Saturday, February 17, 2007

Me & Rocky working the Moon aid station at the Sequoia trail runs.
We had a blast. It was great putting faces to all the names of my blog posters.
I hope you all had awesome runs.
I'm looking forward to maybe running with some of you in the near future as soon as I can run again.
The next race I will work is the next PCTR in two weeks. So maybe I will see some of you again.
Just a FYI, in March the day before Cool 50k I will be putting together a 40 mile trail run on the course.
Let me know if you might be interested. I will also volunteer at the HWY 49 aid station during the race.
We will start the run from the Damn overlook in Auburn at 8am and run out to cool to the Fire station then run the loop past 49 and back to the Damn overlook.
It will be fun.
Usually takes 10-11 hours.

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Anonymous said...

What a cute photo! You two are adorable.

Shari Baby said...

why can't you run Cat? I'm curious seem to be superwoman and never get injured...

willgotthardt said...

Thanks for volunteering Catra, good to see you (& Rocky) as I whizzed by a couple times [I was somewhat in a rush].

Will G.

christine said...

hey catra,
it was so nice to meet you and rocky finally......i had a really good day out there, even managed to shave off 3 minutes from my last 20k in august with pctr. what a beautiful course. please get better soon...i'd love to hike or run with ya anytime:)

Catra said...

Hey Anon-


Catra said...

Hey Will-

I'm glad you at least said who your name as you flew by. I would never of known what you looked like.
Hey you aged pretty darn well ;)

So how did you do??? I'm sure you kicked ass. You were flying.
We had so much fun. I think Rocky got more attention then me ;)

Long day for me I'm at work now.
Nice to finally see you after all these years.

Catra said...


I'm so happy for you, you PR'd.
I love running out there.
You have a great attitute. You were smiling and having fun. That's what trail running is all about for me.
I think I can start running in two more weeks.
Maybe we can do Mission Peak then.

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,
This is Aaron, saw you at the race today.
Shoot me an email regarding the PCT.
(lower case)

Hope you had fun today. I saw you wearing that down jacket today. Wow, I was dieing from that humidity.

willgotthardt said...

"I'm glad you at least said who your name as you flew by".

I passed you a second time (as you were walking Rocky on the West Ridge Trail) on my way back in, but I don't think you realized it was me???

"So how did you do???"

It went well, was able to hold a consistent pace after a fast start, running every step...I believe I finished either 3rd or 2nd, about three-minutes back of a young guy (26yo) who had been a cross country runner at Virginia Tech.

"Nice to finally see you after all these years".

You look great Catra, a vivacious soul you stands out.

Will G.

willgotthardt said...

I meant to add...I met Mr. Fu today, very nice guy.

Hello Chihping, good to talk with you.

Will G.

Anonymous said...

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Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

Catra, thank you, Rocky, and Jerry for coming at the AS. I slowed down a lot later as my ankle bothered me after I had a hard trip at mile 3 with a cracking sound from my ankle.

Will, I was excited to see you there. I could not chat with you more as you were in 20K. Well actually, if you were like me in 50K, you must have left early since you are darn fast. I wish I run like Tanaka as someone mistakened me.

Perhaps we'll have a Fremont runner winning Ohlone (since Dave Scott) this year!


Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

Catra, is the Auburn 40 miler like the Auburn-Cool loop in RDL100, though the latter is shorter? I'm interested to know, but may not be able to do/help it (have to stay with family).


Anonymous said...

Hi Catra,
Wayyyy across the country, in Tampa FL, one of the first hikers to through-hike the Appalachian Trail, Dorothy Laker, just completed her *30th* consecutive year of running the Gasparilla Classic, at the age of 86! I think that this was the first year that she did the 5K, instead of the 15K..She hiked the entire AT three times...

Matthew Ruscigno said...

yo Catra my blog is finally up! no whip. I've got some stuff from Badwater and the 508.

Catra said...

Hi Aaron-
Great seeing you. I will email ya soon.
I'm trying to figure out my schedule on the PCT. I'm hoping Julien is doing that for us.
I tend to just go how I feel.
I will come up with something since you mentioned you wanted to come in through I think kings Canyon area???

I hope you had a great run.

Catra said...

Hi Will-

I most likely didn't recognize you. I was in a lot of pain yesterday.
I still am. I go back to my doctor tomorrow.
Lucky for me I have a high pain tolorance.
Sorry I was a little out of it ;(

Dude you are a very fast runner. If you plan on kicking ass at Ohlone you better train smart. There are many fast runners who will be racing.
I think if you train on the trail you will do awesome!

Thank you for the compliments ;)

Chihping is another great fremont runner. He is pretty darn fast.
See ya around.
Are you running the next PCTR event??? I plan on working it. If you are we could car pool. It's 3.5 hour drive.

Catra said...

Mr Fu-

I hope your ankle gets better soon.
Be careful you have so many races coming up. I hate for you to get hurt.
It's always nice to see you Chihping :)


Catra said...

The Auburn-Cool 40 miler starts at the Damn overlook to the Fire station then to 49 and do the cool loop and back the way we came. We don't do the loop that we do past the firehouse like we do in RDL 100.
We usually have 5-10 runners who do the whole thing or part of it.

Catra said...

Hey Vegan Matt woo hoo! Cool blog dude.
I hope you're doing well.
Maybe in September if you're around you can pace me at Angeles Crest 100 miler.

willgotthardt said...

"If you plan on kicking ass at Ohlone you better train smart. There are many fast runners who will be racing. I think if you train on the trail you will do awesome!"

I assure you Catra, by May nobody will have trained more trail specific on the Ohlone 50K course than me. Currently I do at least two 15-20 mile runs per week either from Mission Peak to Sunol out/back or Sunol to Rose Peak out/back (or partial), along with various runs elsewhere around the Bay Area. My splits on these runs are at or below past leaders (info from website).

Yeah I did not mean to pull the sub 5-hour goal out of thin air awhile back, it's based on my training, and results in these shorter events.

Unfortunately, I won't be traveling down to the central coast (PCTR), as I am running the King's Mountain (Woodside) Half-Marathon on 3/3. After that I will be moving to a couple PCTR 30K events, then the entire month of late April/early May will be spent on the Ohlone 50K training.

See ya around.

Will G.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog!

Didn't get a chance to meet you but did see a very unhappy Rocky at the aid station. He was in his carrier and terrifically disappointed that everyone else was running.


gwadzilla said...

dam ankles

I used to love to run

but running is only fun when in shape and without injury

tough to get back into the groove

guess I will stick with the bike for a while

just squeezing into ice skates the other day aggitated my right ankle

Project Mastodon said...

I've been lurking for a while a while and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your spirit and positivity. I ran the Quad Dipsea (my first ultra) back in November and was amazed by this beautiful tattooed and pierced woman zooming up and down Mt. Tam. Asking around I found out this was you and have been fanboi ever since.

I am very interested in your run the day before Way too Cool as I slept in just a little too long to make registration for that event. This will be the longest distance I’ve gone on trails and I’m sure your knowledge and positive attitude will make those miles fly by. However, if for whatever reason you would prefer not to have an ulta newbie tag along I totally understand and will just catch you at the aid station the next day.

Rich said...


...Just used a photo of you at States in a presentation I made this afternoon to a college class. It reminded me of running with you at Massanutten a few years ago and that I had been out of touch since then.

Hope whatever is holding you back fixes up really soon.

Rich Shear
Wellsville, NY

Rich said...


So glad that you are still doing well. I just used a photo of you for a presentation to some college students near here.

You and I ran togehter at Massanutten a few years back.

Take care!