Saturday, September 08, 2007

Tahoe rim Trail
Not every trip can be perfect. Chris and I set off on Thursday to hike the TRT.
I knew from last years experience that there would be water issues this year.
Our plan was to camp just above mud lake. Last year there was water there. This year it was dry as a bone.
I got there about 35 min. before Crazy. He was out of water and not feeling good. I told him there was no water. I gave a little of mine. I have hike/ run the trail 4 times. I was hoping to hike it in under 5 days. We got up early on Friday and hoped for water at the next point which was 5 miles.
It was a muddy pond. I knew we had two more sections where we had to go 20 miles with no water.
I told Chris if you're not having fun then it wasn't worth it to go on.
The vibe on the trail was just not right so we decided to go back to Tahoe City and relax. We had fun hitchhiking back to Tahoe City and I even went gambling and won $86 dollars..WOO HOO....
It's all about having fun.

Me and Chris, before he got dehydrated(having fun) on the TRT.

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