Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Don't put us in your box! Yeah we ain't your typical 100 miler trailrunner Betty's!

What is an ultrarunner suppose to look like anyways??? I get that all the time you don't look like you run 100 miles. You look like you're a party girl!
I'm far from that...My party days are over. Sure I like to go out to clubs and see bands and dance. But if I had to choose between running and clubbing running would win.
It's always good to have balance in life. I'm finally learning how to have balance.

This is a picture of me and my friend Sarah Dillingham. She had to bail out of the hundred do to injury. That's ok because she is going to run a solo 100 next month and I will help her.
I think she got injured Thursday in the Mosh pit at the Rancid show ;)
So for dropping out she treated herself to a new tattoo. That means I have to get a new one. she's still leading the race in a few more tattoos ahead of me but I'm coming up fast. So you better watch out sista.

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Anonymous said...

Tattoo girl poWWAAAAAAAA!!!!!! lol

Catra said...

That's right darling!!! Tattooed ultrarunner girls ROCK!!!

Debbie said...

Congrats on your 100. You are mind-blowing rock n' roll, young lady.

- Dutchie Deb

Eudemus said...

Yeah, I'm not quite sure that typical and ultrarunner really belong in the same sentence :-)

JP said...

This may sound lame, and I doubt you have the time, but....

...you really should write a book on your life. Its definitely a story I'd like to hear more about.
Kinda like a metamorphosis of sorts.

Gregg Lynn said...

Your posts ALWAYS make me smile!

RunningYam said...

Are there tatoo boys in ultrarunning?

You both look great!


Catra said...

Thanks so much for the email.

Catra said...

LOL...You're right!

Catra said...

Hey JB-

No it's not lame. i have plans to :)
it will be quite the story. From little girlie girl growing up to skin head, punk rocker to Goth girl.
and who i am now.

Catra said...


Yep, there are a quite a few!

Yes, the Ohlone runners rocked the course :)

beckyjsacto said...

Hey Catra! It's been a while since I've perused your blog, and congratulations on San Diego. The photos of you & Randy are so cute -- the positive, healthy energy totally shines through! I'm so happy for you!

Becky in Sactown

Ultra Okie said...

hey catra, you two are too cool! love all the tatts. my 50m didn't go so good. i pulled up lame after 20m with IT band problems. could have gone further, but no way was I going to go 50m. with the MR100 coming up shortly i didn't want to injure my it band so much that i would not be able to run that thing. i have only had trouble with the it band twice: both times on trail races. I guess i am not cut out for trails and will stick to hiking and backpacking the trails and running on the road. Also bruised to bottom of my left foot on the trails. enough bitching though. overall the experience was great and the canyon is beautiful. i was able to get back to the start/finish line in time to see my wife finish the 20k, so everything worked out fine.

looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks at the MR100. We are staying at the holiday inn express in edmond and will be going to the friday packet pickup and meeting.


Anonymous said...

I love this picture
i would like the french trail runner girl is like you...
this is my new screensaver for my laptop..

runrgrrl7 said...

Congrats Catra! You are amazing!
I did well and finished strong with my nike womens marathon this weekend. Everytime i felt tired i think about you running 100 miles!


Catra said...

hey becky-
Thanks for stopping by...Thank you so much, yes I'm very happy.
I will check out your blog sista to see what you're up to.

Catra said...

Hey UO Steve-

I love trails and you love road. Looks like you will kick my but at MR 100 ;)
I'm totally looking forward to meeting you !

Catra said...

Hey Ju-
ahh...How sweet you put the HOT tattooed girls as your screen saver ;)

Catra said...


I'm so proud of you and your marathon accomplishment.
You're awesome. This weekend I'm running the 24 hour San francisco run.

widup said...

I ran track and cross-country in college and people told me all the time that I was "too pretty to be a runner." It made me mad so I just kept being me and running super fast and winning races.

Catra said...

hey widup-
Good for you not letting those people put you in a box. You proved you can be pretty and be an awesome runner. Thanks for stopping by.