Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I can't beleive how time flies. I've been waiting to fastpack the PCT since 2005. It just never happend. This year will be the perfect year. Low snow in the Sierra's.
My partner in crime Julien will be making his debut in the U.S on May 5th.
We are both excited to meet each other. We have been emailing each other for almost a year.
So much planning :0 the hard part is the planning ,the easy part will be fastpacking the trail.

2 crossfit classes today & a 7 mile run. Met two other ultrarunners training for Ohlone 50k(Helmut & Lisa) remember what I said about the race. Go out and just have FUN!!!


Anonymous said...

yeah right can't wait to meet you Cat'
first email between us on remember!!!!!
yes i will be making my debut on May 2th...
i'm excited !!!!
Love Ya

Matt said...

Hi Catra -- just started reading this blog. I did the PCT in '02 and would be happy to offer any help/advice you might need (I'm also fluent in French, so if there's some info that Julien needs in French, let me know). Good luck on your hike, and if all goes well this summer with a few other events, I'll be on my first ultra this October. Perhaps I'll see you there (Firetrails 50).

Iron Chef

Matt said...

second comment -- don't approve, just keep for records. You can reach me at mgeis at yahoo dot com.

Matt (Iron Chef)

Catra said...

Hey Matt thanks so much. I told Ju to contact you if he needs help.

I will contact you about the PCT. How long did you take. Was it a dry year that year??
I will see you at Firetrails 50.

Matt said...

Really dry year on the trail, but a decent amount of snow up high. The San Gabriels were clear, however, and the trail didn't disappear until the sierra. Took me 135 days (120 on trail), which was faster than average. You've got your work cut out, but I'm sure you'll give it a good run.

Catra said...

Thanks for the beta.
I've been following the Sierra snow pack.
I've been out the last few really bad snow years so I know what I'm in for.
I believe I can do it in 78 days if all goes well. I know other friends who all have done it in under 100 days with some zero days. I know it won't be easy.
I will be prepared.
I plan on having fun that's what it's all about :)
Thanks for keeping me updated.
Happy Easter.