Tuesday, May 04, 2010

We must find time to stop and thank the people who have made a difference in our lives. -Dan Zadra-
Miwok 100k what can I say except WOW!!! It is beautiful, I forgot after running in last years storm, just how beautiful the course is.
I didn't run a PR but ran close 5 min. off. Yeah, I could make up reasons why and how I could of been 5 min. faster but who cares ;-) I had fun sharing the trails with awesome friends.

I want to thank all my friends , FB and bloggers who follow me and support me and motivate me to keep pushing beyond what I think I can do.
I enjoy writing and having you all follow along my journeys in life.

I had an awesome pacer who I enjoyed the last 20 miles, my boyfriend Andy Kumeda was there by my side. I only had one melt down and he was fine with it. Thanks sweetie. Also he took all these pictures ;-)

I saw two weenie dogs the last 6 miles had to stop and say hi. It's always a good sign when I see a weenie dog.

I forget how hard this course can be so runnable but your legs get tired from all the up and down.

I finished in 13:27 and I'm happy with that. I was super happy to meet Udo of Udo's oil at the finish. I use the product and am one of their athletes. So it was cool meeting him since I have been using the product and selling it at Whole Foods for years.
I have been faithfully using the product since March and notice a huge difference in my recovery and how I feel.
It's great stuff.
Congrats. to everyone who ran at Miwok 100k ;-)


Stuart said...

Great job, another one in the bag!

And thanks for the continued posting; whenever I need some inspiration I know I can always find it here!

dorrie said...

Congrats on your race, you are inspiring to me, and I needed to hear the quote about thanking others. So thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

that little weenie dog looks just like my dog Henry !
Definitely worth stopping for :-)