Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Some people stop to smell the rose's, not me I stop to do some push ups ;)
I've decited to start incorporating my crossfit exercise's into my shorter runs(anything under 20 miles). I picked 5 spots along the trail to do what I did in my crossfit class today. It was fun. Here I am on Mission Peak doing my push ups.
A man came over to to me on one of my exercise stops and ask "what are you doing"?. I said "my crossfit work out"! He said why? I asked why do you hike? He said becouse it's good for me. I said that's my answer for what I'm doing trailrunning/crossfit work out. He smiled and said , ok.

Tomorrow I will go to Yosemite for the day to run Half Dome. Should be as beautiful as ever. Yosemite is my heaven. I love it!

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Ted said...

I don't know what it is with some people and the comments. Is it an American thing? They can't understand exercise?

When rockclimbing at places that have easy tourist access you inevitably get some similar strange questions like, "If you let go of the rope, wouldn't your friend fall to his death" They ask this in a sort of a condescending way. One time I heard a great climber reply, "Yeah. If you let go of your steering wheel while you are driving on the freeway, wouldn't your car crash?"

Tiny Seal said...

One couldnt have found a better place to do push-ups. What a view!

i love crossfit, thanks for passing it along! It has been helping me get great workout without irritating my knee injury.

Have fun at Half Dome! The last (and only) time i was there, i wimped out at the top because of height-dizziness :-)


Catra said...

Hey Ted-

This guy was Asian.

When living in Yosemite valley hanging out in El Cap meadow the tourons would ask dumb questions all the time. I'd be watching my X-husband on El Cap. And they say stuff like do they have ropes going all the way up? who puts the ropes up for them? How do you go to the bathroom up there?

I will be in Yosemite tomorrow running Half Dome. I've already got the dumb questions, what if the cables are down you can't go up. People just don't get. it's actually easier to go up with the cables down you just hold on and pull yourself up.
Have a great day.

Catra said...

Hi Madhuri-

Yes the view is awesome.
Oh, I'm so happy you're doing crossfit exercises. I hope your knee gets better.

Try to do Half Dome next year. It just might of been a bad day for you.

Brad said...

Oh...if I could get off work tomorrow, I would drive you to Yosemite myself just to have to opportunity to go up Half Dome.
It's going to have to wait until next year :(
Have a great time!

runrgrrl7 said...

Hi Catra,
I'm jealous! I wish i can go with you, but i'm working. Scott and i were there 3 weeks ago. Climbed the snake dike route. We had a great time.
Have fun!


Ultra Okie said...

Hi Catra- You have a lot of beautiful places to run in your area it seems. Nice that you can incorporate your crossfit practice into your running!

I am through bluegrassin' and need to get really serious about making sure I am ready for the Mother Road 100 in just a few weeks.

Take care,

miki said...

I think maybe some of those "touron" questions are really out of interest and curiosity. i know that as a new ultrarunner and someone who is interested in rock climbing but has almost nil experience these are some of the questions I would ask. dumb? maybe. but earnest? yes.

have fun on your run. haven't been to yosemite in ages. it's beauty is pretty indescribable.

kimcheemonster said...

Mi-wok 100K, huh? I know the Mi-wok trail. It hooks up yo the bobcat and then paet Tennessee valley. But what is the course for the Mi-wok 100K?

Feminist Runner said...

Looking awesome, as always. Enjoy yourself at Half Dome!

(ps. I *love* Cross Fit, even if it does prove my status as a weakling!)

Catra said...


Half Dome isn't going anywhere.
I had a blast.

Catra said...


Snake Dike was my very first climb ever. I have fond memories of that climb.

Catra said...


You better get your booty out and do a long run this weekend.
I did my last long run today. I have San Diego 100 next weekend woo hoo.

Catra said...


You're right! I was once a touron myself ;)

It's true people just don't know.

Hey congrats. on your first 50 mile finish. I'm sure you'll be signing up for Western states 100.

Catra said...

Hey Renee-

Randy started a blog and he's going to be posting our crossfit workouts Mon, Wed,Fri.
here's his blog