Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rocky is cone free!!!!
Rocky had his recheck and he's doing great. No more cone for him.
He got to hang out today with his new pal Boomer, and Boomer's mom Jo Lynn on Mission Peak. We had a blast.

Look how handsome our boys are. Rocky & Boomer. The Moms are pretty cute too ;)

Pain Is a touchstone of spiritual progress.

Follow your pain as if it were a candle in the night, leading you to a place of decision. Clear choices can often heal your pain because they release your conflicts.


Unknown said...


I love reading your posts and was wondering: who takes all your pics? Paul

Catra said...

hi Paul I do it's all about the selftimer ;)

Jill Homer said...

Is boomer an Italian Greyhound? He's a cutie.

Janice said...

I wondered the same about the pictures. I also wondered how you choose what type of tatoo for different spots on your body? I only have one tatoo, but am contemplating another. I feel the need to record my life and key moments on my body and I'm contemplating how to do that. I'm thinking that when I die, my body should say something about my experiences.

Catra said...

Hi Jill-
Boomer is a Catahoula.
If I ever get another dog I will get one. He's such a sweetie and Rocky really took a liking to him.

Anonymous said...

Man those boys are handsome! Here's to Rocky and the downhill trails. ;) It's been a long time since I've laughed that hard, Catra. Still laugh when I think about it. See you Sunday.
~Jo Lynn

Unknown said...

Rocky is free again, great news... my favorite straight edge ultra marathoner as always has a great message with each post