Saturday, February 10, 2007

I dwell on positive thoughts!
If good comes into my
life and I deny it by saying,
"I don't believe it,"
I literally push
my good away.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! Have a
great day! Posted by Picasa


Ultra Okie said...

hi catra,
i finished up day 10 of the master cleanse yesterday. i lost 12 lbs and feel much better.

hope you are doing well.

Catra said...

Hey That's awesome Steve great job!

Are you going to change the way you eat???
Doesn't your mind feel much more clear too??

So what race are you doing next?

Ultra Okie said...

Catra, I do feel much better in all aspects and hope to change up my eating habits a bit. I eat quite a bit of veggies and fruit and nuts anyway, but need to cut out back on some of the other things I eat that aren't so healthy and cut back on the diet pepsi. i wrote an account of my cleanse experience on my blog and would be curious to see if your experience is similar.

my next scheduled race is the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Marathon in April. Need to find something before then though. What is your next race?

Hope you are having a great weekend. Sarah is singing at a chic night at a club here in Tulsa this evening so I am getting ready to get out for a run in a while and then head to the office to work for a bit.


TRISURF said...

Stumbled across your blog after listening to Zen Triathlon podcast where they metioned you.
All I can say is Way Hot, Super Cool, Love your INK (I collect tattoos as well) & keep it up

Catra said...

Hey Trisurf-
Thanks for the compliments and thanks for stopping by.
I do love tattoos. I'm working on my right sleeve right now. They are little pictures that tell the story of my life ;)

Mike said...

"Dwell on positive thoughts"
Excellent advice there Catra.

You continue to inspire with the mileage you are rocking- your positive vibes /ENERGY is a nice bonus!

Catra said...

Hi Mike thanks for the sweet words!

gwadzilla said...

collects tattoos and piercings

I like the stars