Friday, September 14, 2007

Rocky getting in a good run along the ohlone trail in sunol.
Rocky just loves to run.
I hope everyone is having an awesome day. I have been really busy taking care of life ;)
Running/crossfit have been keeping me busy.
Have a great weekend everybody.


Anonymous said...

Go Rocky!!!! hehe hes so darn handsome. Hope your day is fantanstic .

Renee said...

Oh my god, I just want to pick Rocky up and throw him in the air and then lick him! He's that cute.

Lansen said...

Hey, ran across your site from a link on a friend's site. Enjoy reading about your races. Hope you don't mind if I linked your page.


Cute doggy!! I bet my dog "Cisco" and him would get along great!!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Catra!!



The Mayor said...

vegan ultra runner?? whats your fuel source during ultras?? check me out at

The Mayor said...

vegan ultra runner?? Whats yourmain source of fuel. Can you tellmemore?

GB said...

Catra, it never fails. When I'm feeling a little melancholy I can always come to your blog and feel a little better. Thank you for sharing all those little sayings and philosophies. They really help me put things in to perspective.

Catra said...

Hi Michelle-
He is a little cutie.
Hope you are well.

Catra said...

Hey R-
He would love that if you did that to him. He is so sweet.

Catra said...

Hey lansenm-
Thanks for stopping by and yes you can link my page.

Catra said...

Hey Tom-
Rocky loves other dogs ;) How's life? How's the baby???
Are you home for awhile or are you flying a lot??
Have a great day.

Catra said...

Hey The mayor-
Depends on the distance. In 50ks I just eat a little fruit from the aid stations.
In longer race's I eat the Vegan organic bars, the cranberry & bluberry those are 100% raw. I also make some raw date bars.
I drink cocnut water for a sports drink. I aslo eat these raw seaweed wraps from gopples they are yummy. I also have been making and experimenting with making my own raw energy gel.
I try to eat mostly raw. In a race I may eat clif shot blocks or eat some corn chips if my body needs salt.
I am 100% raw most of the time maybe once a week I might eat cooked rice or adzuki beans.
I make a great protien smoothie with raw almond butter and raw hemp powder and fresh berries and raw agave negtar.