Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's good to be back. Sure I'm bummed but everything happens for a reason. I will be back on the PCT in 2008 and it will be great!
Stay tuned I will be posting lots of pictures and more stories about my trip here.
I still have giardia and it sucks. That's what I get for getting cocky and not filtering since mile 1,000.
I got the braids out of my hair today and got a new do. I will post pics tomorrow.
Love to all of you!


Jen's Gym at Crossfit Watertown, CT said...

Welcome Home! Feel better! Your a Champ!

Travis said...

welcome back! I spent some time on the PCT at Olga's Mt Hood 50. It was beautiful and some of the scenery was breath taking. Can't wait to see some pics.

Steve Ansell said...

Welcome home, Catra. Sorry that things didn't work out, but life is all about the lessons, is it not? I hope you get well soon. Take care!