Monday, August 25, 2008

I finished day 10 of the Master cleanse. I am now coming off the cleanse it's day 11 and I'm drinking grapefruit juice or OJ. I do that for 2 days and then finally I will add a salad as my first meal.

I did do crossfit or run each day. I would not recommend you workout hard like I do the first time. My body is use to. I do recommend you listen to your body and rest if you need to.
Rocky and Catra yesterday at music in the park in Sierra Madre.
Catra, Rocky & Andy.

My toe is better today after rest it over the weekend. I swear by Saturday afternoon I thought it was broken. I couldn't even walk. I iced it right after I hurt it and I applied Traumeel homeopathic gel every couple hours. I do believe it would still hurt and not be healed if I didn't do what I did to keep it from getting worse.

I did crossfit and ran during the WOD and did lunges with no pain. I was so worried it was broke. It's fine now.



25 Medball Cleans
25 Trunk rotations (in a seated position, feet out front. Twist Left then right counts as One. More challenging: keep feet off of the ground.)
25 Walking Lunges (each leg) with Medball overhead
Small Block Loop
My time 27:23


Anonymous said...

Great talking to you today! I am SERIOUSLY thinking about helping you on the AC100. I have never paced anyone before, but I'm always up for a new adventure and it'll be good training for me and a great introduction to the world of ultra marathons.

By the way, that TS Elliot quote is my favorite. I have been thinking about getting it as a tattoo ever since I started running, 5 years ago.

Thanks for the inspiration.

peg leg

Creative Mama said...

MAN seriously... you and donna are AMAZINGLY fast and strong... O ... to be like you two... :)

Catra said...

Johnnie b-
That would be so awesome to have you pace me.
I would want you from Shortcut saddle mile 59.3-mile 75 I should arrive there around 9pm. Coach E will then take over from 75 to the finish.
Since he's pacing as well I'm sure he could get you to the aid station where you will pace. Also Kellie is going to crew me from mile 25-75 so maybe she could bring you to the aid station.
I really think you would have fun. I am really not super fast but do want to finish in under 30:06.

I promise you would have fun ;)

WOW! You love that quote too. I have tattoed on me too. I think you should get it tattooed it really has helped me get through so many race's and fastpack hikes. I just think of it and keep going.

Thanks for the post.
Here's my email so we can chat more.

See ya Wed. at 11am

Beto said...

It is always good to check your blog, I haven't checked in a long time and it looks really cool. Well good to know that you are still on the right track! you are my inspiration too! thanks humberto!

Kellie said...

How cool would it be to have Johnnie pace the third leg. Count me in to help however you like!

Sorry I missed you today. Is there any chance you'll get to any of the night classes or Saturday 8am before heading home?

Congrats on finishing the master cleanse; I'll bet even juice must taste absolutely yummy today. And, wicked time today, especially right after the cleanse. Damn, I want to be you when I grow up. :)