Thursday, August 28, 2008

AC 100 training run out of Chantry, night run.
Jay, Andy, Catra & coach E. We set out to run from Chantry to the finish last night. Jay and Andy were just running up to Manzanita ridge and would cut out and go down the Mt. Wilson trail. Coach and I would run to Johnsons field.
I was doing this run with Eric so we could have a chance to run together at night, since he will be pacing me from this section to the finish during AC in a few weeks.

I was so sore when we started from that darn wod we did on Monday. I felt strong and solid on the climb. Once I got going my legs felt much better.
We left Andy & Jay, and continued on. I had no idea how to get to the finish on the trail because I'm use to following ribbons. Eric decided we could run to Eaton Canyon and take the road for 4 miles to the finish area where we had a car. That was fine with me since I will be running the last 25 miles on Friday.
So we cut out 5 miles and ended up doing close to 20 miles.
Along the way we saw a few tarantulas, and we even saw a little toad. The city lights were shining brightly down below, on this hot and humid night. We were both soaking wet the entire run.
I loved that Eric was leading me on a journey through unfamiliar trails. I love exploring new trails.
We had such a fun time talking about life, and enjoying the peacefulness of this beautiful area. I really love Angels crest national forest.
We ended up catching the road and ran the streets to the finish. along the way I saw this sign and thought I want to cross out Jesus and put Crossfit, the way, the truth, the life. That sounds better.
I kept thinking we were going to get stopped by the police as we ran the the city. Two crazy tattooed freaks running on the streets at night.
As we got closer and we saw the car, coach had me pick up the pace so we could finish in under 5 hours, which we did by a hair.

We laid down to stretch out in the parking lot when who drives up but the police asking if we were ok. We told them we ran from Chantry 20 miles ,they were impressed of course. We also told them that I was going to be running 100 miles out there in a few weeks. We told them about the race which they never heard of. Super nice officers, we said goodbye and we got in the car and drove back to Sierra Madre.
I am super excited to have Coach Eric LeClair pace me the last 25 miles of AC we will make a great team. Also on board Johnnie b has decided to pace me 16 miles.
And Kellie C will be crewing me. With this great team I'm sure I will tear it up come race day.
Well time to rest since I'm sure coach will have a kick ass wod for us today. I have until 5pm to rest ;)
Thanks again Eric, for coming out, and hanging on the trail at night with me.


Timothy Chen Allen said...

Ha ha, isn't it nice to be on friendly terms with the police? I am constantly amazed that now I'm usually relieved to see the cops-- a little over 13 years ago, I generally was pretty unhappy to see them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Catra but crossfit will never be better than JC! :-)

Creative Mama said...

what a FUN night that sounds like... man... the farthest I've ran is 9 miles... but you sure make all your long trail runs sound tempting... maybe in a few years...

Judi said...

What a fun run! ROCK IT CATRA!

Rick Gaston said...

The officers probably saw from your gear that you're no kooks running in the dark. Maybe one of them will google AC100 and see just how impressive that race is. All this talk about Crossfit from you and other running friends has gotten me curious. Maybe an item to add to my training once my season winds down this year.

Catra said...

Hi Rick-
You would love crossfit. I plan to be down south by next year and will become apprentice hopefully at Team crossfit elite fitness academy. I got my level 1 cert. back in March. But really was looking for a great coach to work under. I think Eric LeClair is the best one out there.
You have SF crossfit Adrian is an amazing coach there. He was one of the coaches at my cert.
You really should look into it.
Go to
to learn more.

Catra said...

Hey Sarah-
You should try running longer it's fun ;)