Saturday, September 01, 2007

I love my new cut & color. Thanks Julia!

"Not all opportunity is good opportunity, so pick and choose wisely out of the opportunities that will soon be presented. This is a time to be considering the future and putting down strong foundations that will lead to success. If you build the foundations correctly success will follow easily. If you don’t take time to lay the foundation correctly then your plans are likely to fall down. Don’t delay or prevaricate at this time. Propitious happenings are afoot."

This is so true. That's why my plans fell down :) ahhh. but the next time around I will finish the PCT.

I'm off for a hike on Mission peak in the heat of the day. I'm sending positive vibes to my PCT buddies.

I'm happy to have my hair back. New color and I cut it shorter. Have a great day everyone.




Hey Catra! Don't sweat it at all!!! I know that everybody is extremely proud of you and I'm continuously in awe of your energy and lust for life. I have no doubt that You'll finish it in 2008..... Hope you have a wonderful hike and keep it up!!! :)



Anonymous said...

We are glad you are back and we enjoyed following your adventure! Hope you get over the giardia soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey Catra;

glad your back! i'm soo proud of you for going as far as you did! that's really awesome! sorry i wasn't able to comment your blog along the way, it wouldn't let wouldn't even let me join

i know it's probably got you a little bummed but keep your head up! we're all still very very proud of yah!!

Love You Girl!!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and by the way: love the new color and cut ;) i got my purple and pink taken out too. i think i'm going to get black put in. the girl that does my hair said it's very hard to get out and since the purple and pink faded really bad, i think that's what i'm looking for lol!

but yeah, it's verry cool ;)


P.S. LOVE the hair!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

I guess your knee is better, eh?