Friday, September 28, 2007

As most of you know I had some sort of surgery last week. Which I did. Most of you already know I had a breast agmentation last Febuary. I had some complication that do occour ,and knew I had to have them redone. One of the breast was bottoming out a term when there is no tissue to hold the implant up. Dr. Zandi had to go in and built a pocket to hold it up. The other side had a fold in it. so there was a little dent sticking out. He corrected that by putting in a thicker implant since I have very thin breast tissue . They now look great.
I also had a hereditary trait that my Mom and my aunts have. Where as you get older you upper eyelids get very droopy. Tends to make you look tired when you're not. The surgery is called blepharoplasty. I decided to do it now since I was out of work anyway. My mother had really bad eyesite because of the skin pushing down on her eyelids. She thought about having it done in her 50's but was always afraid of surgery.
Before she past away when she was 70 she was going to finally have it done.
I thought to myself might as well do it now. since it meant I couldn't run anyway and I'm not working.

Before surgery my eyes look good this day many days
the skin would push down on my lash line

Yes, I know this is scarry looking but they will be fine when they heal.

Just a FYI I am not promoting plastic surgery to anyone. It is an individual thing. I am not trying to look young. I know I already look young. I just want to look good for my age which is 42.

I have had great advice from my girlfriends who had breast augmentations. So after taking to them I came to my own opinion. Just a little advise from me. You should first love and be happy with yourself before you have surgery and make sure you do it for yourself.

I know I will get a lot of flack about writing this and putting pictures up. But it's my blog and my friends need to hear it from me and not get the story wrong.

To my young followers remember I did this as an adult 42 years old. Your body changes many times during your life so first love your body and yourself.


Snakebite said...

Can't wait for the breast pictures! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,

Your eyes don't look that bad considering you just had surgery; I've seen a lot worse. I'm sure you'll recover quickly with your conditioning. I for one would never judge someone because they decide to alter their appearance. What, no pictures of your boob reconstruction???!!! ;).

I hope you're not going stir-crazy from not being able to get out and run/hike!

Have a nice weekend,


Catra said...

Hey Jay-
Thanks :)
And yes I will but the boob pictures up I just have cross out my nipples. I know most people said they looked fine but I do want woman to know of what type of complications do occur. My doctor was awesome and always let me know it wasn't a big deal and we could fix the problems.
Most people don't talk about the problems that can occur. I tent to lrt people know this way if ever happens to a reader they will no it's not the end of the world and hey it's surgery and things can happen. If you have a great doctor they let you know well in advance of all the problems that can occur.
Hey thanks for being an open minded person.
I'm not one to cares about what people think. As long as I'm a good person and not hurting anyone else.

streak said...

Good for you Catra! Try not to push it to hard while your healing. Taking it easy now will let it heal properly and not have complications at any age. You look awesome for 42! Have a great weekend!

Catra said...

Snakebite at some point I will post pictures but in a tasteful covered up way so other woman will see what can happen and know it can be fixed.
Catra ;)

Catra said...

Hey Streak thanks for the coment and compliment.
I have been taking it easy. I do intend to do The fight gone bad fund raiser tomorrow at crossfit but I will scale it way down and am sure I will finish last but that's ok. Just want to raise money to help those who are suffering more than me.

Anonymous said...

That eyelid thing runs in my family too, and I know I'll need to get it taken care of one day in the not-too-distant future. Thanks for sharing! I hope you heal up quickly.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog since the Diablo run in April.

You were featured in one of the local magazines. Your blog is excellent!

The ability to be so comfortable with oneself and open (sharing the successes, non-successes, and the intimate details of your life) is something we should all strive for.

As for the surgeries, yes it's an individual choice. You are putting it out there. The key is that your openness and honesty creates dialogue which in turn help educates!

You are incredible! Much respect.


Catra said...

Hi Lori-

Just to let you know it wasn't super painful more irritating then anything. First day everything was a complete blur could not see a thing only shadows. It's weird when you can't close your eyes all the way. The sleeping medication was very helpful and relaxed me enough to sleep.
The procedure dosen't take long maybe under two hours.
If you're in the area I could give you the name of my doctor.
catrarunner@yahoo if you have have any questions about it.

Catra said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful email. Some people just don't understand why I share so much. It's just to help people that's all. I would rather tell someone something about myself and be honest. Things get twisted when they hear from other sources.
I beleive being honest is the best way to live my life. If someone doesn't agree that's ok. I value their opinion. We all don't have the same beliefs but that's ok.

Miki said...

I think your post came across very well.

Steve Ansell said...

Best of luck with the recovery. You'll have to post another picture of the eyes once they are all healed up. By the way, clicking on those pics and getting the "extreme close up" view can be...a bit disconcerting :-). Take Care.


Catra said...

Hi Steve-
I will for sure put a picture up once they are all healed. I have taken daily pictures just so I can watch my recovery.
Have a great night.

Anonymous said...

I think that plastic surgery is great. It's your body and your choice. Good for you for not worrying about what others will say. "To thine own self be true."