Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hi Friends! I will be working at the Sequoia trail runs on Saturday. You will see me at check in, and me & Rocky will be working at an aid station. Please say hi to me if I haven't met you yet. Looking forward to meeting those of you who post on my blog and email me.
Have a great day!
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runrgrrl7 said...

Hi Catra,(my favorite Kukini!)
I been thinking about you. I hope everything is well with you. I have been busy working and training for my AR50. So far, so good no injuries and feeling strong. If everything goes well i'll try to do one 100k this year.


Crash said...

too bad - I'll be running the WS training run on sat...maybe the next HURT

fat man running said...

I will be working a check point for the LOST Ultra this weekend. I will be at Canal Point. Come on by Clif Bars for all the runners.

christine said...

hi catra...i'm glad to hear you'll heping's going to be a fun day for sure!

christine said...

let's try that again...glad to hear you'll be helping out...hey, it's a little nerve wracking knowing i get to meet you tomorrow...your like a rockstar!

Anonymous said...

Hi Catra,
I'm a vegan runner, too (nothing over 26 miles. Yet.) What do you eat during ultramarathons?
I'm interested in ultras and I'm trying to figure out how it's done.

Catra said...

Hey Christine-

It was great meeting you. I hope you had fun out there.
What a beutiful day.
Thanks for saying hi.
As soon as I can run, we should get together for a run.

mer said...

Hey Catra ~

Look forward to catching up with you everyday from down here in Tucson, so i'm missing my fix!!!

i will run for you this weekend.

All love,

Catra said...

Hi Mer-
Thanks so much for running for me this weekend. Make sure to throw in a couple extra miles because that's what I do ;)
Much love,