Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cold & windy on the top of Mission Peak. Posted by Picasa


Shari Baby said...

Your right one is way bigger - is it just swollen, or was that part of the complication ? You look happy girl....

Catra said...

Still a little swollen. It's actually my left one that I had the issue.
Shari. I'm going to earase alot of these post tomorrow it's not something that I need to let everyone read. I'm not in the mood to be attacked by people that are mean. It's my choice.
I know you understand.

Fe-lady said...

Like your photos...who takes all the pix of you? Is Dean Karzanes (or whatever his name is) running with you? Kidding!
You remind me of myself in more carefree days.
Now I seem to have to work for a living...but I'd rather be off in the hills somewhere, definitely.