Saturday, September 01, 2007

My first day back on Mission Peak and it was a HOT one.
Hanging with Mikey Mike who is tapering for Angeles Crest 100.
It only seems like yesterday when I was hiking on the PCT through the Angeles crest 100 mile course.
Me doing a little trail maintanance on Mission Peak.
Me sitting in the same spot where the Ohlone woman use to grind seeds and nuts here. Indian grinding stones on the Horse heaven trail.
I really did miss being here. I really love Mission Peak. This mountain has taught me so much about myself.


Anonymous said...

You look absolutely fit--mind and body. And that light is shining in yr eyes again, reflecting through those firey green peeps. Of course, the PCT kicks like a mule.

Bravo for all your effort and arms thown wide to the world spirit. That blue Mission sky looks fab. A great place to be.

Thanks truly for sharing all and get healthy.
--dp from nystate near harriman st park

Auggie's mom said...

Cat, you have never taken me up to that pole! :) Next time for sure! Welcome back.

donner1846 said...

Hey Catra,

Glad to see you home on Mission Peak. I've been reading your daily blogs as you've gone along the PCT. So sorry to hear about your knee. Must have just missed you at MP yesterday. See you on the trail.

-Officer Pete Larsen

Anonymous said...

How about your knee? Is it better? What was wrong with it?

Chris Hosmer said...

Welcome back DD!
I have pics and video of my trip with you at
and I mailed you everything on a dvd via UPS on Friday. Thanx for letting me share your adventure and hope u r felling better, Crazy Chris

JeffO said...

Wow, seeing you on your posts again - both your blog post and your Mission Peak post...
All is right in the world!

Catra said...

Hey DP-
Thanks for the post I feel fit.
I'm happy to be back.
I can't lie I miss the PCT and all the hikers still out on the trail.
I won't be able rest until I know all my friends finish.
I know get to follow them ;)

Catra said...

Hey AM (Michelle) Girl you have been to the top. hmmm I guess I haven't climbed the pole with you.
Let's do that soon.
Love ya,

Catra said...

Hi Pete my favorite East Bay regional parks police officer.
I bet the Ohlone wilderness was boring without me aroud...LOL...
Got get back out there and do one of my solo 100 mile runs. :)
Hey thanks for following my blog.
You should see me soon since I will be out there everyday again.
For now just hiking , well for another week.
Gotta see the doctor next week.
Dude it was super HOT yesterday.
Lot's of hang gliders were out.
See you soon.

Catra said...

Hey Crazy Chris...OMG DUDE!!! I love all the 1979 pictures and newspaper clipings. And I thought I was BAD ASS...No way not compaired to what you did back in the day.
It was a honor to have had a legend hike with me.
Sorry for making fun of your hot pants. It was all in fun.
So happy to hang with you.
Dude get in shape for next year and let's do 25-35 through the desert together. I really hope you decide to do the PCT.
Looks like Tatu Joe is starting in June. I want to start two weeks after the heard next time.
P>S love the pics.
Hey Bull is doing a 24 hike on the PCT to honor me, and for the 24 hours he's only going to eat vegan. That guy ROCKS..

Catra said...

My knee feels fine now :0
I will have my doctor look at it and tell her what happened this week.
Still feel sick with giardia. It's the flagel I'm taking for it. Usually you feel worse for a couple weeks before you get better.

Catra said...

Hey Jeffo-
You are so right, all is right in the world.
Thanks for following and thank you for all the post.

Unknown said...

welcome back

dirticesand said...

Hey Catra good to see your back on the peak, good call on saving your knee, imagine if you weren't able to go up the peak into the fog and back down into the sun if there was permanent damage. I made it a point to go by the grind stones last time I was up. Thanks for the inspiration.

GB said...

WELCOME HOME!!! I'm so ready to join you for a Mission Peak run. I'm burned out with running around the city where I live and need a change. I'll probably be driving to Rancho San Antonio (hills above 280 on the peninsula) and run trails there, which I haven't done in 3 years!!! Anyway Catra, I'm glad you're back safe. I hope you're feeling 100% soon.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. It's nice to see your smiling face around here again.


Unknown said...

Welcome home Cat!

What an amazing adventure:-) Thank you so much for sharing your experience and inspiring us to reach for those things that might be a little bit difficult but incredibly worth the effort.

Blessings! ~j

There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream. ~Author Unknown