Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rocky Chill'n. No I didn't do that to his ears. I looked over and they were flipped back, so I got the camera out and took this cute picture.
Rocky suggested I take it easy today, so I took him for a 3 mile run.
No crossfit, but I did some ab work and lunges at home. http://www.crossfitoneworld.com

Celebrate all that is good and blessed about your life, realize that gratitude is a powerful remedy.

Appreciating your blessings increases the vitality of your life force.


Miki said...

Sorry Rocky, you almost don't look like a dog in this pic. But very cute anyways. We all have our moments. :D

Anonymous said...

he looks like a cute little mouse love the pics Kathryn

Catra said...

Hi Miki-
He likes to look different like me ;)

Catra said...

Hey K-
He does look like a mouse ;)

GB said...

WOW!!! She rests!!! :) Glad you had a nice "easy" day and that you listened to Rocky. He's a smart doggy.

Catra said...

Hey Gb-
LOL.... I do rest ;)
I try to take one day a week off from running or crossfit.

I'm trying to get strong for the PCT. Looks like there's going to be some compition for the first time out there. 5 guys going for the record. May the best girl win..LOL that would be me ;)

JeffO said...

You're getting consistently up-staged by that cute little feller!
Good luck with PCT.

GB said...

I have NO doubt that you could leave those guys in your dust! Can't wait to read your race report. :)

Catra said...

Hi Jeffo-
Yes he's very handsome, what can I say look at that face ;)

Catra said...

Thanks gb, i hope I can. It will be fun trying to stay ahead.