Monday, May 24, 2010

Me at the start of the Ohlone 131. It was cool , windy and overcast. I thought it was going to rain on Friday but it didn't.
I felt strong on my first 35 miles.
I had weighed my pack before I left and with food, water and supplies it weighed 6.5 pounds ;-( never realized how much stuff I carry when mostly self supported. I carried food for the first 25 miles I had 3 places to get water the first 25.

I think I got home around 9:30 and met up with my pacer Faye who was pacing me through the night back to Sunol where I would pick up Linda who was running the last 64 and Mike who was doing some course marking for 20 with us.
We had a blast it was cold but it wasn't that bad. It did get really cold heading up to Rose peak at 4;30 in the morning.
Faye did an awesome job we had fun ;-)

I met up with Linda and Mike around 9:30 am and we headed out around 10am.
Julia was meeting us and going to run 10 miles back to Fremont with us.
I felt pretty good heading back.
We got back to my house which was mile 99 for me around 10pm. We regrouped and changed. Linda was getting blisters so had to fix them.
I ate, had some awesome miso soup, thanks Jerry.
I visited with Rocky and piled on warm clothes. It was suppose to be a lot colder Saturday night.
We finally headed out the 1 mile back to the start of the Ohlone 50k race mile 100 for me.
We got harassed by a security guard who works for security company for the houses in the area. He has harassed me before. I told him off because he was questioning what I was doing there.

I told him i clearnce to be out after hours ,and he said I wasn't allowed out there I told him to call EBRP or EBRP police. He was on a power trip Linda and I just continued on through the gate. Later I talked to my buddies, Kelly who is the supervisor for Mission peak/Sunol area and Neil who is in charge of Mission peak.
They gave me clearance to be out there along with the parks police who knew I was out there. I always tell them when I am doing my Ohlone 100 or b-day 100+

They said he has no business telling me anything or trying to harass me. The dude messed with the wrong person.

He always follows me when I'm coming down from a run at night in his car. I think he doesn't like woman because he never gives Jerry a hard time.

Once we got going again I got excited to be heading back for the last 50k.

I got really sleepy in Sunol we stopped for a break in the restroom before our big push on to Rose.

I got really sleepy for a couple hours but took a caffeine pill and within an hour I was fine. It was a slow climb to Rose.
Was happy to be standing on the top ,at this point we would have the aid station volunteers cheering us on.

We ran pretty good from the last aid station with 2 miles to go. I knew I could break 48 hours so we ran what we could. Made it to the finish in 47:58 for 131 mile.
It was an awesome journey and I felt no different then I do running 100 miles.

Thanks for all the positive vibes friends. And thanks to my angel Donna Lee who I ran this run for. RIP


Hone said...

Awesome! Your love for running is inspiring!

Pgregory said...

Great job (kid), from a 70 year old runner/walker.

Marco Denson said...

I volunteered at the oholone 50k this weekend and I saw you at the finish. I heard someone say that you were running extra miles for training. I didn't think anything of it because I've seen people add 20 miles or so to a 50k when they are trying to put in miles for training. Now that I read your post and learned that you ran 130 miles, I'm really impressed. It must take a tremendous motivation to do that outside of an organized event. When you are part of an organized 100 miler, you can ride the energy of the whole race, but when you do it all on your own determination; that's is awesome. Great job!


Catra said...

marco it was 131 miles not 130 ;-)
I have run 100 miles the past 8 years finishing my run with the Ohlone 50k on my last leg.
This year I decided to make it a little more challenging since I know I can run 100 miles I do it often ;-)
I have run over 131 miles a few times so knew what I was getting into.
I love doing my run race weekend. I get use of the aid stations on Saturday after they drop supplies off so that helps.
I used my house as and aid station since I 1 mile from Mission peak parking area.
You're right it does take motivation that's why I do it. I want to motivate others to push just a little harder and a little longer. It makes me feel alive it really does.
Thanks for the post and thanks for helping at the Ohlone. Rob and crew put on a great event.

Thanks Evan you are to sweet. I forgot are you running SD 100??

Hey Pgregory I want to be like you when I'm 70 and continue on running or walking for the rest of my life .

Anonymous said...

Catra does it AGAIN!!!! Nice work! Congratulations!

All Day!

Hone said...

Yep I am running it. I will see you in a couple of weeks!!!

Frank said...

Your achievements are very motivating!

I didn't feel like going for my usual MTB ride, but I thought, Dirt Diva wouldn't wimp out. So I went and was only a couple of minutes off my best time for a 40 miler. You gave me that extra push to get going on a blah day.


dazpup said...

Hi Catra, What all do you carry on your runs ? What kinda food ? 6 Lbs. seems a lot..

Catra said...

dazpup. Do you know how much 1.5 liters weighs? A 24 oz hand held weighs a pound. So i had like 4 lbs of water. Shot bloks, camera, iphone and other snacks. It all ads up ;-) I carried less weight after the first 20 miles since it was cooler and didn't drink as much.

Jamie said...

Wow! 131 miles. That's awesome! I'm amazed. Great job!!!

Luca said...

Good job Catra, I can't even start to imagine how hard that is, I recently run the Lafayette rim and that was hard for me, anything over 5 miles it's a killer. I was talking about you with Julia last week, she trains Crossfit at my gym, anyway congratulations, and keep running!!


Frank said...

I thought you might be interested in a NC Outer Banks 50/100 mile ultra.

Ben said...

Catra, I will speak with the security guard for the homes so that in the future you will not be hassled by him again. Sorry to hear that happened. Hope you had a great run. I was able to get to the first turn BEFORE any of the runners. Good thing, looked like a few of the runners would have gone towards the top of Mission Peak instead of going to Horse Heaven trail.

See you on the trails,

VTSP Bike Patrol, East Bay Regional Parks, Police Services,

Catra said...

Hey Ben thanks Kelly is pretty pissed off. He shouldn't be saying anything to anyone. He should call the police or EBRPP. If you see him get his name and number to the company Kelly wants it.
I think the guy is a creap, I didn't write most of what he said on my blog but he was asking question like why don't I ever drive to the parking lot and where do I live. He has followed me up and down that road several times.

Thanks again. Good job beating those guys up the hill. Jerry said he saw you ;-).
See you on the trails buddy. Rocky and I are off to Sunny & warm SoCal for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Catra, congratulations on yet another awesome run!
Just returned from Switzerland, having done my first two night runs. You were right: I DO LOVE running through the night. A little bit scary at first, but then feeling STRONG. Thanks for the inspiration! Katerina

kat said...

Congratulations, blown away by your achievements, happen to run across your blog today,and just had to say hello.

Anonymous said...

You're a savage, lady. Great job!


kat said...

just had to say hi, stumbled across your blog, all the way over here in London, England, very impressed and inspired, look forward to reading more.