Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Choose one spiritual truth and live fully in harmony with it today. Observe how challenging it is to let your physical life be in concert with your spirtual ideals.
I just love being a girl. It was really hard feeling pretty living on the PCT fpr 99 days. When you take a shower and wash your clothes every 10 days being stinky and dirty just ain't pretty ;) So when I'm off trail I like dressing up and looking pretty.
Well it only lasted 10 days. I'm back on the trail tomorrow going to fastpack the 165 mile Tahoe rim trail with Crazy Chris. Looks like I will be getting dirty again, so much for looking pretty. Freinds you can follow my Tahoe rim trail fastpack at
Fast Jerry will send the updates. If Crazy and I feel good we will try and push it and do it unsupported in 3 days. We'll see how we feel.
So follow along on my little adventure.


Anonymous said...

Rock on Catra, I knew it would'nt be long until you set out how happy was Rocky to have his mommy home?? I see no pics of him, we need to see pics of him :)


Olga said...

U r crazy AND pretty no matter what, dear. TRT, huh? I say go for it! I'll be pacing at SD100, see ya there!

Outdoorgirl said...

Have fun on the 10 day!~ Question have you ever had bursits of the hip while running? Do you know anyone that has? I want to be an ultra runner and I am just starting out. Barley running because having hip issues. I used to run mass miles when I was in the Army (got out) in 2003, but so much time off has caused injuries. Got any advice?


Great pics!!! Hope you have a great time! (I know you will.. )



John Blue said...

Welcome back to civilization Catra! I was sad to hear things didn't work out as you planned, but it wouldn't be an adventure if things always worked out as we planned! Best always,
John (AKA Vladimir)