Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Positive Thinker

The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible. Unknown
My feet are feeling better now this morning they really hurt but somehow they are healing quickly. Which is good since I'm climbing Mt. Whitney this weekend ;-)

I love this quote this is what I live by!!!


Anonymous said...

hey dirt diva try a large zip lock bag of ice ,put it on the ground and set your feet on it, mike h

Shannon said...

Love the quote as well.

Anonymous said...

yes ice helps sometimes!

Denise said...

One of my readers listed you as their favorite blog...I actually just ran my first ultra...but it was just a measley 50 miles. Maybe one day I'll do a 100

Julie B said...

Hi Catra,
You have been a source of inspiration for me since I first began to run 100s 5 years ago. You continue to inspire me today.

Recently I have adopted a vegan diet. I was wondering if you would be able to email me at julberg6@aol.com as I don't see your email here. I have some questions relating to the way your meals look and what you are eating during 100's, etc.

Congratulations, Catra, on moving out. Sometimes change can be difficult . I am glad that you and Rocky are happy:)

I hope to see you at a race one of these days !

Congratulations,Catra, on moving out. Sometimes change is difficult; I am so glad that you and Rocky are happy;)

I hope to eventually see you at one of the races.

Denis said...

Alright, this is about as close to a fan letter as I'll ever write. I found your site last night when dealing with some insomnia. I liked what I read and I was thinking about some of your posts while on my long run today. Tonight while dealing with insomnia round 2, I read about you in McDougall's book Born to Run. Odd coincidence I thought.

Anyway, this is what I wanted to say - I like what you are doing. I like your whole vibe. I'm sure your positivity is infectious to those around you. I wish you were teaching at my Wholefoods. Regardless though, you are an inspiration. Good luck with your races, have fun with your training, and keep sharing your perspective on our great sport and life in general. In short, thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself with the rest of us.

: )