Friday, February 23, 2007

Ahhh...The beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountains.
Soon I will head out with my friend Julien for a 2,700 mile journey that will take us from the Mexican border to Canada.
These next few months I will live eat and sleep the PCT. I am in planning mode reading and focusing on what a fun journey I have ahead of me starting May 23rd.
This picture was taken on Sonora pass. I did this 76 mile section in a push, with a hiker I met on the trail. It took us 34 hours. What fun times I had last Summer. I can't wait for the fun times this Summer.
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Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,
This is Aaron.

You meen you met a crazy nut out there to keep up with you!!?
I can't belive that that's all the snow that's up by Sonora.

How were the temps, day & night?

I will only be able to get up there around mid April, but it will be at full steam ahead, like you are starting to now.
Good luck with your training and planing. If you need any good info for going lite, I've got plenty of good info to share.

(Send me an email).

I would also love to just chat with you about the PCT if you want to discuss anything.

Snakebite said...

I’m jealous.

Catra said...

Hi Aaron-
The picture was taken at the late July early August.
Yeah, I am doing it as a team with a Trailrunner Julien who lives in France. He runs for the Montrail ultrarunning team there.
I have lots of fastpacking experiance. I have done the JMT 6 times and many other over night fastpack trips.
My pack with food won't weigh more than 18 pounds. It might weigh a little more through the hotter sections since we will have to carry extra water.
Hey I don't remember but have you done the whole PCT Aaron.

I will email ya soon.

Anonymous said...

Nope, not the whole thing. Just from Crabtree to Woods creek, (the 100' long bridge).
I have done a few long loops in the area.

I was talking about the guy that just did the hike with you, as the nut.
I am vety aware of your packlist.
Keep on Keeping on.

Anonymous said...

The nuty guy I was talking about was the one that just did the last training run with you.

I have only done the JMT from Crabtree to Woods Creek, (the 100' long bridge.
I am very aware of your packlist.
Keep on Keeping on.

willgotthardt said...

Who needs the Sierra's...6" of snow on Rose Peak today.

See ya around.

Will G.

ReneeMc said...

I can't wait until you guys do this!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Cat',
I'm very happy to hike PCT with you :)
it will be a big adventure for us, for our body but also for our head!!!
can't wait to come USA and meet you!!!!
Love Ya

Catra said...

How fun!
I have been up on Rose Peak more then once in a snow storm.
I keep waiting for Mission Peak to get some snow this year. Non so far.
I look out my window every day up at the peak.
If it snows up there in the next week. I will sneak out for a hike.
I will find out Monday if I can at least start riding the bike in the gym.
I had a set back this week I ended up going in for surgery a seroma developed in one of the areas of my surgery. That sucked. I can't go back to work until next Thursday.
I had a drain in but was taken out Thursday.
I'm going crazy ;)
The only exercise I di is squats at home no weights and 300 sit ups. Oh and I took Rocky for a walk the last two days.
I don't want any more complications so I must rest up ;(
Will, when you're out on your next run, run for me please :)

I even canceled out of working the next PCTR event. I need to work and make money.
It sucks no even being able to work.

willgotthardt said...

"I keep waiting for Mission Peak to get some snow this year. None so far. I look out my window every day up at the peak".

I'm hearing it will snow tonight on MP, so you may get your wish in the morning.

Hope you feel better soon.

Will G.

Anonymous said...

Hope all's well.
Was wondering if you could provide a sort of gear run-down for your PCT adventure. Maybe list your preference for the 3 heavies: tent/shelter, backpack, sleeping bag. And food prep/stuff.

You don't have ta, but i'm curious to see how light you're going and what you intend to eat, etc. Being the dirt diva you are.

Curious and all. Thanks. Good vibes.

greyhound said...

You are doing my "some day I'd like to . . ." list right now. Carpe Diem, Catra.

that dave said...

awesome!! way to go. if i could muster jealousy i would. how about some 'sympathetic joy' instead.

Catra said...

Hi David-
I will put up a gear list as soon as I write it up.
Thanks for the post.

Catra said...

Hey Greyhound-
I have been trying to do the PCT for the past two years and something always came up. This year nothing will stop me.
I'm going for it.
I'm doing the whole thing with my friend Julien from France. He's never been to the USA so I will give him the tour on the PCT ;)

Catra said...

Hi Dave thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

Hi, did you ever put up that gear list? I am curious as to what brand of pack that is (so small). Is it a Golite?

Also, with the bears in mind, do you just plan to outrun them, have bearspray, prod'em with your trekking poles or carry a nice 6" knife?

I'm planning a 1 month fastpack on the continental divide and just curious what others are using.


Catra said...

Hi Anon-
My pack is a Gregory Advent pro. it weighs 1 pound.
I have never had issues with the Bears.
I'm sure I will be fine.
Nope no gear list yet. I will write it up and display it on my blog soon.
Enjoy your journey.