Wednesday, July 08, 2009

On the Inside

I cannot always control what goes on outside. But I can always control what goes on inside. Wayne Dyer
Yesterday I decided to run up Baden Powell again. We did it Friday but I had issues and was tired during our run.
I didn't realize it's a 62 mile drive to get there, but it was worth it. I ended up running only 10 miles because I ran out of time and started late.
I ran to the top and down and then run 1 mile up the PCT.
I had a blast. There were lots of cool people on the trail.
I made it up in 1:16 and to the bottom in 41 min. I will never run it that fast during AC 100. It usually takes almost 2 hours in the race.

This is me on the Waldon tree at the PCT junction.
Mount Wilson trail at sunset.
We did a 27 mile night run on the AC course on the 4th and these are a couple pictures from the run,

All is evolution, all is cyclical, therefore endings lead to new beginnings. You cannot begin without an end. If you cannot let go of the past then the past constantly recreates itself. Look now to the future and the paths to your goals will again become clear. Obstacles or limitations will be surmounted and lost or forgotten opportunities will again be presented. Success is now within your grasp but realize that to maximize that success new ways, or new methods, could make life so much easier.
© Stephen Haynes

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Unknown said...


Thanks for posting the pictures of the AC. It is a beautiful place.

I am impressed with your running of this section and others on AC this past week. Way to keep at it. Thank you for including the time it took you to go up and down Baden as I can compare it to what it has taken me.

I agree with you that on race day taking it slower up Baden (though we do it faster in training runs) is very wise. The two hours you mention sounds like a good target.

Baden comes so early on in the AC100. Best to take it easy going up there, right?

I am training on the course with a couple of other runners each Saturday.

This week "our leader" Adalberto Mendoza actually suggested we try and run from Wrightwood to Chilao. 52.88 miles! No friggin' short day!

We will see how far we get because I hear this weekend is also going to be pretty hot. If we get to Cloudburst at 38 miles and do not feel good that will be a likely stopping point.

Last week we ran from Shortcut (mile 59) to almost the end of the course. We ran about 35 miles.

Last couple of weeks I have had not so much fun problems with blisters. Someone mentioned trying Preparation H, of all things, to dry up the blister. Amazingly enough it worked like a charm. Just hope I solve the sock and shoes issue this weekend so I do not get another one that is debilitating.

When I was researching other 100s that I may do next year I saw that Andy is doing Cascade Crest, and I think you are running in Wasatch?

If you are crewing for Andy at Cascade Crest I hope you will do a write up on how it was and how Wasatch goes for you as well.

I am amazed at how you do all these 100s almost back to back sometimes.

Take care,