Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dreaming about the PCT.

Last night I had a dream I was on the PCT still. I was with Bull & Erik the Black we were in a really bad storm, I was freezing they had to carry me, because I was so hypothermic. I was actually dying in my dream. That's all I remember. I woke up and wouldn't you know it, I had an email from Erik. He and Bull have 250 more miles to go they skipped ahead. Bull missed his wife so much he went off trail for a week and is now ready to finish.

I really miss those two guys I had so much fun with them. I need to email Erik and let him know about the fires in Big Bear that's where he lives.

Hopefully it's not close to his house.
I had a great run today with Julia. We went to a raw foods restaurant in San Mateo. It was yummy.

Your soul thirves on silence. From deep inside, you recive your most certian guidance and instruction. In silence, you are without distractions. This is why we fear silence-we fear it's power. Enjoy quiet meditation today.

I spent so much timein silence on the PCT. I really went inside myself and learned a lot. It is a good thing to practice a day of silence. I have practice this for many years. You learn a lot doing it.


JeffO said...

Very sound wisdom. The most messed-up people I've known in life have been the ones who can't fall asleep without the radio or TV blasting, drown themselves daily in noise, get 1-5 hours of sleep, and never stand still. Then I wonder, "What are they trying to drown-out? Are they afraid of the voices and questions that come from deep within?" But there can be no peace until we stop running from ourselves - our memories, guilt, fears.

That doesn't mean it's easy. It's just the way things are.

There's also people on the other end of the spectrum who can't deal with noise and activity. That's also sad. Life should be full!

Happy dreams, Catra.

Olga said...

Chica, thanks for saying it! I take it after you:) I should be at SD100 pacing and hope to see you there, catch up and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Keep the quotes coming Catra, I've got your blog on my Favourites list! ;)

We're planning on heading out to Manning Provincial Park to do the quick 10 mile hike to Monument 83 at the northern terminus of the PCT this weekend. Hope the weather here continues to cooperate for everyone still on the trail!


Kokopelli said...

Hello Catra,
I just read your whole blog! Very entertaining... (I have been following for a while but never thought to look back)
I was just curious, how many years have you been running for?
I'm doing my 1st 50 (and 1st ultra) this Nov.

Catra said...

Hey Jeffo thanks for your words. Awesome.

Catra said...

Hi Olga-
Not sure about SD 100. I might be running a rim to rim to rim of the Grand Canyon instead.
Take care girlie.

Catra said...

Hey Jay-
Thanks for reading & posting to my blog.
Hey make sure if you see any hikers that the Dirt Diva says hi.

Catra said...

Hi Arthur-
Thanks for following my blog.
I've been running since 1996 running ultras since 1998.
I love the trails and I do love to run.
What 50 miler are you running??? Hey good luck and remember to have fun.

christine said...

hey catra!
welcome home. i suspect you'll be dreaming of the pct for a long time to come... plotting and scheming your next adventure. i hope our paths cross again soon.

Catra said...

hey christine-
THANKS for the post and the calls. Yes, I'm sure our paths will cross again soon. I hope your running is going well.


Wonderful idea!!! I'll have to try it sometime!!! I'm on vacation for the next month so just spending some quality time with the family!!!

Very happy to see things are going great for you!!



Anonymous said...

R2R2R! Rock the GC and have fun.

You're on this Earth for a good time not for a long time :)