Wednesday, February 14, 2007

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Just another day in paradise.

Auggie's mom said...

Happy Valentines Day Cat!

I go back to the foot doc on Friday to see if I can run again . . . fingers are crossed! :)

beckyjsacto said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Catra! Your wisdom sayings on your blog always bring a smile to my face or make me think about things I need to change.

Happy running to you & Rocky!

ReneeMc said...

Happy Valentine's Day, girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy V-Day

Catra said...

Hey M-

I'm not running right now. But you know why ;)

I will keep my fingers xed.

Hey I'm working a race this Saturday. It's in Oakland PCTR puts it on may be you can volunteer for a couple hours with me.
call me tomorrow . I have a doc. appointment tomorrow. I don't work.
Happy VD.
Love ya girl.

Anonymous said...

hey catra,

hope you are doing okay. so glad i'll get to meet you!! i'm running sequoia 50k on sat. happy vday.


Anonymous said...

Happy valentines Cat'....
you are beautiful on this pic...
lova Ya

Anonymous said...

Every day is Valentines day in my house.

In peace and health,


Shari Baby said...

You look great...nice picture and new hair color! Hope all is well and sorry you are not running. Everything okay ? Man...Mish, me and now you are all out of commission....:(

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,
Will you be running the PCTR run this weekend?

Anonymous said...

Never mind, but I'll see you this weekend.

Catra said...

Hey Becky-

Thanks. I hope you're doing well.
Looking forward to seeing you somewhere on the trails.

Catra said...

Thanks girl hope you had a great VD.

Catra said...

Hey Molly-

Woo hoo. I get to meet you! ;)
See you Saturday.

Catra said...

hi Ju-

Thanks baby!

Catra said...

Hey John-

That's awesome.
I bet your wife loves that!

Catra said...

Hi Shari-

Is your knee still messed up??? I think Mish goes to the doc. on Friday I hope she's ok.

I'm fine. I'm not injured. I will email you about what's up with me.
It's no big deal.
My bro got his level 1 cert. for crossfit last weekend.
I'm going to get mine at the end of Summer.
It's sucks I can't even hike or work out. Well. I'm sneaking in lots of ab work and some squats with out weight and step ups.
I will find out today when I can start hiking up Mission Peak.

Shari Baby said...

No running ? Not injured ? drop me a line I hope all is well. Glad to hear your bro got his cert. What seminar are you planning on attending ? I might be there...maybe you'll be in my group and I'll be your trainer :) Yes, I am feeling great. The knee seems better - but the doc says I have a torn miniscus but i won't get an MRI yet because I am in denial about the possibility of having surgery done....I'll get in there though....for now it doesn't hurt so i am running and being happy! Take care