Friday, September 28, 2007

It's not to late to donate. Anything will help. I'm trying to raise another 50 dollars before 2pm today. If you can help click below it's for an awesome cause. Thanks again friends.

Hi My friends I am trying to raise money for a good cause you can read


We are having a fund raiser tomorrow at the cross-fits all over the country, and wasn't sure if I could do it. I have 150 dollars in donations so I will push myself and take my time to complete the workout. I'm hoping some of you can help and donate I would like to be able to get another 150 dollars donated to my page. If you go to the web-site find my page name (Catra Corbett) and you can donate to me as an athelete who is going for the challenge. I figure these men need our help who are fighting for their life who have prostate cancer. I decided at the last minute to go through with the workout just having had two surgeries in two weeks. But I can suffer a little since these men are suffering everyday. Don't worry my friends I will be extra carefull during each of the workouts not to hurt myself.

Crossfit One World: FIGHT GONE BAD FUNDRAISER: "FIGHT GONE BAD FUNDRAISER The Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser takes place on September 29, 2007. Crossfit affiliates from all over the world will participate in the event. All donations from the event will go towards prostate cancer research. So what is Fight Gone Bad? Fight Gone Bad is one of the all-time great Crossfit benchmark workouts. Participating athletes will complete three rounds of one minute intervals at five different exercise stations. After each round, the athlete gets one minute rest. Each athlete scores one point for every rep and total calories on the rower burned.The exercise stations are: Row for total calories burned Wall ball (8' shot, 20 lb ball) Sumo deadlift high pull (75 lbs) Box jump (20' box) Push press (75#) View a video clip of the WOD here. How can you get involved??? Either join as a participant or, make a donation in the name of Crossfit One World or your favorite One World athlete (go here and pick either a participant or Crossfit One World) . View all the information and rules for the event here. Crossfit One World will host this event at 3 PM on 9/29/2007. Refreshments and party to follow"


Anonymous said...

Hey Catra! I have been lurking on your site for awhile and love your zen cards! I was just curious if you still had the same job w/ whole foods? Congrats on your awesome summer adventure. Best wishes for quick healing!

Catra said...

Hi Kay-
Thanks for the post. I am on seasonal with whole foods haven't decided when I will go back. Since I'm seasonal if they have an opening in my department I can go back. I actually have other offers I'm thinking over right now.
So at the moment I am on medical leave until October 10th.
Whole Foods has a position open for me but I'm not into working the days they have offered me.
The doors of my life are wide open :)

Anonymous said...

Check out my new blog.

Debbie said...

Hey Catra,
sorry I haven't posted much, but I'm reading the blog all the time. Good for you and all yer crossfit crew for your charity work. I just donated a wee amount in your honor. Good luck and love always, Deb

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,
That kind of freedom sounds so awesome...sigh :-)