Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I love my Rocky... He's so cool!

Be immune to others opionions.

What others say and
do is a projection of their
own reality, their own dream.
When you are immune to
the opinions and the actions of
others, you won't be
the victim of
needless suffering.

I hope you all have a beautiful day!
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Anonymous said...

Well said. What a wonderful way to live life.

Congrats at RR100!

sr in tx

Anonymous said...

he is so cute, I have 2 standard poodles and a schneiwzer (spelling just does not look right) they are great friends, this morning I caught ms. ebony sharing the chair with a little girl 19 months living with us, ms ebony was drinking her milk and Bella was having her cereal, out of the same bowl, it ws so sweet, we do teach sharing! congrats on rr100

Geoff said...

first of all congrats on the RR100. another amazing accomplishment.

i have an unrelated question though:
i'm curious to know if in all the running you've done over the last several years you've ever had any stress fracture(s) in your feet?

i'm supposed be running my first 100 in 10 days but have not been able to run since last friday because of pain/swelling in my foot. This occured just after my longest mileage stretch of training that included runs of 50, 30, 20, and 20 miles within a 15 day span with 8-12 miles per day on the days between these runs. i worked fairly gradual up to this level but this was certainly my highest mileage in any 2 week span. everything i've read online indicates to me that it is likely a metatarsal stress fracture but i saw a podiatrist today who didn't seem to think this was too likely because the pain and swelling has gone away almost completely after 4 days without running. the problem is that he also told me that it wasn't a stress fracture because it didn't show up on an x ray even though everything i have read indicates that metatarsal stress fractures almost never show up on x rays for the first couple weeks. to make a long story short i don't trust this doctor's assumptions but he's the only foot doctor in town and i really can't afford to see another doctor or to pay for an MRI. i was hoping maybe you or any of your readers have been through something similar and might have some knowledge about this that might be helpful. my plan for now is to start running a few miles in a day or two and go a little further each day provided that i feel no return to pain and swelling. i'm assuming that if i can do this for 4 or 5 straight days and get up to about 15 miles then it's pretty certainly not a stress fracture and i may still be able to give this race a go. if anyone has any knowledge that either goes against this plan or supports it i would greatly appreciate it. you can email me at: grroes@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

Hey there Cat. Glad to hear that you are feeling fully recovered :-)

I have a raw food question...I have been trying to find what percent of green leafy veggies is average for a raw foodist. Mainly it seems that the high concentration is of fruit over 50 and greens are in the teens. Being an elite athlete...do you juice or blend a higher percent of greens or take them in a powder form of any kind?

Seems like a crazy question, but I just can't find a solid answer in my research. Thanks! Enjoy the California sun! ~j

Catra said...

Hey Geoff-

knock on wood I've never been side line due to a running related injury.
I'm just lucky so far.
If I were you I would take a few more day off and try and run than. If it feels ok. Don't run more than 5 miles per day for a few days.
Just rest up so you can run the hundred.

It doesn't sound like a stress fracture. From what I hear those are very painful.
Do self massage and run Arnica gel on it.
Good luck and just rest up.

Catra said...

Hey SR thanks!

Catra said...

Hey Anon-
Thanks so much.
Ahh..Your story is so cute :)

Ryan said...

He is a cool doggy! Congratulations on your finish at Rocky Raccoon, I heard it was a tuff day out there, way to push onward and finish strong! That’s unfortunate about Xy but like you said she made a wise decision especially with the Grand Slam down the road. Will you be running VT100 this year or will you be on your PCT adventure? I hope to finally catch-up with Xy at VT100. Take care..

Anonymous said...

Just wanted say, "you rock"! I read your blog for positive motivation! I read your quotes and the whole time think, "That's right! Yeh! I don't have to absorb all the negative crap!" And running is such a great way to shed negative energy-keep up the positive thinking, it's contagious!

Mom & ultra runner

Anonymous said...


Your site is truely inspiring! If I ever get to Northern Cal, I'd love to do a 10 mile run with you (don't worry, I'm not a stalker :)

Steve from NJ

JeffO said...

Geoff, I Jeff. I'm running again after a stress fracture last November. Broke clean in two. Swelling went down in 2-3 days because I stayed off it, iced it, and took ibuprofen. 1st xrays showed nothing.
DON'T TRUST your doctor!!! I had a great podiatrist who told me the 1st xray often doesn't show anything. It wasn't until two months later that unmistakeable signs of healing showed on xray.
Without a cast, wear hiking boots, ice-climbing boots, bicycle shoes, etc. Anything that's real stiff. If you don't have anything like that, maybe cut some thin plywood shoe inserts. You have to stablize.

Sorry if I hijacked your comments, Catra. I feel Geoff's pain.
You inspire me, but I have to remind myself that you built up to your current level and I have to pay my dues.
Congrats on Rocky Raccoon and with Rocky the Dog.

GB said...

Great picture! What a cutie pie of a dog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Catra - I'm Mel in the UK. I have just discovered your fabulous blog and read through the entire archives last night - WOW, what a lady. You are a total inspiration to me - I'm single, 37 with kids but wondering where my life may be going lately - reading your blog has given me a kick up the backside to jump start my life again - thanks. I was left feeling on a total high after reading it and looking at your fab pics. Your 42???????? NEVER, I thought you were in your early twenties until I read your birthday post. You GO GIRL!! I shall be an avid reader now, Mel

Karrun said...

Be immune to other's opinions - that just what I needed to hear this week! Boy oh boy did I let someone get to me with their opinion and it ate me up! I really need to apply that one!

SimplyStu said...

Catra: "be immune to other's opinion" is a great way to look at things. So often this world is just flat out MEAN! You, on the other hand, show how to live "just being ME." Rock on!

Catra said...

Hey Ryan thanks!

I won't be at Vermont. I will be on the PCT starting May 23rd-August ?


Catra said...

Hey Melissa-
Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoy the blog.

Have an awesome night!

Catra said...

Hey Steve from NJ-

I would love to run with you. Please let me know when your out this way.


Catra said...

Hey Mel-

Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you found my blog. I'm glad I can help :)

We should all enjoy life to the fullest.


Arbit said...

long time reader.. Great post.. keep up the good work

Catra said...

hey arbit thanks for stopping by ;)