Monday, April 09, 2007

Today I did just that. I didn't have to work ,so I thought why not go to all the crossfit classes today(5). Freddy my trainer made up some WODs(Lara made up #3 WOD) that I would do later in the day. The first one I did together with the class. I also did that WOD as workout #4 wanted to see if I could improve my time from the morning which I did. The WODS are listed below. click to read what my trainer called calling isn't nice ;)

#1 WOD
25m weighted bear crawl(15 lb) 5 rounds for time of
row 500m & run 400m
25 push ups time(28:10)
25 pull ups(jumping)
25 m weighted bear crawl # 3 WOD
25 pull ups 4 rounds for time
25 push ups 30 knees to elbows
25 m bear crawl time( 8:19) 30 toes to ceiling,

#2 WOD (5 rounds) for time

row 500m, run 400m time(28:10)

#3 WOD

4 rounds: 30knees to elbows, 30 toes to ceiling , 30 abmat situps , 30 side sit ups 30 each side , 30 wall to ball time( 17:44 )

#4 WOD same as #1 WOD time (7:49)

My shirt says Fetish! what's yours?....I say crossfit ;) #5 WOD

5 times each no time 15 wall balls 10 lb ball, 15 ball cleans. 1.2 mile run for time (11:50). I had a lot of fun with todays challenge. I think I will be sore tomorrow.

Think rolling waves, warm sun, wet grass, fresh earth, crowded elevator, busy streets, birds singing. Get into all the sensations of life today. You don't need a lengthy meditation to connect to nature-just draw it in.


Ron Hill's Alter Ego said...

Wow - what a girl!!

And I thought I was a legend in running!

Only thing I can't understand is how you do it all on a vegan diet. Your man here is not too far from being a veggie but I like to have my meat fix now and then.

I actually upset a veggie runner in a race on Friday. He was running in a Vegetarian Running Club vest and I quite innocently asked him how often do they meet (not meat) and he got quite shirty.

Now you take it easy girl.

Keep on tapering.


Anonymous said...

Watch out there! too much lifting and your biceps will grow so big that when you reach up to scratch your face you might knock yourself out! hahaahhaha!

Seriously, PLEASE post your gearlist sometime. I am curious to know what type shelter, poles, etc, that you use!

JeffO said...

Endorphins are my fetish. I went 20M yesterday and the endorphins aren't sufficient this morning to offset the discomfort.
Those workouts are killer. That's impressive.

Anonymous said...

Dammmm girl, that is kick ass, makes me feel like a wimp. All I do is run around on trails all day looking for nuts.

Keep up the hard work!