Monday, September 03, 2007

I'm a happy girl. Happy to be in Sunol. I can't believe how dry and brown the hills are. I guess after being in Oregon everything looks so brown compaired to the beautiful green forests there.

Went for a slow run in Sunol. Things have changed since I left. They got rid of the wooden outhouse's and build nicer restrooms.

Me flying through Sunol. Really I am ;)
I love this old barn. They use it as a group camp-site
Very happy to be back out in my backyard. I love the Ohlone wilderness.


runrgrrl7 said...

Hi Catra,

Welcome back! It's great to see you having fun and looking wonderful.

Guess what? I am doing my first 100 miler (Rio Del Lago) in less that 3 weeks. I feel like i did everything i should, training. Scott will pace me and his sister is our crew. We are all new to this. Any good advice? I appreciate it.


runrgrrl7 said...

Hi catra,

Welcome back! It's good to see you having fun and looking wonderful.

guess what? I am doing my first 100 miler in less than 3 weeks.(Rio del Lago) I've done everything i should, training. Scott is pacing me and his sister is our crew. We are all new to this. I need some advice from you:) I appreciate it!


Jurek said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love Sunol as well, but I have never seen the barn. Where is it?

Olga said...

Catra, bummer, but hope you take good care of your knee and your infection and are able to run forever! You're right, lets live to do things we love another day. I am down with injury myself, but life good, chica!

E-Speed said...

I love the black and white pic. You just look like you are in your element in that one.

Unknown said...

Whoa Girl!

It looks like you are running in freaking Arizona! This morning it was all overcast (for real) while i was out doing some miles. Niiiiiice. Now it is like 80 something and on the way to another day of frying at 100f or whatevah :)

You look so happy to be home and your new hair is way happenin'.

Anonymous said...

...i risked that very same Giardia potential recently. Luckily, i skated through the risk, but have heard horror stories.

'been clean for three months

have run a couple of difficult mountain ultra races while you were gone. PR'd a measly 10K yesterday... i'm finally, and completely back on track.

i have a lot of inspiration all around me now. i found people. people found me. i dealt with demons ...i hide from the other ones.

a lot of people come on here and say a lot of rah-rah Catra stuff, and that's cool, but your inspiration as it relates to me contributed to changing my life completely... to saving me from the grips of some nasty shit. only someone who has been there truly knows the nastiness, mind-altering and character changing elements associated with "the shit"

whether you truly ran Mother Road in my honor or not, the sentiment meant a lot to me and stuck with me forever. did the brief and staggered emailing we did before your big adventure.

without sounding cliche, you saved my life. well, i saved my life --- you offered tools, support, love and guidance - and you don't even know me.

keep looking over your shoulder at each upcoming 100, because at one of them, one day in 2008, some dude is gonna come up to you and whisper, "hey - I'm anon embarrassed - thank you."


Miki said...

How do you run with giardia? :D
You look great Catra. Welcome home.

Catra said...

Hi Ofie-
I'm 90% sure I will be running RDL 100 too. It will be slow for me since I'm not in 100 mile shape.
Advice to you don't stress and have fun. It is a low key race and I love Norm & Helen. If you try and quit Norm won't let you ;)
Looking forward to seeing you and Scott. Tell him hi.

Catra said...

Hi Jurek-
If you take the trail to Flag hill then follow the trail to the right you will head to the barn.

Catra said...

Hey E-speed thanks. I am :)

Catra said...

Hey Mer-
I feel like I'm in Arizona. It's been hot.
My friend Julia always does a great job on my hair.
I hoe you injury is healing. I'm feeling a lot better still got the giardia but the knee feels perfect.

Catra said...

Anon embarresed-
I'm so freaking happy to hear from you. Beleive or not I thought about you while I was on the PCT wondering and hoping you were ok.
And yes I truly ran Mother road 100 for you. I mean what i say.
I am so proud of you. It ain't easy getting clean. I know how you feel I connect with what you say. I am so happy I helped you in whatever why I did.
I will never forget the police officer who arrest me. He made me think. he said what is a nice cute girl with so much potential doing hanging out with speed freaks and doing and selling speed?
He told me it wasn't to late to get straight and change my life.
I will never forget that guy he didn't trat me like the drug addict I was he treated me like a person.
He did scare me straight.
looking forward to the day when you whisper in my ear;)

Catra said...

Hey Olga-
Thanks for the comment. I hope you heal quick.
I fell in love with your State. I plan on doing some race's there soon.

Catra said...

Hey Miki-
If i had full blown giardia like i did last week I wouldn't be. :)
Since taking the antibiotics it has helped but it takes two weeks for it to go away. Taking flagel makes me feel sick for a couple hours after I take it.
It's great to be back.