Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ok my body is feeling way to trashed to be ready for a speed record on the JMT.Ok so my plan has changed and that's ok. I decided to start the master cleanse on Friday for 10 days. My body hasn't felt this trashed for a long time after a hundred. It's time to get my ass back in fighting shape for Angeles crest 100 too!!! I decided I'd like to PR there. I think this will be my 6th AC 100.
I am heading down to So Cal to train in Monrovia at http://teamcrossfitacademy.com/_wordpress with Coach Eric LeClair and his bad ass trainers. He is going to pacing me at AC 100 and I wanna make my crossfit friends proud.

I have only been doing WODs off the site lately it's time to get back with the group. I took a couple months of down time, thinking I was doing to much. I still was doing crossfit solo 4 times a week. It's just not the same.
I will start back up with my Oneworld family when I get back on the 1st.
Sometime it's good to take a break so you know what you really want. I feel with my running that I need crossfit to make my body stronger. I'm already strong headed..LOL ask anyone.
So no JMT speed record this year but it's all good. Why go out there if it isn't going to happen. Right?
Oh, but don't worry I already have a plans to take Andy on a run out on the Eastside. I'm thinking Piute Pass to Muir Pass and back. I think it's 50 miles. So yes I will be on the JMT going very light and fast. Just not for a record.
I will also get to stop by and say hi to my friends at Muir trail ranch, I wasn't going to see them this year if I did the speed record' no time to stop or go off trail. I have been by to say hi to them, every year since 2001. I love them.

Oh last but not least this means I get to bring Rocky with me on my 15 day visit to So Cal.

Looking forward to playing with all the crossfit Monrovia peeps.


*Ultra*Rockstar* said...

I aspire to be as sexy as you are in my 40's HOLY SMOKES GIRL!!!!!

lol. Give Rocky a pat on the head foe me :)

Ok just got back from running now I Crossfit :)

you have made me ad CF addict, I do it on myown in my garage with Morgan from the WOD on the sites. It would be interesting to do them at a CF place...its too far for me to drive, but I do them anyway :) they have def made me a stonger runner thats for sure:)

leslie said...

Out of curiosity, why are you doing the Master Cleanse now?

FYI, I'm doing more trail runs because of you. Nothing close to your distances, but you've got me thinking!

Catra said...

Hey Leslie-
I like doing it every Season for 10 days. I haven't did a Summer MC yet. It's perfect timing since I won't be doing the JMT.
I haven't been able to do this Summer for a full 10 days because of all my hundred mile races.

Girl I am so proud of you. Really the trails are the way to go. You should do some of PCTR runs they are all on trails and have many distances.

You will be doing an ultra in no time ;)

Kellie said...

I know it sucks to have a rough run, but it's inspiring to hear your humanness (is that a word?). Thanks for the sharing both sides Catra, and we'll be watching for you in Monrovia. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Catra, my name is Audrey and I am a fan of your website. Keep up the good work! What is the master cleanse exactly? If you feel it's an extensive response...you can e-mail me personally at audrey@crossfithouston.com

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra, good on you for not pushing yourself too much when your body tells you not to. Are you still thinking about trying for the PCT speed record next year???

Good luck with the cleanse...


CoyoteGirl said...

Hi Catra!

My Internets have been down... :(

Loved your Headlands 100 report. I checked out the course map and lordy that looks like a tough one! You rock finishing that under 30 hours. I doubt I'd even FIND my way on that course! I'll be there next year tho, and I'll probably get lost.

No wonder you feel a bit out of sorts lately. You've been doing A LOT. Rest, rejuvenate and revive! :)



Anonymous said...

Hello Catra !
I am worried , after last weeked run you need good dinnner and rest and not a 10 days cleansing diet. Catra we need you ,please take good care of yourself.
Last weekend I was hiking by your favorite tree on the way to Misssion Peak and was thinking about you running last milles of Headland 100 run...
See you on the trail, I am 58 years old steam engine...

GGC said...

Your Blog is so inspirational, I look forward to it each day.

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck with the master cleanse!

I just posted a (fake) story about ultra running that you might be amused by....

Judi said...

Catra, I am going to be in LA Sept 20-24 and would love if we could trail run somewhere. I hope you can! You can email me judir6@gmail.com I would love to meet you! You are MY HERO!

Jacqueline Florine said...

Hey Catra,

I think you did the right thing.
The JMT will be there next year.
Have fun with your handsome hunk on the eastside.