pull it and it makes total sense.
Today I took a bit easy and ran with Rocky 3 miles. My bladder feels much better. Thanks to everyone who was concerned. To those who don't know it has been an ongoing issue since 2002. In 2006 I finally went to the doctors for it after ending up in ER after WST 100. I saw a urologist for my problem. They did many test and a cat-scan. They determined everything was healthy inside and that I just need to drink more water when I race. Even though I think I'm drinking enough I need do keep drinking. I really felt I was drinking enough at Ohlone which I was. But there was a point at mile 18 I ran out and had to go two miles before I got water, It was just that 25min. without water that will cause it for me. So by mile 43 I felt it coming on. I did however keep it under control and it only got bad the last 12 miles. And it did get worse after the race. I feel better now. In the past using d-mannose really helps and I need to remember to take that a week before each 100 mile race. My doctor said some woman runners are just pron to getting them. I'm one of them. My friend Julia is to. In fact she was running Bishop 50 miler Saturday and she got one around mile 40 and thought to herself Catra has to be getting one too out in the heat. She was right.
I will hopefully be heading to Yosemite on Saturday Morning for a Half Dome run. Looks like there might be thunderstorms so I will get a early start to make it up before1pm. I hope everyone has a fun weekend of running.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I HAVE THE BEST BOYFRIEND EVER!!!!!The best pacer & boyfriend ever. Andy Kumeda. I love you Sunshine ;)

Dear Catra...after this weekend, I respect and admire you more than ever. I've always known that you're a good runner, much better than I am, but had no idea to what level until running with you for 19 hours. I really had a good time, and wish that I could've been a better pacer. Unfortunately, like it did with many who were also out there, the heat and course took its toll on me too. I tried my best to keep my issues from you, since I did not want them to impact your race, but it was hard. Looking back, there would've been no way I could've turned around and done what I did again -- no way. I haven't had a race zap me that hard like that ever...

Today I went out to Mission Peak for a run. I feel pretty damn good after running the Ohone 100 miler. I did have a bladder infection which got worse after the race. Having to work Monday was no fun. I must of went up and down the steps at Whole Foods 30 times that day to use the bathroom. Yesterday was a little better. Today I thought ok it's going on day 3 and I'm taking cipro which usually kills it. I ran and when I was heading down the trail I stopped to pee and there was blood, darn this bladder. I'm hoping one more day on Cipro I will be better. It's been almost a year since my last infection which was on the PCT. I pee'd blood for 3 days until I was able to go off trail in Mammoth.
It's the down hills that bother it. I hope I feel much better tomorrow.
Me out on the trail today. I miss being out on the trail. The trails have a whole new meaning, now that Andy's little feet have touched them.
MORE IMAGES FROM MY OHLONE 100 MILE RUN....Sunrise from Mission Peak.
The little buck who followed me for a few miles heading to Sunol
Me standing on the Seahorse tree.
Me managing to have fun heading to Del Valle in the inferno. It's all about keeping it fun.
Johnny's Pond , along the Ohlone trail

Monday, May 19, 2008

OHLONE SOLO 100 MILE TRAIL RUN.People often ask why do you run so far especially if it's not an official race. I say to them, I do it for the challenge and to feel alive.
I started Saturday at 4:20am I was going to start at 4:30am but got there early.
I had about 3 hours sleep the night before.
Andy flew up from SoCal and his flight was delayed ,and we went for dinner, and I still had to decide what to wear when I got home.
It was really warm at the start, no need for a jacket. I ask Andy if he wanted to pace me up to the Horse Heaven junction, he agreed. I felt really good and we talked all the way to the junction. We said goodbye and Andy gave me a little gift it was a little key- chain of a cute doll and it said "Superstar". I loved it. It would be my new good-luck charm. I hooked it on the front of my pack. I knew if I hit low points along my journey, I would look at it and it would make me smile.
Andy's last words to me were to drink, and eat ,and take my endurolytes. My plan was to take 1 cap and eat 3 clif bloks every hour. That's what Andy does and he's fast so I thought why not try it ;)
I don't eat much in a race because I'm not usually hungry . I knew it would be hot so I didn't want to fall apart so I would try his advice.
I made it to the top of Mission Peak in 78 min. It was the most beautiful sunrise. I took my first endurolyte and ate 3 bloks and took off into Sunol. I got into Sunol around 2:15 from the start. I went to my resupply which I dropped and stored next to the EPRP rangers office. Ranger Neil drove in as I was getting my water , ice and food.
I gave him a hug ,he wished me luck, and off I went bopping along the trail listing to my MP3. I would not have any supplies again until 31 miles where I would meet my crew in Del Valle.
I took off towards Rose peak the goal get there in under 5:45. I got there at 5:40. I ran out off water ,maybe a mile before the summit ,but only had to go another mile to Maggies where I would get water. I filled up and took off to Del Valle. I called Andy from the summit to let him know I would be there between 12:30-1:30.
I arrived in De Valle 8:35 into my run. The plan was between 8-9 hours. I stayed to regroup eat a popsicle which Jerry brought for me at my request. Mike Palmer would pace me from here to Sunol, where Andy would be waiting to take over pacing. Mike was there to pace me and help mark that section of the Ohlone 50k course.
It was hot out there and I knew the climb out of Del Valle would be tough. I said good-bye and me and Mike took off. I told Andy and we Should be to Sunol at 7:30pm but I would call from Rose Peak. I felt like I was going to die climbing out. It was hot but I knew it would start cooling down. I looked at my watch at one point and it said 104 for the weather. I just hiked all the uphills as best I could. I had to stop and sit many times alone the way. We arrived at the aid station that was 5.50 from the finish of the 50k race, they had dropped the supplies off, they always do it the day before, and most of the volunteers hike in Sunday morning or camp out.
I went through the supplies to get ice and water and found some tea. I really need that it tasted great. We headed out to Maggies where I knew I would see the volunteers who were camped out. My friend Jurek was already there. I had seen him with the rangers dropping off supplies earlier that day.
I was slow and the heat was taking it's toll. I just kept focused and looked at my little"SuperStar" doll. We made it to Maggies and there must of been 8 volunteers who were going to camp out that night. They gave me ice and some chips and sent me on my way.
I called Andy from Rose and said we would be there at 8:30. We took off I was starting to feel better because I knew all those big climbs were finished for now.
It was getting late I asked Mike to run ahead since the park closed at 9pm and didn't want him to get stuck inside the gate. It was no big deal because they actually lock the gate at 9:15.
I was only 5 min. behind Mike. I showed up at 8:55.
Andy took pacing duty from here. I was super happy to have him out there with me. The plan do a 2.5 mile out and back along the Little Yosemite trail than head 11 miles out over Mission peak to the trailhead than run 1 mile to Jerry,s house where I had aid. Head back to the start where I would start my watch for the last 50k, which is the time they put as my 50k result for the race.
During the 2.5 mile out I was falling apart, poor Andy had to deal with all my emotions. I was crying one minute laughing the next. Earlier in the day, at mile 43 I felt a bladder infection coming on. I was able to keep it under control. But it was getting worse again. I just had to make sure to drink a ton. And to make sure and use the cranberry juice I had waiting at Jerry's. I stopped and had to lay down at mile 55. Andy also massaged my neck & shoulders. I regrouped and we headed back to the aid in Sunol. We got what we would need for the next 11 miles and headed out into the night. I was getting sleepy so took a nodoz at 11:30. I was excited to have Andy out on my trail that I talk so much about. He was excited to pace me. We have run a few Ultras together now and have seen each other at hundred milers through the years. But never has he been around me to see how I am during a hundred miler. I will say I only had 1 mini melt down and that was because I was mad that I was so slow in the night.
We got to the top of Mission Peak and looked out to all the city lights. The weather was warm still no need for a jacket. During the whole run I put my jacket on two times for maybe a few minutes.
The plan was to be to Jerry's by 3:30 we got there at I think 3:10. I heated up some Miso soup and we headed out.
We got back to the parking lot and I started my watch at 3:40. We saw one of the usually hikers Doug and his dog Joe. He always hikes in the wee hours of the morning. We hiked and talked a little bit with him.
Andy and I enjoyed bonding out there. We really had fun.
We got to see the sunrise which was awesome. Heading back to Sunol we saw Phil Stark who was running 100k out there. I had seen him the day before. He had a friend pacing him. We wished each other well and off we went.
We arrived in Sunol sometime after 6:30. We got our supplies and said hello to the people who were setting up the aid station for the race. I knew it would be tough the rest of the way ,the climb to Rose, the climb out of Satans pit but I knew I would get there. My bladder infection was getting worse and there is nothing to do about it but drink. I was dry heaving coming into Sunol so I took a pill I had for sour stomach it worked. My feet were really sore. But knew I had to do what Andy said just put one foot in front of the other. He also said I shouldn't worry about my finishing time that it's all about the journey.
There were many times climbing out of Del Valle I want to quit but keeping positive turned it around.
When I was feeling sick at mile 79 I just wished I could quit but I knew I was just having a low point.
I was happy to reach Rose Peak but at this point the bladder infection was kicking in more. I had to keep stopping to pee. My feet were so trashed no blisters just sore. I was wearing shoes that I have never tested during 100 miles. I won't wear them that far again.
When we were heading to Rose the first runner passed us it was Jean he had won it last year and had a huge lead. We exchanged greetings and off he went. He went on to win.
I was now very encouraged to see all the runners passing me. I saw my friend Will who looked super strong and finished 7th. Most runners knew what I was doing and offered words of encouragement and commented many times that I was crazy.
The climb going down Satan's pit was painful my feet hurt so bad and my bladder hated it too. We stopped at the bottom to prepare for the climb out. I soaked my bandana and wet my legs down. I swear keeping your legs wet keeps your body cool. Many times on the course I wet my legs down with my water bottle. So many runners were having problems with the heat. Most of us struggled at some point out there. Having Andy out there all those hours was a blessing without him I don't think I would of wanted to keep going.
He is truly an Angel to have put up with me for so many hours.
I looked at my watch at the aid station that is 2 miles from the finish. I wanted to finish in 34 but that went out the window hours ago. I thought it would take me over 36 hours. But looking at my watch and doing some basic math in my head I thought I'm going to push to break 36. I always have given myself a little goal when running this solo that I finish in under 36 hours because that's my cut off.
I started shuffling faster and we made it to the finish in 35:50 WOO HOO!!! I was super happy. This was my 5th Ohlone 100 mile run with the race and my 8th Ohlone finish.
Congrats. to all the 50k finishers.
I want to thank Andy for being the best boyfriend ever and keeping me positive and motivated all those miles and hours. Oh and awesome job to Andy for running 53 miles out on the Ohlone. Thanks Jerry for the popsicle and helping with taking Andy back to Fremont and letting us use your house as mile 67 aid. And Mike who paced me 20 miles and than ran the 50k race the next day.
I will be back to do it again next year. Really my secret goal is to someday have this as an official 100 mile race ;)
click for pictures Andy took while on the trail.
Thank you to RD's Rob & Larry ,and all the volunteers you guys were all so helpful and happy to help.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things... I play with leaves & twigs, I skip down the trail and run against the wind.
I did my supply drop this afternoon in Sunol. I saw and talked with EBRP police officer Pete. He was just making sure I was ready ,and if I would need anything. I swear the rangers & parks police are so good to me here. If it wasn't for them approving my wacky behavior, and crazy miles of running I like to do out there, I couldn't do it. I love all those guys & girls.
Headed out for a 3 mile run to test the legs and the heat. Felt good, I'm ready to go :)
This is the map of where I will run 100 miles all around and up and down.
Just pausing for a moment and thinking of my Mom. I carry a picture of her sitting on this very spot of trail in Sunol. I wish she was still with me I really miss her at times like this.
I know she will guide me safely to the finish line. I hope to be finished around 2pm Sunday. Good luck to all my friends and everyone who will be running the Ohlone 50k this weekend.
Please send me positive vibes during the run. Thanks!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Illness can be a teacher, companion, or a punishment. Still, sometimes its message isn't clear. Ignore the illness. Look for stimulation in the knowledge that you can heal in a instant.
The Ohlone 100 miler is fast approaching. One more day to sleep in. I plan to start Saturday at 4:30am. I want to get to Del Valle and start that climb out by 1pm.
I was out running today on Mission Peak and it was like a oven dry heat but windy. I know it will be hot on run day so I am freezing all my drinks. I have to drop off my cooler in Sunol tomorrow so I want to freeze everything this way it will be nice and cold. I will buy ice tomorrow to stash out there too.
I fell ready to go, I hope to finish under 34 hours.
Me getting one last hot run in.
Who was it that said cows are not smart?? They are !!!!they always seem to find shade on Mission peak and rest in it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Therapy is a necessary boat that takes you across a rough river to a new shore. In time, though, you must step out of the boat and onto new earth and never look back.

Rocky and me out training and tapering for the Ohlone 100 miler which I start Saturday morning. It's going to be hot but it will be fun.
Looking forward to seeing all you 50k runners at the finish.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

IMAGES OF HETCH HETCHY RUN..................Met the edge of the damn.
One of the many foot bridges we crossed.
Irish hikers from SF plus one girl from Iran and me ;)
Yosemite duck taking a swim.
Jerry, Linda, Mike and me and the Yosemite duck made it back in around 7 hours. We had so much fun.
It is such a beautiful place. All the waterfalls were flowing there too. We saw so many hikers and Backpackers on our run. We did a out and back towards Tiltill valley. Tueeulala, Wapama and Rancheria falls were beautiful. The wild flowers were awesome.
Some times is better just not to ask. I bought this duck in Yosemite for Andy and took him out on our run Sunday.

I'm planning on doing the run from Hetch Hetchy to Yosemite in July it will be a 51 miler since we will summit Half Dome. We will meet in the Valley and carpool. Let me know if anyone is interested so I can plan more.
Mile, Linda, Jerry and me. Jerry ran the 25 at Quicksilver the day before and placed second in his age. Linda ran the 50k. They are both heading to do the Inca trail in a few weeks.
Linda and I being girls we didn't want to get our hair wet..LOL