Monday, April 16, 2007

Day 2 of my PCT fastpack training.
Heading out into the storm. It got ugly.
5 min. after this picture was taken it started pouring and didn't stop for hours.


Anonymous said...

Oh Catra,
I was thinking about you up there on Saturday in that rain! What a mess a lot of that day was. I'm very glad to hear you are back safe. I took Boomer up to Sunol Regional Wilderness Park this morning and we ran the Canyon View Trail out and back. I actually had to stop and put my hands up to the Lord and thank him for that beautiful place he has given us. Don't you just love it?! Thanks for sharing your photos.
~Jo Lynn

Catra said...

Jo Lynn-
I wish I would of known you were there. I was there I headed out around 10am.
I actually came out in Fremont Saturday afternoon. My tent got soaked and had to dry it. It was so windy all night up there.
I stayed in my bed and headed back out on Sunday morning.
I just love Sunol.