Monday, September 10, 2007

Speak or act with, negativity, and pain follows. Speak or act with a pure heart, and happiness follows.
Be mindful of being positive in all you say and do.
Know that each of your thoughts and deeds has
the power to heal you- and those around you-
so watch them closely without judging.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I did. Just running & working out.
I'm looking forward to helping crew and maybe pace at Angeles crest 100 this weekend. It's good to give back and help friends. I'm crewing for Mike Palmer who is going for his 10th AC 100.
Looking forward to being around Ultrarunners again ;)


EnergeticRick!!! said...

yeah, you still got it gurl, lookin' good after 3 months on the trail, keep up the great work, have a blast at AC100 this weekend, please cheer extra hard for Jamil Coury, this is his first 100 mile race, he will enjoy hearing you cheer him on, hes a good friend of mine, and I want him to be sucsessful!

Jurek said...

Wow! You still have room for more tattoos!


sandee said...

Hey Catra

This will be my first AC100. I'm also in need of a if you find yourself available, let me know! See ya there.


Catra said...

Hi Sandee-
I will see what I can do. I have to crew Mike and I might pace him a little.
Can't promise anything just yet.
I will see you friday in Wrightwood.

Catra said...

Hey ER-
Oh that's awesome, Jamil will love AC it's one of my favorites.
I will cheer for him

mindful mule said...

Good luck to you all through the Angeles Crest! I'll be on my bike somewhere near the finish ( JPL/Brown Mountain area) to cheer you on. Hope to see a few of you Sunday morning.

JeffO said...

Wow, you "clean up" very nicely, Catra. The trail dust is really gone.
Now I have to clean my Internet cache so the scanners at work here don't get me in trouble. It's worth it, though.

Good luck with the crewing.

Anonymous said...

so nice to have you back!!