Monday, April 16, 2007

Day 4 and my final day of my fastpack on the Ohlone trail.
Beautiful morning veiw along the Ohlone trail.
Still having fun even though I was tired.
I didn't realize until after I took the picture, I was standing on a rock surrounded by poision oak..OOPS
Almost done and my back hurts..I wonder why ;)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great trip, and a good test of all kinds of weather. Just was curious as to your base pack weight & your thoughts on what you would/would not need for your PCT.

thank you so much for an always positive post !

postitive vibes to you !

dreamwalkn said...

Hey Diva,
I'm getting into trail running and wonder what you might recommend for a pack? What other gear do you carry?

This would be a great post for your gearhead readers like me!


From soggy VT...


Melissa said...

I check into your blog whenever I want to get some inspiration! I just think your attitude and demeaner rock! As a 31 yr old woman, there are not too many ladies to look up to, but you sure do fit the bill! In fact, you are definately a role model for all women (and men for that matter), but I have a daughter and I am always thinking of who young girls have to look up to today and the pickings are slim, unless of course you are a Paris fan ;).
Hope you have a killer day Catra.

Melissa (runningfreeusa on trailrunner forum of the Runner's World)
PS hope to get a chance to run with you one of these days!

Catra said...

Hi Scott-
I had fun as always.
My pack with food and gear will be max 25 pounds through the southern sections where water is scarce.
Most of the trip it will be 15 pounds.
I'm planning on putting my gear list up with pictures next week.
So look for that ;)
Thanks for the email.

milsom said...

yes, more info on the gear, please!

Catra said...

Hey Dreamwalkn-
Thanks for the post.
Nathan makes great hydration packs.
I carry that plus a handheld bottle.
That's a good start. Shoes are important. Montrail Hardrocks are the best in my opinion.
I hope this helps.
I will post a more detailed list later.

Catra said...

Hi Melissa-
Wow. Thanks so much for your heart warming post. Made me feel great.
You're right there are not many woman dirls can look up to.
I have many ultrarunners who tell me they have their girls read my blog. They look and me and see I look pretty cool ;) well to them and that I don't drink or do drugs and exercise and eat healthy.
If I can help inspire young people then I'm doing my job in life.
Thanks so much for the post.
Would love to run with you!

Catra said...

Ok Ikes-
This week with pictures too ;)

Olga said...

Welcome back, chica! Great pictures and looks like an awesome time (besides that downpour). Hey, PCT, whether you're ready or not, Catra is coming:)

Travis said...

This looks like a great 4 days... lots of excellent scenery. I hope you found some good gear combinations to use. I ran my first 50 at McNaughton on Saturday. Thanks for keeping this blog and a positive attitude. It's a great thing to get inspiration from for lots of people like me.

Unknown said...

Yeah!!! Congratulations! Looks BEAUTIFUL!

PCT isn't going to know what hit it!

Ditto what Melissa said.